The Love Of Nature In Poetry English Literature Essay

The Romantics loved nature and everything in, and about it. They saw the beauty in the simple things in nature like the manner the air current blew the foliages on a tree or how a watercourse flowed over a bed of stones. Two poets stuck out to me as holding a deep love matter with nature William Wordsworth and Percy Bysshe Shelly. Wordsworth ‘s verse form Nutting shows his deep sentimental love of nature. Percy Shelly ‘s verse form entitled Ode to the West Wind displays his love matter with the beauty and destructiveness of nature.

Nutting by William Wordsworth shows how he genuinely feels about nature. In this poem Wordsworth 2nd line is “ One of those celestial yearss that can non decease ” to me he is stating that the comeliness of this twenty-four hours will populate everlastingly in his head. The twenty-four hours is one that he can non bury because of its sheer glorification. I imagine that the Sun is reflecting brilliantly above with large plump clouds in the sky with a little chilling zephyr. Another line in the verse form is “ aˆ¦to smiling at irritants, and brakes, and brambles ” . Wordsworth likes everything in nature non merely what most people like such as the Sun, flowers, and a rather watercourse. He says to smile at irritants which are one thing in nature that pokes people and causes injury. William does non see irritants in the same manner he likes and admires everything in nature even the harmful things. He goes on to province “ through beds of matted fern, and tangled brushs ” demoing that he does non mind the harmful things in nature like the tangled brushs he has come to accept them and cognize their topographic point in nature and sees that it is meaningful. One line that truly shows Wordsworth love of nature is “ a virgin scene! -A small while I stood, take a breathing with such suppression of the bosom as joy delectations in ” . He is stating that he stumbled upon a piece of undisturbed forests and merely took a few minutes to take it all in. I can conceive of him standing at that place with a expression of undeniable awe and daze on his face as he stood there looking at this spot of nature untouched by every human before him. I am certain that this is what he lived for to see the true beauty of undisturbed nature. Wordsworth said as joy delectations in significance that he is filled with joy as he seen this topographic point for the first clip. Another line in Nutting is “ beneath the braid I sate among the flowers, and with the flowers I played ” . This line shows that Wordsworth is merely happy sitting entirely with nature all around him. He played with flowers to go through some clip and to convey him joy. “ Blest with sudden felicity beyond all hope ” is a line that seems to sum up the bulk of how Wordsworth feels while he is sitting in nature by himself and taking it all in. He finds joy in the simple things in life which is a large portion to being happy with life and with every state of affairs it throws at you. “ With my cheek on one of those green rocks ” I believe he is stating that he laid down to take a sleep in nature and used a stone with moss on it as a pillow. Most people would be scared to catch a wink in the forests with animate beings all around them but I think Wordsworth found joy in it. Naping in nature is one thing that merely the serious nature lovers would make, your every mean twenty-four hours individual likes to utilize a stone for a pillow and leaves for screens. “ Exulting, rich beyond the wealth of male monarchs ” he says after he pulls down the subdivision with nuts on it. Most people would non experience the same after garnering a few nuts but Wordsworth said he felt richer than male monarchs who in his twenty-four hours were the wealthiest of all. This verse form shows Williams ‘s true and passionate love for nature in the deepest sense.

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Percy Shelley ‘s Ode to the West Wind is another verse form that I feel exalts the beauty of nature in every facet. The verse form has four stanzas and each one is about a different portion of nature. Shelley had an astonishing manner with words that make you feel like you are in the verse form and can see precisely what he is seeking to paint with his words. “ Her clarion o’er the woolgathering Earth ” shows that Shelley loves the Earth and nature. The woolgathering Earth in my sentiment is stating that the universe is like a dream in that you ne’er know what is traveling to go on. Besides it means that the universe and nature will surprise you every clip merely like a dream does whether the surprise is one that brings joy or one of devastation. “ Black rain and fire and hail will split ” is a line in the verse form I feel shows the possible destructiveness that nature can convey. I feel that Shelley is mentioning to black rain as a cloudburst that would do rivers to over flow. If that were the instance so many people could perchance decease and most harvests would be destroyed. If harvests were destroyed so the chief beginning of nutrient for the people would be gone. Shelley is demoing how nature can be a approval but besides at times could be a expletive. “ Crystalline watercourse ” is a term in this verse form that shows the beauty of nature. A watercourse is one thing in nature that flows all the clip and brings life to many things including workss, fish, and even worlds. “ Overgrown with cerulean moss and flowers so sweet ” shows that Shelley along with Wordsworth finds joy in the simple things in nature like moss on stones and the sweet odor of flowers. Besides I feel that he is stating we should take clip to smell the flowers and non hotfoot though life. “ A heavy weight of hours has chained and bowed ” is another illustration that he is stating we should non hotfoot though life but take clip to bask the little things that life brings our manner. Shelley is a poet who loves nature and shows it though his cunning usage of words.

In decision both of these poets, Wordsworth and Shelley, are profoundly in melody with the beauty of nature. They take clip to see the beauty in nature that most others do n’t see and walk past it. Both poets profoundly appreciated the little things in nature and it gave them joy in their life on a day-to-day footing.


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