The History Of Anne Boleyn English Literature Essay

In about 1521, Anne returned to England due to her male parent personal businesss in set uping her matrimony to a adult male named James Butler, a matrimony that was to be rather a political advantage to both her household and the King. However, the matrimony was ne’er carried out as Anne pursued Lord James Percy, transporting on a secret matter with him for some clip, the first of several such fly-by-night interactions. For a brief clip, Anne was sent to her male parent ‘s native state of Ireland as a penalty of kinds, but was within a twelvemonth or two summoned back to the English tribunal to shack under Henry ‘s married woman Queen Catherine. Here, Anne caught the oculus of the King, Henry VIII, who had originally been attracted to Anne ‘s older sister Mary. During this clip it is besides believed that Anne has a secret relationship with a poet named Sir Thomas Wyatt, nevertheless. Henry, meanwhile, persisted in prosecuting Anne for some clip composing her a sum of 17 love letters while off at tribunal, professing his feeling for her.

However, Anne continued to defy Henry declining to go merely another of his kept womans, as most foresaw in footings of the two ‘s dealingss, and settling upon merely “ matrimony or nil. ” Henry ‘s feeling of attractive force remained and became much more obvious when he acted, trying to invalidate his matrimony to Catherine in order to marry Anne. Nevertheless, great difference was caused over this as the Catholic Pope was unable to make so. Anne emerged into the tribunal, demoing involvement in spiritual statements and trying to show ‘new thoughts ‘ to Henry, gaining her several enemies among the tribunal members, with the ultimate end to go queen. Debate continued in footings of the revocation of the King and Queen ‘s matrimony and Anne feared that Henry may perchance desire Catherine back before get marrieding her. Henry nevertheless, continued to prosecute Anne, purchasing her expensive gowns, jewellery, and things for her amusement.

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Finally, in January of 1533, Anne was mostly pregnant. Henry knew he had to move, and the two were in secret married, something non uncommon among the Tudor household, to forestall this future inheritor from being bastard. Henry still, was still technically married to Catherine, until several months subsequently when the Archbishop of Canterbury declared the matrimony bastard, though he argued his matrimony ne’er existed in the first topographic point. It was official Anne was already pregnant with what Henry foresaw to be his inheritor, something that Catherine could non bring forth for him. During this clip, in add-on, Henry, who was unhappy that the Catholic Pope could non invalidate their matrimony, divide off from the Roman Catholic Church, making what is known today as the Church of England, Henry being the caput. Many viewed this as Anne ‘s making, farther making antagonists.

Plans for Anne ‘s enthronement rapidly began in the month of June. It was an luxuriant event, get downing with her being escorted over H2O from Greenwich, England to the Tower of London attired merely in gold. She was accompanied it is recorded, by several big flatboats, said to hold spanned four stat mis down the length of the Thames River. From here, Anne proceeded to Westminster Abbey, where she was crowned and anointed queen by the Archbishop of Canterbury. In August, two short months subsequently, readying for the birth of the royal twosome ‘s first kid was under manner. It was certain that Anne ‘s kid was to be a male, to the extent of the kid ‘s announcement of birth mentioning to it as ‘prince. ‘ She gave birth in mid-September, though, to a healthy babe miss who was named Elizabeth. Those who prophesized the event were in fact incorrect, though in her christening, the immature Elizabeth was pronounced their inheritor by Henry, though he did non go to the event. All aside, Anne now knew that it was imperative for her to bring forth a boy for Henry, and was rapidly pregnant by January of 1534, though the babe was either abortive or miscarriaged. Anne blamed this upon the province of head she was under at the clip, as her hubby has late taken a autumn while jousting. However, Anne was get downing to acknowledge that if she was incapable of bring forthing an inheritor, her life was in hazard. Henry was displeased with Anne. The matrimony, in general, was get downing to demo marks of quandary as Henry had antecedently, and surely was, at this point, sing rip offing on his married woman. He had taken a illusion to Jane Seymour, one of Anne ‘s amahs of award. Additionally, Anne was non a soft-spoken adult female. It was her nature to voice her expostulations, instead than be submissive, and was really blunt in making so sing Henry ‘s personal businesss with adult females other than herself.

