The Most Difficult Life Stage English Literature Essay

There are many phases in one ‘s life, and the most considerable and hard phase is adolescence. “ Adolescence ” is defined as: “ the transitional period between childhood and maturity in human development widening chiefly over the adolescent old ages, besides the procedure or province of turning to adulthood and development as of a society, predating adulthood ” ( “ Adolescence ” ) . In other words, adolescence is an intermediate phase with kids emerging from immatureness to adulthood. In the childhood phase, kids follow parents by sharing their feelings and showing their emotions to keep correspondence and it makes parents easy to foster their kids. Conversely, in the adolescence phase, adolescents start to believe themselves as persons. They start making their ain universe by maintaining secrets, holding relationships and doing their determinations without their parents. Adolescents have assorted internal struggles. In the interim, it challenges parents to accept striplings ‘ sudden behavioral alterations and rear their kids in an appropriate manner.

There are chiefly three phases of adolescence, and each phase plays different functions for adolescents ‘ adulthood. The first adolescence development phase is normally experienced between the old ages 12 and 14, and this phase is called early adolescence. In this phase adolescents normally have confusion about who they are and where they belong. Adolescents start holding biological and physical alterations and most of clip misss ‘ organic structure developments are earlier than male childs. The in-between phase of adolescence is about 14 and 17 old ages of age. During the in-between adolescence, adolescents still sing alteration in organic structures, and they start pay more attending to sexual development and visual aspects. The relationship with parents starts deteriorating, and they are easy feels lonely. The last portion of the adolescent phase is by and large between the old ages 17 and 19. The cognitive development occurs during the late stripling phase, and adolescents act independently on doing assorted determinations about their lives. In overall, physical alteration, emotional alteration, cognitive alteration and societal behaviour alteration are illustrated in adolescence period.

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Adolescence phase plays the cardinal period in one ‘s life, the organic structure companies with the most rapid and obvious growing. These organic structure transmutations frequently occur at the early adolescence and go on to the in-between stripling phase. The nomenclature for the peculiar organic structure biological development for adolescents is called pubescence. In the Oxford lexicon, “ pubescence ” defines as “ the period during which striplings reach sexual adulthood and go capable of reproduction ” ( “ Puberty ” Oxford Dictionary ) . The pubescence is more focussed on biological adulthood, and it effects physical development of adolescents. These biological alterations occurred in teenage misss and male childs by addition feminine endocrines and masculine endocrines. For case, adolescent misss need to undergo with growing of chests, hair and experience foremost catamenial periods. In the average clip, misss contain capableness for holding babes. In contrast, male childs besides have some distinguished biological alteration with addition testiss along with turning facial hair and holding deeper voices. Besides, the visual aspect and organic structure form alteration are revealed with biological alteration in adolescents ‘ lives. The addition in endocrines creates high velocity of metamorphosis in one ‘s organic structure, so the rapid growing of tallness, weight organic structure hair. For case, misss start to turn underhand hair and increase weight particularly around hips. These characteristic of developments of organic structure images make misss look more attractive like adult females. For male childs, there are growings on musculuss and organic structure forms which are symbols of grown into manhood.

