The Graphite Production In The World Economics Essay

Graphite is a multipurpose mineral with its belongingss on nonmetals and metals. Graphite merchandises are used in many industries and industrial applications because of alone belongingss of black lead, such as stableness in high temperatures and conduction. Batteries, furnace linings, semiconducting materials, electrodes, fuel cells – this is non the entire list of applications, where black lead merchandises are an indispensable portion. ( Northern Graphite Corporation 2012 )

China is a universe leader in graphite production with its 86 % of the entire portion. Besides China dominates planetary black lead supply ( more that 70 % ) . India takes 2nd topographic point and has 5 % portion. Third topographic point belongs to Brazil with 4 % portion. EU states ‘ portion histories to 4.3 % . ( British Geological Survey 2011 )

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Figure 2. Graphite production in the universe ( British Geological Survey 2011 )

Europe has announced graphite as a stuff of strategic importance. Nowadays Europe is up to 95 % dependant on black lead imports that are chiefly from China. That ‘s why there are many concerns about long term graphite supply security. ( Rognvald Boyd, Geological Survey of Norway 2012 )

Chief European manufacturers are Austria, Romania, Norway, Romania and Turkey. Finland and Sweden are the states that have the richest potency in Europe for production of graphite harmonizing to their natural resources. ( Rognvald Boyd, Geological Survey of Norway 2012 ) More elaborate information about Finnish and Swedish black lead makers is given in the “ rivals ” portion of the study.

Major participants on C and graphite market in the universe are: Hexcel Corporation, Cabot Corporation, Carbone Lorraine, GRAFIL Inc. , Toray Industries Inc. , Morgan Crucible Company Plc, Toho Tenax Co. Ltd, , Evonik Degussa GmbH, GrafTech International Ltd. , HEG Ltd. , Showa Denko Carbon Inc. , Showa Denko K.K, SGL Carbon, Nippon Carbon Co Ltd. , Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd. , Tokai Carbon Co. Ltd. , Morgan Industrial Carbon, Zoltek Companies Inc. and Superior Graphite Co. ( Northern Graphite Corporation 2012 )

Asian-Pacific states represent the fastest turning market for C and graphite globally and are hard to vie with. But Schunk Group is a planetary participant on C and graphite market and the company already has its ain niche on the planetary market. Schunk has adequate competitory potency, so our research should happen the ways which would assist the company to accomplish its potency.

Market demands

Nowadays graphite demand is about 1,2 million dozenss yearly on a planetary footing. ( Focus Graphite Inc. 2012 )

Graphite demand is closely tied to the steel industry where it is used as a line drive for ladles and melting pots, as a constituent in bricks which line furnaces ( “ furnace linings ” ) , and as an agent that increases the C content of steel.A In the automotive industry it is used in gaskets, brake liners and clasp materials.A Graphite besides has a great figure of other utilizations in batteries, supports in plastics, fire retardents, and lubricators ( Northern Graphite Corporation 2012 )

The fact that graphite demand was increasing in the past few old ages provide a really good opportunity for Schunk. This opportunity is to increase company ‘s gross revenues net income amoung its ain existing scope of clients in end-use industries of black lead and happen new clients in the most appopriate industries in Finland to collaborate with. For this purpose market research is indispensable to be conducted.

Market tendency / growing

Global economic crisis ( 2008-2009 ) had a negative influence on C and graphite market. Demand all over the universe slumped and chief effects can be easy seen in the two major end-use industries of C and black lead: they are automotive, Fe and steel. Inspite of that fact, the market is bettering in the last 3 old ages, because the planetary economic system started to retrieve and market conditions are bettering. The ground that all providers in the market are strongly chained and tied to each other is besides a hazard factor for end-users in Asia, Europe and the United States ( Global Industry Analysts Inc. 2010 )

Increasing ingestion by the end-use industries improves the chances of C and graphite market. After recession the C and graphite market is expected to register growing led by demand from a assortment of industrial sectors in advanced every bit good as developing economic systems. Increase in demand could be besides attributed to monolithic addition in carbon-based applications runing from safer computing machines to outer infinite geographic expedition. Global Industry Analysts Inc. 2010 )

As it was mentioned, Asian-Pacific states represent the fastest turning market for graphite and C, which is largely driven by the Chinese and Indian markets. Such factors as low labour costs and bing graphite natural resources provide a sustainable market growing ( particularly in China ) even during hapless demand conditions. Keeping strong place on the black lead market, China is expected to hold about infinite growing supported by abroad investings. ( Global Industry Analysts Inc. 2010 ) Indian black lead industry has competitory advantages in engineering, capacity enlargements, reduced costs of operations, cost-efficient and quality merchandises. Taking into history all these factors and the go oning development of the steel sector in India it can be clearly explained why it is keeping stable 2nd topographic point in the planetary black lead market for a long clip. ( Global Industry Analysts Inc. 2010 )

But there are some new tendencies in the market. China has started to protect its domestic demands and control exports, including rare resources. One of the nucleus hereafter industries for black lead is turning electric vehicle market. So, there is a possible demand growing that is estimated by black lead and C market analysts as a dual demand. There will be besides highly high competition between providers between West and East that could make a comfortable hereafter for today ‘s investors in the market. ( Focus Graphite Inc. 2012 )

Industrial Minerals said in its study that the monetary value for 100 mesh 97 % graphite dressed ore fell to a $ 1700 to $ 2,000 per ton scope from its $ 2,400 highs earlier last twelvemonth. Whether this tendency continues during the class of this and the old ( 2011 ) twelvemonth is a affair of guess, but it creates an chance to integrate cyclical volatility into investing hazard, where China ‘s overpowering productive capacity, if unleashed to its fullest, could financially flatten new entrants to the graphite supply market ( Focus Graphite Inc. 2012 )

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Figure 3. Graphite Price History from 2002 to 2012 ( Focus Graphite Inc. 2012 )

With the current recovery of the planetary economic state of affairs and industries ‘ recovery and reclamation Schunk has good chance to happen possible clients in Finland.


