The Role Of Power And Money Protagonists English Literature Essay

In this essay I will be comparing what function power and money has on the chief character of “ A twenty-four hours in the life of Ivan Denisovich ” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and “ A doll ‘s house ” by Henrik Isben and how it alters their lives in both positive and negative ways. The deficiency of power in both narratives critically affects the lives of the supporters and controls their lives in many different ways.

Power is a really of import facet in both of the literature books and it controls the lives of both of the supporters. In both narratives there is a complete deficiency of power in the characters personality, Ivan is powerless in the prison cantonment ruled by the Soviet legal system that has entire control and Nora is powerless as she is populating in a adult male dominated society where her hubby controls all aspects. ” Free. To be free, perfectly free. To pass clip playing with the kids. To hold a clean, beautiful house, the manner Torvald likes it. “ – The adult female had their function in life, the function that work forces decided for them and they had no pick. This is extremely similar to Ivan ‘s instance where he has no pick what to make, he is given a occupation to construct a wall in really indurate and frigid conditions and he has to make it, a occupation given to him by the Soviet legal system besides a adult male dominated society. He is expected to his occupation and likewise Nora is expected to make her portion. They have no control and are non allowed to do their ain determinations or show their sentiments, everything is set for them.

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The deficiency of power that we can see in this adult male dominated society affects both characters through imprisonment, Nora being both physically and mentally captive and Ivan being physically imprisoned. Nora is a captive in her ain place, imprisoned by her hubby Torvald who she must obey at bash as he wants and besides imprisoned by Krogstad, corrupting her so that he can maintain his occupation. We besides see in the instance of Ivan that some captives have more power than others and they abuse their powers by moving as dictators. Besides the fact that the intervention was unjust and unfair was another cause for the power issues around the cantonment and for the hapless camp life. ” Every part was scraggy – the lone inquiry was by how much. Twice a twenty-four hours you looked at it and tried to put your head atA remainder. Possibly they have n’t robbed me blind this clip? ” . This is really similar to Noras instance where all the power is in her hubbies custodies.

She has been making this all her life as she was besides a captive to her male parent making all as he pleased every bit good. Ivan is physically imprisoned in the Soviet cantonment and every bit to Nora ‘s state of affairs he must obey what the warden and the people in charge tell him. Both characters see this imprisonment as their life, as their occupation making as the authorization figure supplications, non needfully what they want. Torvard is highly commanding over Nora so he is sought of like a prison guard precisely like what Ivan faces on a day-to-day bases. There will ever be some signifier of rebellion when there is excessively much control and we clearly see that in both narratives. Nora Rebels against her hubby by lying and interrupting his regulations about eating sugary Sweets, she tells him directly to his face that she ne’er went to the store and has n’t done anything that he does n’t desire but in truth she has been eating macaroons behind his dorsum. Besides she had forged her male parent ‘s signature to acquire a loan which is arising against society at that clip as adult females were non allowed to make so. But this program backfired as Krogstad realised and uses it against her to acquire what he wants, he has a power over her. Ivan besides rebels against the prison cantonment when he tricks the towel male child and ever takes the best towel for himself and when he sneaks nutrient like the staff of life in his mattress or when he takes excess burgoo. Both encounter rebellion but both for different grounds. We can obviously see that Ivan is arising more for endurance to do it to the following twenty-four hours whereas Nora is arising for no evident ground, merely to travel against her hubby and to acquire back at him for incarcerating her.

Furthermore the chief characters have a deficiency of individuality all brought on by their powerless state of affairs. This deficiency of individuality is genuinely degrading for the supporters as their “ Masterss ” do non even have the decency to name them by their proper name. In Ivan ‘s instance, the captives are called by letters and Numberss. They do non hold a name in the prison, they are ciphers, entire ununiqueness. Nora is continuously being called by animate being names by Torvald such as squirrel and lark and he besides makes the state of affairs even more degrading for her by adding small before each name, as if he is bigger, that he is in charge and he has to allow her cognize it.

After all deficiency of power and its effects such as the deficiency of individuality and rebellion freedom is a large issue. Nora gets freedom after her hubby call on the carpeting her when he thought she was traveling to acquire him in her muss. She leaves all of it behind, her hubby, her kids and her responsibilities as a adult female to prosecute what she wants to prosecute. She is freed from Krogstad when Mrs. Linde gets back together with him and she is no longer in debt. Ivan on the other manus does n’t acquire freedom he has been in prison for many old ages and will likely be in prison boulder clay he dies, but he still accepts it and ne’er complains populating his life twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. But in a manner we can state he is free in the sense that he has no concerns, he has already lost everything in his life so he can no longer lose anything.

From the fiscal facet of it all both state of affairss are rather similar, Ivan being in the Soviet Union System which was really rough conditions and deficiency of concern for captives which shows a deficiency of money in that sector. This was because they ne’er wanted to blow money on people with small importance. Nora has no fiscal power as she is paying back her debt to Krogstad and this affects many facets of her life soberly such as her matrimony as she can non state Torvald that she owes money as this would be a immense letdown to him and it causes a strain on their matrimony. In both state of affairss the deficiency of money makes life a batch more hard for the supporter.

In decision I think that even though the characters have faced and have finished down wholly different roads they are both happy and both of them have gained a power in their life. Nora now holding control over her life and her determinations as she is now separated from her hubby and she is the 1 who made the determination and Ivan holding a certain sort of power in his life as if he does n’t fear anything, he does n’t fear the fact of deceasing in this prison cantonment, populating the remainder of his life in a cold cell in rough conditions. He has a positive position on his difficult life, he ‘s non kicking, merely populating his life the manner it is. He is the leader of his ain head, his ain small universe that he lives in. To be able to make that you must hold a pretty powerful head, his power is his head.


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