The Beliefs about Christian Micro Financing

We believe that as a Christian organisation, we are called by Jesus Christ to love and function the hapless. Just as some Christian organisations are called to supply catastrophe alleviation, physique houses, or works churches, Opportunity International has been called to convey hope and justness to the poorest of the hapless through microfinance.

We believe, as Jesus taught, that when we serve the hapless we are functioning Him. And so we treat each client with self-respect and regard, and position every interaction with our clients as an chance to reflect God ‘s love. Some clients inquire us why we care so much about assisting them transform their lives. At these times, we portion our Christian motive and beliefs.

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Christian microfinance for the universe ‘s poorest is our naming. Our clients ‘ lives can be financially, socially and spiritually transformed and that is loving cogent evidence that God works side by side with those who labour among the hapless.

Supplying microfinance to God ‘s darling hapless in Jesus ‘ name is a worthy and complete naming. To read more about transformational microfinance, chink here.

If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and fulfill the demands of the oppressed, so your visible radiation will lift in the darkness. Isaiah 58:10

Opportunity International is a 501 ( degree Celsius ) ( 3 ) non-profit and serves all people irrespective of race, faith, ethnicity or gender.

Where We Work

Our fund-raising precedence states


The Democratic Republic ofA Congo








Rwandese republic

South Africa



Other states in which we serve


Dominican Republic


Dutch east indies






Northern rhodesia



With an Opportunity loan, Libier Flores Lopez opened a stitching concern near Guadalajara, Mexico.


When clients build concerns with Opportunity loans, they frequently set into gesture monumental alterations. Family income rises. Childs are good fed and travel to school. Homes are improved. Women addition position. For clients around the Earth, these transmutations take topographic point every day-beginning with loans every bit little as $ 60.A A A A A

Opportunity offers a mix of loan merchandises, including single loans, group loans, and loans tailored to clients in the areasA of instruction and agribusiness. A typical first point of entry, especiallyA for adult females, is the Trust Group, whichA brings together 10 to 30 enterprisers who elect leaders, receive preparation and pledge to vouch each other ‘s loans. Because the group warrant replaces the demand for collateral, recognition becomes available to those antecedently locked out of formal fiscal services.A The Trust Group theoretical account besides strengthens the community, naming upon group membersA to back up each other and promote each other ‘s success.A A

The loan officer is an of import beginning of information and encouragement for loan receivers. Their hebdomadal face-to-face meetings with clients provide Opportunity International with alone penetration into the challenges confronting entrepreneurs. This cognition has resulted in many advanced loan merchandises, including: A A A A A

To better entree to instruction, Opportunity ‘s Banking on Education enterprise provides loans to enterprisers to get down schools, better substructure and expand educational chances for kids populating in poorness.

In Colombia, Opportunity created a occupation skills plan for young person at hazard and provided loans so alumnuss could open their ain concerns.

Opportunity Malawi offers loans for latrines and H2O pumps, to diminish unwellness and better overall wellness.

Around the universe, husbandmans like Lucas ChingoreA of Mozambique are able to get high quality seeds and harvest insurance through Opportunity ‘s agribusiness finance plan.


A client makes a sedimentation in her nest eggs account at a subdivision in Ghana.

Historically, people populating in poorness in most states have been excluded fromA formalA banking. Savingss were kept in and around places, or held by aggregators who charged high service fees. To supply nest eggs histories to people who have ne’er had entree, Opportunity is constructing a web of scalable, sustainable and accessible Bankss throughout the underdeveloped universe. Since 2001, Opportunity has built 13 regulated microfinance establishments includingA nine Bankss.

For Opportunity clients, nest eggs bring stableness and a agency to travel off from subsistence life. Interest-bearing nest eggs histories provide a secure, convenient manner for clients to pull off money and fix for a crisis or a concern chance. Medicine for a ill kid can be purchased with a few dollars in the bank. A new roof can be purchased when money builds up over clip. A concern can be expanded and diversified to increase income. For illustration, Grace Msowoya of Blantyre, Malawi, used her nest eggs to go the first adult female distributer of murphies in her market.