Rognvald Boyd, Geological Survey of Norway 2012 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //

British Geological Survey 2011 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //

Plague analysis

Political-Legal factors

Increase in concern statute law: domestic policies in different provinces – labor, revenue enhancement statute law and so on, policies in excavation industry – toughening of statute law, licensing, new duties and ordinances. Business statute law is intended to protect companies from unjust competition, protect consumers from unjust concern patterns, protect society from unchecked concern behaviour, and charge concerns with the societal costs of their merchandises or production procedures. Each new jurisprudence may besides hold the unintended consequence of run downing inaugural and decelerating growing. The European Commission has established new Torahs covering competitory behaviour, merchandise criterions, merchandise liability, and commercial minutess for the 27 member states of the European Union. ( Kotler & A ; Keller 2011, 84 )

Growth of special-interest groups. Political action commissions ( PACs ) force per unit area concern executives and lobby authorities functionaries in order to esteem the rights of consumers, adult females, senior citizens, minorities, green motion. Companies all over the universe have established public personal businesss sections to cover with these groups and issues. The consumerist motion organized citizens and authorities to beef up the rights and powers of purchasers in relationship to Sellerss. ( Kotler & A ; Keller 2011, 85 )

All these factors – addition in concern statute law that are obligatory to follow and growing of special-interest groups – are possible menaces to Schunk because it ‘s hard to accommodate to altering toughening of statute law regulations.

Environmental factors

Necessity of conformance with quality criterions ( ISO ) , including f.e. ISO14000 – Environmental direction such as ISO14001 is an internationally recognized specification for an environmental direction system ( EMS ) . It specifies demands for environmental policy and find environmental facets and impacts of direction, activities, services, merchandises. ( ISO 2012 )

Increase in electric vehicles use. Formation of possible consumers and constitution of new consumers in end-use industries. Some states even legislate increased electric vehicles use ( USA, Germany ) . These factors lead to increase in demand for black leads on new markets. ( Kotler & A ; Keller 2011, 87 )

Schunk has different ISO certifications and has been examined to carry through its demands.

A good chance of formation of new clients has been appeared for Schunk because of addition in electric vehicles use.

Economic factors

Demand of graphite and C strongly depends on the province of the economic system. For case, it slumped in 2008 and 2009, as a consequence of planetary economic crisis Finland has a strong economic system and it was n’t damaged so difficult as in other states during planetary crisis. ( Global Industry Analysts Inc. 2010 )

Furthermore, graphite and carbon demand is in close dealingss with its major end-use industries. Global economic crisis ( 2008-2009 ) negatively impacted on automotive, Fe and steel industries, which are the two major end-use applications of black lead and C. It resulted in the plummeting of demand in the market. Nevertheless, C and graphite market is bettering in resulting old ages, with the recovery of the planetary economic state of affairs and market conditions for the industries. Consumption by the end-use industries is besides turning and bettering the chances of the market. Graphite is used in big volumes in Fe and steel industries for their modernizing. Other end-use black lead industries are: automotive industry, electrical motor industry, railroad industry, medical engineering, semiconducting material industry, pump industry, glass industry, and fiber optics industry. ( Global Industry Analysts Inc. 2010 )

All mentioned factors represent menaces to Schunk, because economic system state of affairs all over the universe can be forecasted but non with 100 % chance. It has n’t been stable because of the fiscal crisis and is still retrieving, including industry conditions.

Sociocultural factors

Social ambiance in Finland is stable and unagitated. There is no societal tenseness, struggles are rare. ( Global Industry Analysts Inc. 2010 ) .

Other sociocultural factors do n’t hold so much influence on Schunk, because company ‘s concern is in business-to-business section. So, f.e. such factor as being of subcultures has its influence merely if we are talking about environmental issues and environmentally-concerned groups. It is of import, because there is a world-wide inclination of addition of environmental concerns in society. Companies have to be environmentally-oriented and integrate environmental issues into their strategic programs and sustainability plans. ( Kotler & A ; Keller 2011, 80 )

Technological factors

Technological advancement and inventions increase bing demand and do new markets for black lead. ( Global Industry Analysts Inc. 2010 )

There are positive demand tendencies and increasing figure of applications for black lead usage through engineering invention such as battery, solar, semiconducting material, aerospace and nuclearA powerA applications, including carbon-based applications in computing machines and infinite geographic expedition. ( Global Industry Analysts Inc. 2010 )

Inventions create an first-class potency for the formation of new markets for Schunk ‘s graphite production within its end-use industries. The research is dedicated to happen out these markets and end-use industries.


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