Along with of import biological development, adolescents face emotional alterations along with sensitive tempers. “ The passage period from childhood to adulthood non merely leads to physical alterations in the personality but besides to physiological and emotional alterations. ” ( Pandey ) . Adolescents have unstable and sensitive emotions, like crossness, tenseness and uncertainness. For case, the chief character, Alice from the book Alice ‘s Adventures in Wonderland, experiences sudden alterations physically one time she gets into the Wonderland. When she is perplexing about her physical transformers and her individuality, she meets a Caterpillar under a tree. Once the Caterpillar sees Alice, he keeps inquiring about Alice ‘s alterations of physical sizes with “ really short comments ” and disdainful tone ( Carroll 34 ) . This inquiry makes Alice feels irritated with the Caterpillar ‘s disdain but besides she puzzles about her transmutations. In the terminal she turns off from the Caterpillar without a word. Alice represents most of striplings during in-between adolescence phase. Adolescents are sensitive and easy acquire annoyed toward organic structure transmutations. Besides, the physical adulthood and biological development of endocrines make adolescents easy have psychotic belief of holding relationship with opposite sex. They frequently feel nervous to fall into one-side love with opposite sex. In the narrative “ Araby ” the storyteller is mother superiors with his friend ‘s sister Megan. “ Every forenoon I lay on the floor in the front parlor watching her door. When she came out on the doorsill my bosom leaped. [ aˆ¦ ] This happened forenoon after forenoon. I had ne’er spoken to her, except for a few insouciant words, and yet her name was like a biddings to all my foolish blood ” ( Joyce 12 ) .The nameless character has a romantic crush on Megan, and it reveals his passion and wistfulness of love. His bosom starts crushing when he sees him and he feels nervous to speak to her. This is an emotional alteration during adolescence. Adolescents are heighted passion and tenseness toward their secret lovers. The chief character, Holden from the book The Catcher in the Rye, shows sensitive emotion and sentiment about sex. “ In my head, I ‘m likely the biggest sex lunatic you of all time saw. Sometimes I can believe of really crumby material I would n’t mind making if the chance came up. [ aˆ¦ ] The thing is, though, I do n’t wish the thought. I think if you do n’t truly wish a miss, you should n’t horse around with her at all [ aˆ¦ ] Sex is something I merely do n’t understand. I swear to God I do n’t ” ( Salinger 89 ) . Holden reveals that he like holding relationship with misss if juncture arises. However, in the average clip, he thinks sex “ malodors ” with some “ crumby material. ” He is unsure with experience sexual relationship with opposite sex. It is sensible for adolescents to demo high involvement and uncertainness toward sex accompanied by increasing endocrines during the adolescence phase. In short, adolescents ‘ alteration emotions toward sensitive inquiries about their organic structure metabolisms and relationship with opposite sex.

Besides the emotional alteration, there are knowledge alterations toward cognition. Most adolescents tend to develop cognition from school, and increase their abilities to believe methodically towards hard inquiries and state of affairss. It frequently occurs in one ‘s early adolescence. “ The knowledge defines as the mental procedures used by worlds to get cognition, and discovers jobs logically. It most important characteristics is that the persons now acquires the ability to treat information in strictly abstract footings ” ( Motepe ) . In the early stripling phase, striplings develop their heads by seeking cognition and get bying with troubles by themselves. Adolescents tend to associate their jobs or state of affairs to their cognition to assist them to work out assorted jobs. For case, After Alice drops into the coney hole she starts inquiring where she is. “ ‘I must be acquiring someplace near the centre of the Earth. Let me see: that would be four 1000 stat mis down I think- ‘ ( for you see, Alice had learnt several things of this kind in her lessons in the school-room [ aˆ¦ ] ) -‘yes, that ‘s about the right distance-but so I wonder what Latitude or Longitude I ‘ve got? ‘ ” ( Carroll 3 ) Alice attempts to utilize her school cognition to understand her place on the Earth. Even though, it seems awkward doing such statement, she shows betterment of utilizing her cognition. It represents most striplings in early phase attempt to understand cognitive life theories by seeking their limited cognition. Adolescents are on path of beef uping intelligence by linking troubles with school cognition. They value their intelligence and want to absorb more. So the instruction from school plays the most of import function in turning one ‘s knowledge. However, Teenagers ‘ position toward knowledge of cognition and school are easy shifted during in-between and late phase. Unlike early striplings, adolescents in in-between or late phase think they are already grasped basic cognitive cognition from school. It makes them get down losing involvements toward school. They start alter their move the developing knowledge toward freedom and personal desire. From Brook ‘s “ Araby ” the unknown storyteller shows his knowledge toward personal desire. “ I chafed against the work of school. [ aˆ¦ ] I watched my maestro ‘s face base on balls from good humor to sternness ; he hoped I was non get downing to tick over. I had barely any forbearance with the serious work of life which, now that it stood between me and my desire, seemed to me child ‘s drama, ugly humdrum kid ‘s drama ” ( Joyce 13 ) . The procedure of knowledge of cognition during late adolescence seems like infantile drama in storyteller ‘s point of position. These infantile dramas besides become a barrier between the storyteller and his desire of love. From Brook ‘s verse form “ We existent cool ” , it shows adolescents ‘ Rebel by depicting their reactions toward school. “ We existent cool, Left school. We ” ( Brooks 35 ) . These two simple lines show adolescents ‘ indifference toward dropping school and the instruction become less of import and utile. Alternatively, they tend to indulge their desire and freedom. In short, during the cognitive procedure, early striplings tend to absorb cognition from school, but subsequently their knowledge is toward desire and freedom.