To assist clients take the best manner to turn their nest eggs, Opportunity has designed a scope of microfinance nest eggs merchandises based upon flexible minimal sedimentation sums, involvement rates and footings. Our Bankss use these nest eggs sedimentations to do loans to other people working their manner out of poorness, which helps the Bankss become sustainable and puts more money to work in the community.


Loan officer Maximos Biyazawo meets with members of the Chilambo ( “ The Country ” ) Trust Group near Lilongwe, Malawi.


AIDS instruction in Rwanda, stock list direction in the Philippines, domestic force consciousness in India-Opportunity transformative preparation and development faculties cover the gamut of subjects pertinent to clients across the Earth. Today, Opportunity has more than 400 faculties available for loan officers to utilize withA Trust Groups.A

In states where there are low literacy rates and many people are unfamiliar with banking services, entree to microfinance may non be plenty to assist them raise themselves out of poorness. Clients must alsoA receive fiscal preparation to larn basic accomplishments related toA earning, disbursement, budgeting and borrowing money. Opportunity ‘s preparation and development faculties teach people how to pull off money sagely. They besides give clients entree to information on wellness, leading, self-esteem, gender, communicating, work-life balance, civic duty and more.A

In Malawi, a method was needed to make the 250,000 nest eggs clients who are non presently having developing. In response, Opportunity has developed a set of pictures that are shown in banking halls while clients wait in lines to do their minutess. The first picture focuses on nest eggs, budgeting and debt direction. Additional picture cover more information on budgeting, basic concern accomplishments, insurance merchandises, etc. Opportunity hopes to turn over out this picture plan to extra states, including Ghana, UgandaA and Mozambique, in the close future.A

Increasing clients ‘ fiscal literacy through preparation faculties and pictures helps them to: A

Better understand the broad scope of fiscal services available to them

Increase their usage of nest eggs accountsA and insurance merchandises

Better pull off their recognition

Diversify their assets


Weather-indexed harvest insurance offers client Alejandra Betita protection from typhoons in the Philippines.

In 2002, Opportunity International began offering microinsurance. Opportunity subsidiaryA MicroEnsure, the universe ‘s first microinsurance intermediary, provides protection against the many hazards faced by those populating in poorness. MicroEnsure works with local insurance company spouses and other stakeholders to develop an spread outing scope of merchandises to run into the specific demands of people populating in poorness. Advanced merchandises cover policyholders with harvest, loan, wellness, life and belongings insurance-offering clients a safety cyberspace when an unexpected adversity or catastrophe occurs. Merchandises include: A A A

Low-cost term life insurance available for the first clip entirely to people populating in poorness. Premiums mean about $ 1.50 per month for a household of five.

Health insurance for the economically marginalized, including people with HIV/AIDS. In India, premiums of merely $ 8 per twelvemonth can supply inpatient infirmary intervention on a cashless footing for India ‘s most destitute households. This insurance covers preexistent unwellness and allows clients to pay premiums hebdomadally.

Credit life insurance protects loan clients ‘ households and loaning establishments in the event of a loan receiver ‘s decease.

Weather-indexed harvest insurance that mitigates the annihilating effects of drouth or extra rain. Crop insurance enables husbandmans like Henry Kangwelema of Malawi to entree recognition for high quality seed and fertiliser, while extenuating Bankss ‘ hazard of default due to endure extremes. The insurance makes it possible for Bankss to do agricultural loans that they might otherwise see as excessively hazardous. As a consequence, husbandmans are non merely protected from loss, but are able to recognize a important addition in nutrient production.

MicroEnsure presently offers insurance to more than one million policyholders in five states, and in June 2010, it was named the second best for the Financial Times ‘s esteemed Sustainable Banking Award for Banking at the Base of the Pyramid. The Bill HYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: // ” & amp ; HYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: // ” Melinda Gates FoundationA has provided a generous grant to enable the bureau to spread out to new states and supply insurance to many more people in the following few years.A A A

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Credit Life Insurance

Credit Life is one of the most basic microinsurance merchandises offered by MicroEnsure.A

It protects the lending establishment against the inability of the borrower to refund the loan as a consequence of decease or disability.A

Credit Life was the focal point of our first edition of Field Notes, a publication designed to portion our experiences implementing

Business Model

There are three distinguishable functions that need to be performed in order for the hapless to hold entree to effectual micro insurance merchandises.

