The Morals Behind The Story Solzhenitsyn English Literature Essay

Solzhenitsyn ‘s realistic/modernistic Hagiographas have developed basically around his ain personal life. His modernistic nature encompasses the societal environments that were rapidly going outdated both socially and politically in a clip were immorality of world had been built around their day-to-day lives. Alexander ‘s alone sense of composing manner separates him from other writers, because he uses his life in such a manner that entraps the reader. “ He presents the information with such tact and lucidity that the reader may come to their ain decisions while Solzhenitsyn skilfully avoids the trap of taking sides ” ( Monas 398 ) . Solzhenitsyn ‘s Hagiographas have some things in common such as the subjects can all associate to one another such as imprisonment, personal agony, and the moral facet that is gained by people who endure and learn from their agony such as in “ Matryona ‘s Home ” . Together these aid to stress the energy of the single psyche, which can clearly be seen throughout his narratives.

Solzhenitsyn ‘s early life began turning up fatherless in Rostov, Russia, go forthing merely his female parent to raise him ( Lawall 2262 ) . Without the aid of his male parent, the household was highly hapless, and the Russian Civil War did non assist the state of affairs at all. His female parent and Aunt Irina supported his beliefs under a strong spiritual and rational influence stressing in peculiar his moral committednesss to the Russian Orthodox religion, playing an indispensable portion in his plants ( Ericson 257 ) . After graduating from high school, he went to school at the Department of Mathematics at Rostov University.

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He served during World War II as a commanding officer of a reconnaissance battery in the Red Army in 1942. This clip period is where he begins to basically develop a procedure of his ain Hagiographas about being a soldier during the war. He began holding his uncertainties about it, and wrote a missive to his friend, Nikolai Vitkevich, who answered all of his letters even after a twelvemonth ‘s silence, and it would non do a difference in the universe ( Scammell 136 ) . In this missive it had criticized the Soviet leader, Stalin along with several other top functionaries. After the missive had been intercepted and screened by military mail screeners, he was accused of anti-Soviet propaganda, therefore he was instantly arrested and sentenced to eight old ages in prison. It was during this period of imprisonment and expatriate that he started to abandon his Marxist beliefs, because it has “ fallen so low that it has become an anecdote ; it ‘s merely an object of disdain ” ( Solzhenitsyn 54 ) .

After acquiring out of prison Solzhenitsyn bit by bit turned into a philosophically-minded Christian as a consequence of his experience in prison and the work cantonments throughout his captivity which was enormously of import in understanding his composing system during this clip ( Ericson 177-205 ) . This gave him the ability to include more item throughout his narratives such as in Matryona ‘s Home. At first he describes puting as a town of peace and quiet with small towns that have complete silence from the modernised universe in a first individual point of position. When he talks about sitting on a stump for a long clip, wishing that he did non hold to eat so that he can remain at that place everlastingly, giving it a more simplistic and realistic tone to the narrative. This engages a ocular image through imagination to capture the reader. I truly like this portion about it, because it is something we can all associate to by basking a small peace and quiet. He does non prosecute with mercenary things, it is the simple things in life that conveying him joy such as untasted nature. He is basking the freedom from non being in prison, and he does non take things for granted any longer. I for one can see why he would non desire to be bothered after the muss that he had went through.

Before traveling to Matryona ‘s place he describes the puting around him, he was walking from small town to village looking for a topographic point to remain giving item of the households he had asked. The first household he had asked had no room as they were maintaining her elderly female parent, and the remainder of the places were crowded and noisy. He offered a “ truckload of peat for the winter for whoever would take him ” , intending that they would non hold to travel out in the acrimonious cold. The people would take him, but at that place was merely non adequate room for him, this depicts the lives of the villagers.

The last house that he visited was an old adult female in her 1960ss named Matryona. She had the features of a grandma ; old, doddering, but in the terminal they about ever give in. The house was described as “ turning grey with age ” , because the house was old. At first you would non desire to remain in a hovel like this, but under the fortunes with cipher being able to accept him, he truly had no other options. He offered the peat, and she took him up on the offer to pay for the rent. She had a cat, cockroaches, and mice populating with her. The cockroaches had to be overlooked, as for she was scared that seting borax down would harm the cat every bit good. There is symbolism here, but I am non rather certain how to set it, the cat could typify the old Russia, easy falling apart, and when you try to ache the cockroaches which would typify Stalin, and the corruptness, that there will be some human deaths that come down with them. Taking down corruptness is non an easy undertaking, because you must take it from the interior out in order to win.

The mice would stand for this, because they are in the walls of the edifice.

Over clip he got used to Matyona ‘s bungalow merely as she did, because she had to either accommodate to the environment or have nowhere else to travel, so certainly she was traveling to pick the place. Throughout clip he had realized that she had more to make than merely cooking and sitting at place all twenty-four hours. She had a agenda to travel by, and she kept to it. Further in the narrative he explained that she was non having a pension from her hubby and that she had worked for credits. This is similar to what old people do today, but I did non cognize that pensions were given that long ago. We take attention of our old people today, looking up to them, and seek to give them a assisting manus when in demand. This is where he begins to undertake the sympathizing with the readers to better affect ourselves with it. We can take to be either for her or against her, as for he has no sides in this narrative, because it is base on ethical motives.

After Ingnatich showed us the characteristics that Matryona and he symbolizes her as saint, seting others before herself, merely as my grandma does for me. When she had heard on the wireless that new machines had been invented, she would ever kick about in with the new and out with the old. Like I said earlier, she has that grandma affect about her non desiring alteration, and merely maintaining things the manner they are. I could associate to holding new machines, because it is for the better, and we merely have to demo them this even though they are obstinate. He got disquieted with her about have oning his jacket, and making things for everybody else and non taking attention of herself, and she would ne’er accept wage for anything at all. That twenty-four hours she had died in an accident. He felt guilty about her decease, because he yelled at her, and now he can non take it back. This is interesting that she had died so all of a sudden, and her decease showed the true colourss of some of the townsfolk merely as decease ever brings people out of the woodworks. This is kind of a good thing though for her, as she is in a better topographic point now where hurting can non be felt, and no more concerns to worry approximately, and she is in God ‘s custodies now.

When reading this book, we can set ourselves in Ignatich ‘s places associating to the imprisonment of being watched by “ Large Brother ” , like when his missive was read, and they sent him to prison. The personal agonies can be related to with the poorness that the people are put through, and have to do out with what small they have. The moral facet that is gained by people who endure and learn from their agony such as Ignatich did when life in the life of Matryona. He was able to acquire in and analyze her, and the things that made her tick. He built that personal relationship with her, and that is why the old adult female truly wanted, and that is why she tried so difficult to do friends with everyone.

In decision, “ his work epitomizes a peculiarly modernistic manner of covering with moral logical thinking and its jobs by exposing, deconstructing, and fade outing the hermeneutics of intuition by showing how its premises lead to a misreading of the empirical real properties of worlds of history. Then he goes beyond this deconstruction to establish a postmodern ethic that affirms human self-respect in the face of province terrorist act ” ( Inchausti 34 ) . Solzhenitsyn was one time a leader commanding officer of a reconnaissance, and had some bad patterns, but after imprisonment he has deconstructed himself, and was built back up under utmost fortunes seting him in another individual ‘s places seeing it from another position. This narrative brings out the psyche of the reader to sympathise and associate, and it besides gives the readers a warning, that your ethical motives play a larger function in life than you think, so make wise determinations before you act.


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