The Management Research Hierarchy for Ramada

Question 1: The Management Research hierarchy for Ramada Management Dilemma: * Increasing customer satisfaction Management Question: * How do we increase customer satisfaction? Research Questions: * What can management do to increase customer satisfaction? * How do we modify the training and hiring process in order to attract the best people and generate a low employee turnover? * How can Ramada attract employees who will display the correct attitude, motivation and service to boost customer satisfaction * Should we add incentives to reward improved customer satisfaction?

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Investigative Questions: * How should management be involved in the hiring and training process? * How frequent should staff be incentivised for their contribution towards increasing customer satisfaction? * How do we include employees in the research and decision making process? Measurement Questions: * The current training approach was boring ineffective * Training approaches that were fun and interactive are winners with all employees and are likely to generate a positive employee attitude and increase customer satisfaction. Employees indicated that they had a hard time maintaining enthusiasm for a program that too much effort to achieve for one or limited number of rewards over a long period of time. * RFS found that more numerous awards that directly affect their everyday lives motivated employees * Training incorporating high employee involvement generates more knowledgeable employee, one of the critical elements of customers perceptions of higher quality customer service Management Decisions: Ramada Property managers reviewed their hiring process and now screen prospects and now screen prospective employees for characteristics revealed by the Predictive Index * RFS replaced traditional training with interactive CD-based multimedia training * Employees are rewarded not only for exceptional performance reflected in customer letters and surveys but also for supervisor and peer nominations, completion of training modules and continued self-directed efforts for personal development.


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