MicroEnsure ‘s function is to supply an efficient back office within the undermentioned micro insurance model:


Transporting the hazard:

We believe that bing insurance and reinsurance companies are best placed carry the insurance hazard ; we can use bing underwriting capital. Our experience has helped us understand that in some cases our clients are better served through the usage of our reinsurance cell captive.A


Front office / gross revenues:

It is of import that the front office spouses have a strong trade name that the hapless trust, points of sale that are accessible to the mark market and an ability to roll up premiums and pay claims. MicroEnsure spouses with a scope of microfinance administrations ( MFI ‘s ) , planetary NGO ‘s, religion based webs and nomadic phone companies in order to make out to the hapless in important Numberss.


Back office service:

Typically this involves planing the merchandises, negociating with the hazard bearer, developing the gross revenues staff, educating the clients, roll uping biographical informations, informations entry, direction study and most significantly claims processing. MicroEnsure has become expert at supplying these services to our spouses.

MicroEnsure performs a scope of functions which vary by state and harmonizing to the demands of our spouses. We see ourselves as a “ spread filler ” that helps convey merchandises to market and so help in doing them run swimmingly. Our gross theoretical account is one of having committee for each policy sold and as a consequence we typically place ourselves as an agent or agent in each state we operate.

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MicroEnsure currentlyA operates in 10 states throughout sub-Saharan Africa and the Asia/Pacific part:


phone: +44 ( 0 ) 1242 526836

electronic mail: Mozambique @



3rd Floor, RCBC Savings Bank Building

Luna Street, Lapaz, Iloilo City

Philippines, 5000A

phone: +63 33 329-0729

electronic mail: Philippiness @ A



3rd Floor, Life House, Ohio/Sokoine Drive

Po Box 38605

Dar Es Salaam


phone: +255 22 2136001

facsimile: +255 2136002

electronic mail: Tanzania @


UK, Global Operations Office


Parker Court, Knapp Lane


GL50 3QJ

United Kingdom

phone: A +44 ( 0 ) 1242 526836A

electronic mail: info @


USA, Head Office

Micro Insurance Agency Holdings, LLC

2122 York Rd

Oak Brook




phone: A +1 630 687 1950

electronic mail: info @


phone: +44 ( 0 ) 1242 526836

electronic mail: bangladesh @



Mailing Address:

P.O. Box OS 895, Osu

Capital of ghana


Physical Address:

House Number F234/2 Clerks St, Osu

Capital of ghana


phone: +233 ( 0 ) 302 760 671

Mobile: +233 ( 0 ) 549 687 369

Mobile: +233 ( 0 ) 200 623 964

electronic mail: Ghana @



Micro Insurance Services Pvt. Ltd.

Door No.11, Second Floor


Chennai – 600034

Tamil Nadu


phone: +91 ( 44 ) 42694293/94

facsimile: +91 ( 44 ) 42694291

electronic mail: India @




8th Floor, Hughes Building Right Wing

Banda Street

P.O. Box 103755 – 00101

Capital of kenya


phone: A +254 2221074/5/6/7

Mobile: +254 7106 02547

electronic mail: Kenya @



phone: +44 ( 0 ) 1242 526836

electronic mail: Malawi @

raining and Education

The hapless do non understand insurance, in fact many tend to believe it is a merchandise for the affluent urban elite instead than the rural hapless. It ‘s indispensable to develop the gross revenues force and the clients themselves in how the merchandises work.

Historically insurance has frequently been misunderstood and mistrusted by the hapless.

Many have sought informal hazard direction solutions within the local community, eschewing commercial endeavors that have non provided suited merchandises for their demands and have been slow to pay valid claims. It is indispensable to educate the gross revenues force on the value of insurance and the hapless on how to do a claim.A

When people are informed to do good picks about protecting themselves and their households against the unexpected dazes that can gnaw fiscal stableness, they are more likely to procure a manner out of poverty.A


Client Education

Our squads get asked daily, “ I paid my premium, nil bad happened, can I hold my money back? ” Client instruction is all about assisting the mark clients understand how microinsurance works and how to do a claim. Client instruction is besides designed to advance apprehension of the options for pull offing hazard. The aim is to explicate the cardinal constructs underlying microinsurance and the footings that define it so that the hapless can find what is the most suited option in their peculiar instance.

