The Greatest Writer That Is Shakespeare English Literature Essay

Who is the greatest author to hold of all time lived? Most people would hold that the reply to that inquiry is William Shakespeare. There is, nevertheless, no uncertainty that Shakespeare was the most popular dramatist, author, and even histrion of his clip. What was Shakespeare ‘s life like? Although there are non many records of his private life, his professional life was full of events, awards, and contention.

What Shakespeare achieved in his life was something of a wonder. But where did it all get down? It all started in about 1550 when a adult male named John Shakespeare moved to Stratford-upon-Avon from the nearby small town of Snitterfield in cardinal England, where he started a glove-making concern. John married Mary Arden seven old ages subsequently. William Shakespeare was the first boy of John and Mary and was baptized on April 26, 1564. A book titled “ The Age of Shakespeare ” by Laroque provinces, “ Although the exact day of the month of William ‘s birth is non known, his birthday is celebrated on 23 April ” ( Laroque, page 16 ) . This is grounds of the deficiency of records of Shakespeare ‘s private life.

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William grew up with a large household in a crowded house. He had three brothers ( Gilbert, Richard, and Edmund ) and two sisters ( Joan and Anne ) . In his early old ages he attended the local grammar school where he learned Latin, Greek, and other topics that would go of import to his calling as a author. Shakespeare would memorise play, poesy, and history during his long school yearss. After secondary school William did non go on on to a university. Alternatively, he became exhaustively self-educated. This comes as a surprise to many people because Shakespeare is widely regarded as a mastermind, yet he did non even go to college. As a descendent of a husbandman, Shakespeare ‘s life was filled with rural traditions, and this would act upon his later works as there were frequent mentions to nature.

At the age of 18 Shakespeare married a adult female named Anne Hathaway. Anne was eight old ages older than William and was already anticipating her first kid which was a spot controversial. Susanna Shakespeare was baptized on May 26, 1583. Two old ages subsequently Anne gave birth to twins, Hamnet and Judith, baptized on February 2, 1585. Hamnet died at the age of 11 and was buried on August 11, 1596. This was an highly important event in Shakespeare ‘s life because he became slightly depressed by the loss of lone boy. With a new household to back up William traveled to London, the capital metropolis, in order to happen work.

After the birth of his twins there is a spread of about eight old ages in Shakespeare ‘s life in which there are no recorded paperss of any events in his life. But by 1592 he established himself in the capital metropolis. During this clip, with Queen Elizabeth I ruling, there was a immense addition in the population of London. It became overpopulated, contaminated and foul. “ London was a metropolis of huming activity, spectacle, and theatre ” ( Laroque, page 41 ) . It is non known when Shakespeare began composing or even when he took up an involvement in play, but there was grounds of his success in his calling by a booklet written by a dramatist Robert Greene in 1592. Greene attacked Shakespeare with the booklet, naming him “ an nouveau-riche crow, beautified with our plumes ” ( Laroque, page 48 ) . This showed that Shakespeare was well-known plenty to make a competition with a university-educated dramatist.

In 1594 Shakespeare joined a company called Lord Chamberlain ‘s Men including popular histrions Richard Burbage and William Kemp. Performances of Shakespeare ‘s “ The Comedy of Mistakes ” were performed for the tribunal during the Christmas season. His dramas were rather popular from early on. “ Audiences loved Will ‘s dramas. They squeezed into the Theatre with their nutrient, drink, and rowdy yak ” ( Aliki, page 22 ) . When William ‘s challenger, Christopher Marlowe, died in a bash there was no 1 that could dispute him and his work. Shakespeare wrote one brilliant drama after another and helped his company flourish. Sooner or subsequently even other companies started executing his dramas.

For two old ages the Black Plague caused all of the wendy houses to shut down as 1000s fell badly and died. During this clip Shakespeare wrote two verse forms and dedicated them to the Earl of Southampton who so became William ‘s frequenter. Subsequently, the Lord Chamberlain ‘s Men used the lumber from their old Theatre to construct the Globe in 1599. It opened to instant success. It was so successful that it drove off the nearby Rose Company to construct another wendy house. Shakespeare wrote his greatest dramas during the following several old ages. His calamities reflected his temper at different times. Some were sad, some were dark, etc. William ‘s dramas and the Globe ( he was a stockholder ) made him really wealthy. He bought the second-finest house in Stratford-upon-Avon for his household and invested in other belongingss. After the Globe burned down from a phase cannon accident and was rebuilt even better within a twelvemonth Shakespeare settled back on the countryside in Stratford-Upon-Avon. After the decease of Queen Elizabeth I, King James I became a frequenter of William and his “ participants ” because he admired them. They became The King ‘s Men. Shakespeare wrote his last dramas in the lull of Stratford. He died on his 52nd birthday ( April 23, 1616 ) and was buried in the Holy Trinity Church.

William Shakespeare wrote at least 37 dramas, 154 sonnets, and 2 narrative verse forms. He lived an mean life as a kid and received an mean instruction. But his love of linguistic communication and unprecedented accomplishments in the art of the theater enabled him to bring forth a scope of matchless plants. Shakespeare was ever funny about the universe he lived in and looked back to scenes he remembered from his childhood to animate some of his work. His success as an histrion, dramatist, and author is apparent because, today, we read his dramas in school, see them in films, and even compose essays about them. Today, Shakespeare is so influential that everyone learns about him at some point in their life.


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