That Was Then This Is Now English Literature Essay

Hinton states that she is a private individual who is non comfy speaking about her personal life. She has revealed, nevertheless, that she enjoys reading ( composing, taking categories at the local university, and horseback equitation.

She presently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her hubby David Inhofe, aA package applied scientist, A whom she married in the summer of 1970A after run intoing him in her first-year biological science category at college.A In August 1983, they became parents to Nicolas David Inhofe, who has worked aA sound effects recordistA on the movieA Ice Age: The Meltdown.

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Title account:

The rubric is That was so, This is now.

The rubric has a batch to make with the content of the book. Mark, Bryon and their friends have much to make with this two times, Then and Now. At the terminal of the book when Bryon visits Mark in the prison, he uses the words ”That was so, This is now ”

Topographic point:

This narrative is set inaˆ¦.. ( topographic point )

This narrative is set in the United states

The US has approximately 307,212,123 occupants ( 2009 ) .

In the US they use the dollar. The president of the US is the celebrated Barack Obama. The capital of the US is Washington DC.

The US besides has a slogan ; In God we trust.


I ca n’t happen where this narrative takes topographic point, non even on the cyberspace!

The clip that is covered in the narrative isaˆ¦aˆ¦.. ( one twelvemonth? two months? one twenty-four hours? ) . Quotation mark from the book to turn out your point

The clip that is covered in this narrative is about a half twelvemonth. In the Begin of the narrative passed about 1 month, than you can happen in the book one quote ;

”From that minute she could non see him for a twosome of months ” .A

I think that ‘s approximately 4 months. Together make 5 months. That ‘s about a half twelvemonth.

Main characters:

Describe ( at least two of ) the chief characters.

The chief characters are Mark and Bryon.

Mark ( 16 Year )

” He ‘s little and compact, with unusual aureate eyes and hair to fit and grin likes a friendly king of beasts. He ‘s besides really strong, stronger so you thought he would be. In the narrative he had no construct of right and incorrect. He thought that he did non hold to obey the Torahs because they were merely words written down. Mark does n’t alter throughout the narrative, he is ever the same cat. The same thing as for Bryon counts for Mark. But the difference from being a friend of Mark is that I truly do n’t believe that I of all time could or would hold been his friend. Because his behavior is so different from mine. I think I ne’er would hold met him or talked to him in the first place. ”

Bryon ( 16 twelvemonth )

Bryon is a strong cat.

He has dark hair and dark eyes.

Bryon is a Street-Gangster, he is in hard times.

He comes in contact with Girls, Drugs and Street-Gangs.

Bryon is ill of his ”Gangster ” life.

He will began a hole new life.

He became a really cagey adolescent.



Does the character ‘change ‘ in the book? if yes: explicate how and why! !


Write a sum-up of no more than 500 words!

Mark and Bryon are really good friends. Mark lives following to Bryon, but when the parents of Mark killed each other when they were both really rummy, Mark goes to populate at Bryon and his parents. The female parent of Bryon is truly ill, she is in the infirmary. Mark and Bryon have some jobs with the money because they must pay the surgeries from the female parent of Bryon.

Bryon and Mark have some hard times. They have good friends but besides enemies. M & A ; M is one of those friends Bryon and Mark. ( They give M & A ; M that name because he eats a batch of M & A ; M ‘s ) . Mark and Bryon have to sell the auto because they have money jobs. On a dark Mark, M & A ; M and Bryon goes to a Pub. M & A ; M proposes for Cathy to Bryon, Bryon was instantly falling in love. Bryon and Cathy have a good clip together. There is a dance where Bryon want to travel with Cathy but hour angle did n’t hold a auto. He asks Charlie if he could borrow his auto. Bryon and Cathy go together to the event. They have a great clip. At one point they hear there is a serious accident happened. To the great dismay at Bryon there is something incorrect with Mark! Curtis, a close friend of Bryon shouts that there is something incorrect with Mark. Mark must travel to the infirmary he has 10 stitches, he was hit by a beer bottle. Some clip subsequently Mark wholly refreshed. Mark and Bryon are back together and hold a desire to play some pool. They go to the saloon ( Charlie ‘s ) . There were besides a twosome of Mexican cats at the pool tabular array. Mark and Bryon losingss, but subsequently in the evenin they have more fortunes and they are winning. The foreman of the saloon ( Charlie ) said that the saloon was shuting. The Mexicans left the saloon. But when Bryon and Mark came out at that place was a gun in their focal point. Charlie had a gun and tried to salvage Bryon and Mark. Mark and Bryon were relieved but saw those hopes go up in fume, a Mexican with his gun aimed at Charlie he fired and Charlie died immediately. Subsequently, when Cathy, Bryon, Mark, and M & A ; M go out M & A ; M would presume non travel place and walk off from his friends.