Equally good as cognitive alteration, the alteration in one ‘s societal behaviour shows during the phase of adolescence. “ A major challenge for striplings concerns their demand to happen their topographic point in society and to derive a sense of adjustment in that topographic point ” ( Motepe ) . It is a challenge for adolescents to unify into the grownup universe. The communicating is the most of import function for adolescents to suit into big universe. Sometimes, their artlessness and infantile idea may take them to an awkward or alone state of affairs which will do adolescents ‘ isolation recently. Alice tries to suit into the universe in Wonderland which is the symbol for big universe. She tries to pass on with people in the Wonderland like other people. “ Dinah ‘s our cat I wish you could see her after the birds! Why, she ‘ll eat a small bird every bit shortly as expression at it! ” ( Carroll 22 ) . Alice is speaking to a group of birds in a room, and she expressed her feeling in an inappropriate manner. She does non intend to frighten those birds out alternatively she merely wants to portion her feeling about her cat. Alice ‘s inexperient head and artlessness makes her hold problem suiting in socially. She becomes lonely once more. Failed relationships with others make adolescents start disappointed to grownups and insulate themselves. At the beginning of Brook ‘s narrative “ Araby ” , the storyteller ‘s brief description toward his vicinity shows his isolation. “ An uninhabited house of two floors stood at the unsighted terminal, detached from its neighbours in a square land. The other houses of the street, witting of nice lives within them, gazed at one another with brown unflappable faces ” ( Joyce 11 ) . The word “ detached ” reveals the unknown storyteller isolate himself mentally with people near him. From the storyteller ‘s point of position, the grownup universe is dark and heartless, because people are all transporting “ brown and unflappable ” faces. Besides, Holden is another character who isolates himself during his adolescence phase. “ The first thing I did when I got away at Penn Station, I went into this phone booth. I felt like giving person a bombilation [ aˆ¦ ] but every bit shortly as I was indoors, I could n’t believe of anybody to name up. My brother D.B. was in Hollywood. My child sister Phoebe [ aˆ¦ ] was out. Then I thought of giving Jane Gallagher ‘s female parent a bombilation [ aˆ¦ ] . So I ended up non naming anybody. I came out of the booth, after about 20 proceedingss or so ( Salinger 103 ) ” This is interior struggle of Holden ‘s isolation. He tries to make out with people around him, like naming his friends or speaking to cabdriver. However, in the terminal he left the booth without naming anyone. Adolescents like Holden are fundamentally afraid of isolate with the universe, but at the same time he repels to accept people.

Adolescence is the hardest phase for one ‘s life. There are excessively many drastic life alterations like physical, psychological and behavioural alterations traveling on in one ‘s life. It is easy for striplings to acquire lost on their manner in seeking for the grownup universe by doing errors. However, these alterations are indispensable parts for adolescents ‘ adulthood. Hence, the household members and instructors should play the most of import function to assist striplings. They should assist adolescents understand their values in the society and swear their finding and esteem their picks. Finally, they can set up right life orientations.


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