In the summer of 1535, Jane Seymour emerged wholly while Anne was remaining with the Seymour household. Henry ‘s infatuation merely grew for Jane, rather likewise to the manner it one time was with Anne. Consequently, Jane would non subject to Henry until he proposed matrimony, once more really much like Anne herself. In a concluding effort to salve her place and matrimony, Anne became pregnant one time once more in 1536, but for the 3rd clip her babe was abortive. Her hopes of staying the Queen of England were melting fast, as Henry became certain of get marrieding Jane, in efforts to bring forth for himself a male inheritor to the throne.

In order to finish such an act, Henry devised a program with Thomas Cromwell, the really adult male who annulled his original matrimony in order for him to marry Anne. Correspondingly, the enemies Anne has antecedently made herself at tribunal, besides plotted against her, as the King ‘s attendings for the immature Jane merely grew. Cromwell, who was a strong ally of the King, persuaded him into the sign language of a papers that permitted an probe of Anne, therefore giving an account for multiple charges of lese majesty.

Originally, Anne ‘s friend, a long-time tribunal instrumentalist was arrested and tortured into the ‘revelation ‘ of Anne ‘s offenses. Furthermore, her ain brother, George, was arrested and tortured following this. Within hebdomads, Anne herself was arrested, being introduced to the charges that Cromwell had ‘investigated ‘ and accused her of. These were as follows: witchery, criminal conversation in footings of her dealingss with her hubby, incestuous dealingss with her ain brother, and eventually a strategy to kill the King, the really adult male whose fondnesss she fought to keep.

From here, she was taken and housed to the Tower of London, the topographic point where old ages prior she had been during her enthronement. Her she resided, while Thomas Cromwell invalidating her matrimony to the King, until May of 1536. On the 15th of the month, Anne and her brother were put on test confronting a jury of 26 Lords, all of whom had been threatened to bring forth a finding of fact that the King agreed with. Anne, who displayed herself really calmly and dignifiedly, denied all charges pressed against her, as did her brother. Despite this, both were found guilty, and were to be beheaded at the King ‘s disagreement. As the finding of fact was read by the uncle of the two, the Duke of Norfolk, Anne presented a address addressed to the King beggary for a just test ; her sobbing petitions nevertheless, were overlooked wholly. Meanwhile, several other work forces of the family, whom were either said to hold had dealingss with Anne or guided her in her blackwash secret plan, were beheaded every bit good.

Her brother was sent to his decease foremost, on the 17th of the month. The following two yearss Anne remained locked off, hearing nil but the intelligence that an adept fencer was hired to, ideally, chop her cervix off in one clean blow ; hearing this Anne became merely more hysterical in her crying. On May 19th Anne was summoned, and taken to the Tower Green to her private executing. Her, she knelt, giving a few concluding words subjecting herself to God ‘s will, was blindfolded and executed in one Swift motion. Her caput and organic structure were gather and buried in an pointer thorax in an unmarked grave in the Chapel of St. Peter, next to the topographic point of her executing.

Anne Boleyn was simply the second of Henry ‘s six married womans, though she is likely the most remembered. She was a strong-minded and intelligent adult female, who was a strong married woman, and peculiarly superior female parent to her girl. She remained faithful, despite Henry ‘s fondnesss for other adult females, and above all ne’er persecuted, or even slandered Henry for his dismaying intervention of her. She was the victim of her hubby, who killed her simply in hunt of matrimony to bring forth a replacement. Never were her charges proven, merely under anguish were statements made sing her by others, but merely in efforts to stop their agony. Correspondingly, her matrimony, merely yearss before her executing, was declared invalid. How could a adult female who was ne’er ‘truly ‘ married to the King commit Acts of the Apostless of criminal conversation against him? The truth is, she could non hold, and this information was overlook because the King wielded all power. Love was proven unimportant when ultimate power was at interest, and so Anne Boleyn was beheaded for offenses she had ne’er committed.

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