Historically, clients have received really small instruction on microinsurance, and where it has happened, it has frequently been a little portion of more general fiscal instruction, and at that place has been no follow-up. There have been few efforts to present specialized professional instruction on an on-going footing. MicroEnsure has developed amusing books in our clients ‘ local linguistic communications to supply an apprehension of microinsurance in an enlightening and easy apprehensible format.

These stuffs are the consequence of in-depth research into client apprehension and attitudes refering insurance followed by pilot proving to garner feedback and accommodate the initial cartoon strips to supply an instruction tool sympathetic to local cultural norms. In add-on to a amusing book on the rudimentss of microinsurance, we have initiated product-specific follow-up cartoon strips that intentionally provide multiple impacts to construct up and keep client apprehension.

Once the preparation and instruction programme is established and adapted, the purpose is to set up a fiscal literacy index as a baseline to mensurate the impact of instruction on the clients we serve.A

‘Panatag Ka Ba? ‘A The Philippine Comic Book Initiative

Comic books have proved a great success in pass oning cardinal merchandise information to clients in the Philippines.

Traditional mercantile establishments such as telecasting, hoarding, wireless and newspaper advertisement frequently can non supply the capacity needed to convey the measure of information required for successful client instruction.

Amusing books are a cost-efficient solution that provide effectual client instruction in an accessible and entertaining manner. In many countries comic books are shared between household members and friends, increasing their possible outreach. Written in local idioms, they allow a high grade of readership, cognition keeping and callback.

Why do the hapless demand insurance?

2.4 billion people around the universe live on $ 2 a twenty-four hours or less. They face day-to-day adversities like hapless nutrition, short life anticipation, hapless instruction, and substandard lodging.

In countries where HIV/Aids and malaria are prevailing, they frequently can non afford the health care they urgently need. When there is a decease in the household, the cost of a funeral can amount to several months ‘ rewards. In rural countries, drouth can do harvest failure that brings famishment and even decease.

It is estimated that merely eighty million of the hapless are now covered by some signifier of micro insurance. Most remain without entree to this critical fiscal service. In India and China, where administrations are estimated to function about 30 million micro insurance clients each, the per centum of hapless lives insured hovers below 3 % . In Africa this figure is much lower – merely 0.3 % of the continent ‘s hapless are insured. Harmonizing to recent informations, in 23 of the poorest 100 states in the universe, there is presently no identified micro insurance activity, stand foring an unserved population of 370 million.

It comes as a surprise to many people, but microinsurance is an of import tool in the relief of poorness. Without entree to allow low-priced insurance merchandises, the hapless are without a safety cyberspace. And a individual reverse can be them what small nest eggs or capital they have.

Yet today, 97 % of the universe ‘s hapless are excluded from formal insurance. They do seek ways to extenuate hazard, but these are frequently informal and are non sustainable or scaleable. With microinsurance, the hapless can extenuate those hazards that would otherwise do them to skid back into the poorness they seek to get away. Microinsurance seeks to supply those on the lowest incomes with the insurance merchandises they need and demand.

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In 2002, Opportunity International, one of the universe ‘s largest and fastest turning microfinance administrations, began to look at the possibility of supplying microinsurance for its bing loan clients in the underdeveloped universe.

The first undertakings for this particular undertaking included a careful appraisal of the market potency and research among 10,000 Opportunity clients to find their demands.

It was evident that there was a big demand for microinsurance merchandises. Although life, funeral, and belongings were the first merchandises to be introduced, it was realised that wellness and harvest insurance were frequently the most in demand by the hapless. So every bit early as 2005, the first pilot trial of an advanced conditions index harvest insurance strategy started with Indian potato husbandmans in Malawi to supply protection against drouth. This was the first of many merchandise inventions to be introduced by the administration.

By 2005 the insurance operations were turning so quickly that the Micro Insurance Agency was established as a wholly-owned subordinate of Opportunity International in order to concentrate entirely on developing and spread outing microinsurance to run into planetary demand.