M & A ; M ‘s friends are disquieted, there are a few months past. The friends of M & A ; M seek to happen him but they ca n’t. On a twenty-four hours Mark told to Bryon that he knows where M & A ; M is. Bryon and Mark go together to the hippy place they see M & A ; M. Later they besides go with Cathy who can non bear to see her brother so. M & A ; M goes bad and Bryon calls an ambulance for him. After that Bryon discovers that Mark is covering drugs. Mark is in prison. Bryon hate him for of all time.

Favourite portion:

Copy ( = type! ! ) your favorite part/scene from the book. And, more significantly, explicate WHY you like it so much.

Favourite portion ;

He laughed so, and his eyes were the aureate, difficult, level eyes of a jungle animate being. ”Like a friend one time said to me, ”That was so, this is now ” . I broke out out in a sweet and was all of a sudden sword lily of the walls and the guards and the bars. I think if he could hold, Mark would hold killed me.

This was at the terminal of the book. I like this portion really much because you did non anticipate this. The good friendly relationship of Bryon and Mark are traveling broke in this portion. Here you get to cognize that they hate each other. A sort of disclosure, ever really exciting to read.

Essential words:

A list of words you truly necessitate to cognize, because they are used a batch. At least 5. Explain their significance in English

Street gang = A street pack is a group of usually immature people about 16 twelvemonth. They are

Frequently on the street sometimes they make things interruption or make other things that are non allowed.

Drugs = Drugs is a narcotic agent, many people become addicted to drugs.

Dollar = A dollar is a coin unit, they use the dollar in the US.

Prison = A edifice where people imprisoned for their offenses.

Borrow = temporarily without payment of a somewhat different use and the return.

My finding of fact:

Give your sentiment on the book. See instructions “ on how to compose a good finding of fact ”


This is my finding of fact. In the following paragraphs you can read why one like/do n’t like this book.

I hope you enjoy.

Paragraph 1

I like this book really much.

It ‘s an exciting book, i like that. It is invariably traveling on, with this book you do n’t acquire bored. I read the book really fast. Because it ‘s really exciting the hole clip.

Paragraph 2

The book is rather believable. Something happened in existent life, merely non really frequently. In the book they use arms. In most states they have a gun prohibition. But that makes it original.

Paragraph 3

I think the book is really original because it ‘s non truly a happy stoping. In the bulk of the book is by and large good off, that ‘s non the instance in this book.


All my three paragraphs are positive, so that ‘s a easy decision I like the book really much. Particularly because it ‘s a really exciting book.

Optional assignment:

Choose an assignment from the list. Truly doing an attempt is of import hereaˆ¦ .

Excess assignments

Make a drawing ( image ) / montage of the chief character. Write down what you think of this individual. ( at least 100 words )

Write an interview with one of the characters in the book ( at least 25 unfastened inquiries, which means that you can non reply with a simple yes or no ; include the replies in your interview )

Pull a elaborate map of the country in which the narrative is set.

Write a missive to one of the characters in the book, and allow the character compose a missive back.

Write a reappraisal for a magazine ; usage at least 150 words.

Make a little site about the book.

Pull a amusing about a scene from the book, and do certain that you include text! !

Think of a different stoping for the book and compose it. In the manner of the book, of class!

Write a portion of the journal of one of the characters in the book ( at least 3 entries! )

Make small files on 3 of the characters in the book. A small ‘picture ‘ and elaborate information should be included.

Do you hold another suggestion? … … State your instructor

How to compose a good finding of fact? ?

How to show your sentiment about a book.

Teachers do n’t wish it when you say you “ liked the book, because it was niceaˆ¦ ” , or when you say something like: “ I hated that book, because it was stupid ” . It may all be true, but we like to hear more from you. It may be hard to pick out precisely what it was that annoyed you, or what kept you reading for hours on terminal. So here is a list of things that might be helpful to show your likes or disfavors about the book you merely read:

Think about what really happened in the book

Think about the characters in the book

Think about the construction of the book

Think about the linguistic communication that was used in the book

Professional critics do approximately the same thing!

They come up with statements about:

the construction of the narrative,

the credibleness ( =geloofwaardigheid ) and

the ethical ( right and incorrect ) facets of the book.

They talk about whether it is an “ original ” ,

whether it brings about certain emotions,

whether the writer manages to make the ends he set himself and eventually,

they comment on the manner used by the writer.


Write an English essay in which you express your sentiment about the book you have read. Your essay should dwell of an debut, 3 paragraphs that give your statements ( supported by illustrations from the book ) and a decision.

Taken from Metropool, literatuur voor HAVO/VWO bovenbouw, basisboek, published by Wolters Noordhoff Groningen, edited by Corrie Joosten, Elout Roeland, foremost published in 1999. ISBN 90 01 20565 8


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