The Real Reason Hamlet Died English Literature Essay

There are many postponers in the universe, and it has ne’er come to any good. Many times, people make the error to stall, and things are ever rushed, or non done to the best ability. Sometimes things are non even done at all. With cunctation in head, there are tonss of illustrations of this in one celebrated, well-known drama, which finally leads to a cheerless terminal. In the drama, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, Hamlet dies in the last scene due to his ain making. In every monologue, Hamlet shows that he ever makes alibis, over thinks things, and overall, is a postponer. It is because of his ain character defect that he dies.

Procrastination is apparent after the first monologue and follows into the 2nd. Hamlet finds out that Claudius killed his male parent and his male parent, in shade signifier, asks Hamlet to seek retaliation for him. Two months have passed, and Hamlet still has non done anything. That shows complete cunctation on Hamlet ‘s portion. When the histrions come, Hamlet sees the passion and feeling in the histrions ‘ words, yet it is merely fanciful. He thinks about what would go on if they had the motivation and passion that he has. Hamlet realizes that he is merely a dull-spirited, woolgathering coward without programs for retaliation ; he should hold filled the abdomens of the part ‘s hawks with Claudius ‘ backbones, but he still hasn’t.A Repeatedly, he over thinks excessively much and says tonss of things, but still does n’t move. Reflecting on his inactivity, Hamlet states, “ Why, what an buttocks am I! This is most courageous, / That I, the boy of the beloved slaying ‘d, / Prompted to my retaliation by Eden and snake pit, / Must, like a prostitute, unpack my bosom with words, / And fall a cursing, like a really drab, / A scullion! ” ( 2.2.580-585 ) . Hamlet states that it is brave for him to seek retaliation for his male parent, but he is n’t making anything about it. He does, nevertheless, eventually take one measure frontward by inquiring the participants to move out the scene of his male parent ‘s decease. Hamlet thinks that, “ The drama ‘s the thing/ Wherein [ he ‘ll ] catch the scruples of the male monarch ” ( 2.2.602-603 ) . Technically, this is a measure frontward in killing Claudius, but he is still doing alibis and procrastinating by seeking to happen out if the shade of his male parent was truly stating the truth.

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Again, Hamlet shows marks of speaking himself down and allowing his emotions get to him, taking to his ruin. Now that Hamlet knows for certain that Claudius killed his male parent, he is still non seeking retaliation, and still believing of self-destruction ( which he does n’t move upon because he is a postponer ) . He knows that he is invariably over thought since he commentsA in the 3rd monologue, “ Therefore scruples does do cowards of us all, / And therefore the native chromaticity of resolution/ Is sicklied o’er with the pale dramatis personae of idea. ” ( 3.1.84-86 ) . Over and over once more, Hamlet talks himself out of moving and makes more and more alibis non to move. He should hold killed Claudius already, but he has n’t acted yet. Hamlet has hesitated so long that Claudius is really leery at this point and fundamentally knows that Hamlet knows what he has done. Soon, Hamlet ‘s clip will go short because Claudius now recognizes that Hamlet will be a danger to him, and Claudius will make something about it.

Unlike Claudius, Hamlet postpones his actions yet once more, which are apparent in this 4th monologue. Claudius at this point knows thatA he may be found out, and feels guilty. Claudius tries to pray, but he is non really praying because he knows that he will non be forgiven. He will non halt profiting from his wickednesss and hence wo n’t be forgiven. Hamlet, right at this point would hold had the perfect chance to stop Claudius ‘ life, but he makes an alibi that he wants to kill him in the act of making something bad so that he will decease a blasted psyche and wo n’t travel to heaven. He does n’t cognize that Claudius is really non forgiven for his wickednesss, and is still a bad adult male. Hamlet wants to kill him, “ When he is intoxicated asleep, or in his fury, / Or in the incestuous pleasance of his bed, / At gambling, curse, or about some act / That has no gusto of redemption i n’t: / Then trip him, ” ( 3.3.90-94 ) . Hamlet is believing so much about catching Claudius making a iniquitous act to kill him, that he is non recognizing that Claudius is get downing to do programs to kill him. In this manner, Hamlet will come to his ruin because of his defect.

Finally, in the last monologue, Hamlet shows possible potency to eventually make something, but is still merely speaking about it and has yet to do a program. This gives more grounds that his disregard is doing his bad lucks to come. Hamlet is diffident if he has non acted due to forgetfulness, or cowardly vacillation, but sees that he has so much cause for his retaliation, but has done nil. His causes for retaliation are: his male parent was killed by Claudius, his female parent was married to Claudius, and it has caused him much emotional hurt. Sing the ground forces of Fortinbras march through to contend for a cause that was merely for their honor, Hamlet is ashamed of himself for non moving. He inquiries, “ How base I so, / That have a male parent putting to death ‘d, a female parent discoloration ‘d, / Exhilarations of my ground and my blood, / And allow all kip, ” ( 4.4.55-58 ) . Hamlet is experiencing the emotions of a postponer that knows that they should hold done whatever they had to make a long clip ago.

In decision, there is grounds of thought over things excessively much, doing every alibi there was, and stalling for so long that eventually, Hamlet merely ran out of clip, hardly completing the occupation. Hamlet at the terminal of the drama, long after he had decided to take retaliation for his male parent, eventually had the resoluteness to kill Claudius. However, Claudius had acted before him. First, Claudius tried to acquire him killed in England, and so successfully got Hamlet cut with a poisoned blade. Hamlet was deceasing before he eventually stopped Claudius ‘ life, so his cunctation truly was the existent ground Hamlet was killed. If lone Hamlet had acted earlier, his life would hold ne’er been in danger, but because of this really common character defect, his life, as everyone knows it, was over.

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