With a $ 24.2 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2007, the gait of enlargement accelerated, and more ambitious growing marks became a world. It is planned to spread out from the five subordinate offices at present into an extra 11 states by 2012 by which clip some 21 million lives are expected to be covered.

In 2008, the Micro Insurance Agency became MicroEnsure, a new individuality to better reflect our leading position in the market, our invention, and aspirations to function the hapless throughout the underdeveloped universe.

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What is Microinsurance?

On a day-to-day footing, the hapless around the universe face a battalion of hazards that threaten to derail any advancement they have made to work their manner out of poorness.

The decease of a household member, loss of belongings and farm animal, unwellness, and natural catastrophes each pose alone dangers. Protecting people against these losingss is an of import measure to relieving planetary poorness.

‘Micro insurance is the protection of low-income people against specific hazards in exchange for regular pecuniary payments ( premiums ) proportionate to the likeliness and cost of the hazard involved ‘

MicroEnsure seeks to supply a suited solution for pull offing these hazards.

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ision and Mission

Our Vision

We envision a universe where the materially hapless enjoy abundant life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to authorise the materially hapless to transform their lives by sing them against fiscal hazard and its effects. We seek to function the economically active hapless who live on $ 4 per twenty-four hours or less in developing states and supply a safety cyberspace to cut down economic reverses

Latest News

08 February 2011 | A Framework For Supplying Health Insurance For The Poor

Ill wellness topographic points a enormous load on the hapless in developing states as it consumes productive clip and already scarce resources. Increasingly the hapless are sing a dual load of unwellness ; continued exposure to infective disease while sing turning rates of chronic unwellness.

Read More

08 February 2011 | Free Health Checkup Camps in Solapur

On 8 January 2011, MicroEnsure India organised a Free Health Checkup Camp in Barshi Taluka of Solapur District, Maharastra.

Read More

08 February 2011 | Utilising Technology to Develop Efficient and Effective Healthcare Programmes to the Poor

It is good understood that using good engineering can be a powerful enabler for concerns and peculiarly in relation to complex, multifaceted procedures such as the bringing of health care programmes.

Read More

11 January 2011 | New Microinsurance Product Helps Protect Mozambican Families

Launched on Jan. 3, 2011, Opportunity Mozambique now offers its clients the protection of a recognition life insurance policy that includes funeral coverage. This policy, developed with the aid of Opportunity International ‘s microinsurance subordinate MicroEnsure, helps households maintain the advancement they have achieved even when faced with life ‘s calamities.

Read More

15 December 2010 | New Swiss Re Sigma Study highlights the significance and potency of microinsurance in back uping socio-economic development in emerging markets

Swiss Re ‘s latest sigma survey “ Microinsurance – hazard protection for 4 billion people ” emphasises the relevancy of microinsurance as an effectual and feasible hazard direction solution for low-income persons. Microinsurance, which has the possible to cover up to 4 billion people, dressed ores on few hazards today, but its range is broadening. The involvement of insurance companies in microinsurance lies really much in its future potency.

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Bank Building

A client makes a dealing at one of our 14 bank subdivisions in Ghana.

Imagine what the universe would be without banks-no nest eggs, no recognition, no money transportations, no ATMs, no safe topographic point to maintain your money. That is the world for some three billion people who live every twenty-four hours without the fiscal services we take for granted.A A

Opportunity has established itself as a planetary leader in edifice scalable, sustainable and accessible Bankss throughout the underdeveloped universe. Since 2001, Opportunity has openedA 13 microfinance establishments including nineA Bankss. Behind this ambitious enterprise is our bank constructing squad of international finance experts, recruited for their deepness of cognition and their passion for our mission.A A

Opportunity Bankss, whether Mobile, satellite booth or full service subdivision, provide loans, savingsA and insuranceA merchandises tailored to the specific demands of each part. For those life in poorness, Opportunity ‘s economical and efficient subdivisions reach into markets where there is small or no other banking available. In 2008, Opportunity Colombia opened its first satellite bank location with a point-of-sale and service booth. Three booths are now in operation, functioning about 3,000 clients. Tonss more are projected to open in ColombiaA in the following five old ages, conveying hope through economic chance to ColombianA clients.A A

Opportunity Bankss offer the professionalism and security of a commercial bank, but besides focus on functioning thoseA populating in povertyA with customized merchandises and services, and superior client attention. Permanent fiscal establishments open the door of chance for clients who were antecedently excluded, allowing them entree to the services they need to accomplish their ends and work their manner out of poorness.


( as of December 31, 2009 )

The generousness of our supportersA helped Opportunity clients and their communities thrive in 2009. Our microfinance merchandises made it possible for market sellers to make full their stables with goods, craftsmans to do a net income, pedagogues to spread out schools and husbandmans to travel beyond subsistence.

1,357,828 active loans

develop concerns, addition incomes, provide for households and create occupations for neighbors.A

562,101 nest eggs histories

give clients a unafraid topographic point to salvage and turn earnings.A

1,016,507 microinsurance policyholders

protect their households with life, wellness and harvest insurance.A

$ 138 is the mean first loan

for Trust Group members who jointly portion hazard and warrant repayment.A

84 % of loans are made to adult females

who improve the quality of life for their families.A

95 % loan refund rate

allows us to maintain more money go arounding in new loans.A

11,501 staff members,

99 % of whom are subjects, function our clients in more than 20 countries.A

6,515 loan officers

are at the bosom of our work, offering support and advocate to every client.A

$ 567 million in assets,

including a loan portfolio of $ 388 million, represents important capital used to construct under-resourced communities.A

Over 1 million clients receive preparation

to develop concern accomplishments and heighten personal growth.A

What is Microfinance?

Microfinance is the proviso of fiscal services such as loans, nest eggs, insurance, and trainingA to people populating in poorness. It is one of the great success narratives in the underdeveloped universe in the last 30 old ages and is widely recognized as a merely and sustainable solution in relieving planetary poorness.

The industry began by supplying little loans to emerging enterprisers to get down or spread out concerns. Opportunity International was one of the first non-profit-making organisations to acknowledge the benefits of supplying capital to people fighting to work their manner out of poorness. Over the old ages, with Opportunity taking the manner, the microfinance sector has expanded its fiscal service offerings to better run into client demands. Along with supplying more flexible loan merchandises and concern and personal development preparation, Opportunity offers nest eggs and insurance to assist clients efficaciously navigate the day-to-day adversities they face. Without these services, clients are continually at hazard of stealing back into poorness because of unanticipated fortunes.

Microfinance organisations make it a precedence to function the peculiar demands of adult females, since a astonishing 70 per centum of all those populating in utmost poorness are female. Womans are frequently excluded from instruction, the workplace, having belongings and equal engagement in political relations. They produce one half of the universe ‘s nutrient, but ain merely one per centum of its farming area. About 85 per centum of Opportunity ‘s loan clients are adult females. While Opportunity lief extends loans to work forces, the organisation believes the greatest chance for disrupting rhythms of utmost poorness semen from microfinance plans that target female enterprisers. When adult females improve their fortunes, they besides improve the lives of their kids. By puting in nutrition and instruction, they help to make a better hereafter for their kids and their communities.

Despite the success of life-transforming microfinance services, the World Bank says that the industry is non close to run intoing the demand. Five hundred million people populating in poorness could profit from a little concern loan and merely tierce of the universe ‘s population has entree to any sort of bank history. The deficiency of entree is peculiarly terrible in sub-Saharan Africa where the World Bank estimates that microfinance is making merely a little per centum of the economically active population. In sub-Saharan Africa ‘s poorest states, less than 10 per centum of the population has an history with a fiscal establishment. In response, Opportunity has committed to constructing scalable, sustainable and accessible Bankss throughout the underdeveloped universe to supply loans, preparation, nest eggs and insurance merchandises tailored to the specific demands of each part.

As the microfinance industry continues to maturate, there is a danger that it will float toward a more unafraid client base. It is critical that microfinance organisations continue to concentrate on those with the greatest needs-those who have been displaced, those in rural countries, those who traditional establishments consider unbankable-the most marginalized people.A Keeping that focal point, microfinance can assist make a universe in which the underserved have just entree to economic chances and the hope to travel beyond poorness.

Ayekoo! Millennium Villages & A ; Opportunity Expand Microfinance in Rural Ghana

By Diane Ferguson on February 7, 2011

Praises ( Ayekoo ) to the clients of Opportunity Ghana. A Millennium Villages Project ( MVP ) orbiter subdivision has now opened in the little rural community of Datano.

The Datano orbiter subdivision is a little mercantile establishment locatedA in Ghana ‘s western part, in the Amansie West District of Ashanti, West of Accra. The subdivision is staffed by three employees including one loan officer. Although the subdivision merely late opened its doors to households, Opportunity Ghana ‘s staff have been working with groups ofA husbandmans in the part for some hebdomads now.

The Millennium Villages ProjectA is an initiativeA designed toA enable rural Africans to eliminate utmost poorness and achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals. MVP forces and spouses work with small towns to make and ease sustainable, community-led action programs that are tailored to the small towns ‘ specific demands. The Millennium Villages Project is based on the findings of the UN Millennium Project and is led by the scientific discipline, policy and planning squads at the Earth Institute, Millennium Promise and the United Nations Development Programme.A A

Ghanese clients at the new orbiter bank subdivision in rural Datano

Already at Opportunity Ghana, MVP subdivision staff have assisted 88 clients with Trust Group loans and preparation, and 130 households with nest eggs accounts-a foremost for most of the clientsA in this community. The subdivision has a loaning portfolio of $ 22,043 and a nest eggs book valued at $ 23,557.

MVP subdivision staff will besides function households in several communities clustered around Datano, where the chief economic activity is smallholder farming. Opportunity Ghana is assisting husbandmans achieve higher productiveness and protecting them from loss through the execution of Opportunity ‘s agribusiness finance scheme, A which willA allow households to construct a sustainable model that increases nutrient security and sparks economic activity for the full community.

This rural enlargement in Ghana is authorising more people populating in geographically distant parts to supply for their households and their hereafters with microfinance solutions. We ca n’t wait to see how the clients ofA Opportunity Ghana partnering with MVP continue to work to accomplish the Millennium Development Goals, and work their manner out of poorness.

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Leading the Way in Agricultural Microfinance

By Marissa Benner on February 3, 2011

Seventy per centum of the 1.4 billion people populating in utmost poorness ( lasting on less than $ 1.25 per twenty-four hours ) live in rural countries.

Two old ages ago, Opportunity International launched the Banking on Africa run, a cutting-edge scheme to turn to rural poorness by spread outing entree to fiscal services in rural countries and to develop an agricultural finance plan for smallholder husbandmans. Despite the many challenges of rural finance, and agricultural finance in peculiar, Opportunity is committed to happening ways of making new rural communities and making fiscal merchandises specifically tailored to smallholder husbandmans.

Click here to read the IFAD Rural Poverty 2011 Report.

Once every ten old ages, the International Fund for Agricultural Development ( IFAD ) releases an appraisal of rural poorness that examines the lives and supports of those populating in poorness around the universe. The Rural Poverty Report 2011 offers consequences thatA affirm that Opportunity ‘s trail-blazing scheme is the way in which development organisations and authoritiess need to travel to extinguish poorness and hungriness in rural communities.

“ The study makes clear that it is clip to look at hapless smallholder husbandmans and rural enterprisers in a wholly new way-not as charity instances but as people whose invention, dynamism and difficult work will convey prosperity to their communities and greater nutrient security to the universe in the decennaries in front, ” said IFAD president Kanayo F. Nwanze.

Our rural finance scheme aligns with the four key ends identified in the study:

Hazard Management

In add-on to fiscal entree, Opportunity offers weather-index harvest insurance every bit good as preparation in sustainable agriculture patterns that help extenuate hazard.

Increase Production

With entree to loans and nest eggs, husbandmans can put in better inputs like seeds and fertiliser, diversify their harvests and put more each season. Additionally, loan clients receive preparation and have the chance to jointly buy inputs at a price reduction.

Entree to Markets

Our agricultural loan merchandises are designed to turn to the full value concatenation of harvests, non merely for smallholder husbandmans, guaranting better entree to markets for people populating in rural countries.

Promote Non-Farming Rural Jobs

Our rural subdivisions lend to all microentrepreneurs, non merely smallholder husbandmans, assisting full communities prosper.

For more about the IFAD Rural Poverty Report 2011, visit For more on Opportunity ‘s Banking on Africa run, visit

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