Television – Uses and Abuses

Television – Uses And Abuses Television is the most impressive , useful and powerful invention of 20th century. It was invented by John Logie Baird in 1928. Approximately 80-90% of the areas of the world have T. V coverage. T. V leaves better and everlasting impression on the viewers. It is a good source of entertainment. .We are able to know about the happenings of the world through T. V telecast. Moreover, it is better than radio and newspapers. We can listen ,watch as well as read news on T. V whereas radio and newspapers don’t provide us such facilities. Various live programs are shown on T.

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V like cricket , football , hockey matches etc. It also shows all religious functions/festivals and regular preachings of saints and religious gurus. Many channels are there on T. V which adds to our knowledge like business, tourism , discovery channels etc. Historical movies are good for everyone to know about the history. One of the best use of Television is that there are open educational channels which help students to learn and earn while sitting at there homes. In case of emergency/urgency, one can alert/warn the citizens through T. V. Yoga programs shown on T. V have helped millions of people.

Live operations are shown on T. V like when Hotel Taj (Mumbai) was attacked by Pakistani terrorists or when Laden was killed by American Navy. These all had a great impact on people. Polling during elections or counting of votes or election results are shown live on T. V. T. V has many disadvantages also. Vulgar and violent programs or fashion shows or western movies shown on T. V are not good for children. They become violent by watching these movies. They watch these movies till late night. Children perform stunts done by professionals and some of them have lost their lives also due to this.

They want products shown in T. V whether they are good or bad for them. Children become couch potatoes because they do not play outdoor games and eat continuously while watching T. V and it affect their eyes and studies . T. V propagates violence,indiscipline and there is adverse impact of western programs. A lot of time and energy gets wasted, watching T. V. It has some big disadvantages also-like 26/11 attack was shown live worldwide which helped the Pakistani terrorists to help their partners who were in Mumbai . The terrorists in Mumbai (Hotel Taj) knew everything what was happening outside.

Still,in my views advantages of T. V are more than its disadvantages. The only need is to have self-control. Parents shouldn’t allow their children to sit before T. V for a long time and watch western movies,as these have corrupting influence on youth . Bad commercials or serials should be restricted. Due to T. V social connections between people have also reduced. ‘Television should be a Servant and not a Master. ‘ However,T. V is a useful invention but its viewing should be for possible minimum duration and viewers should be choosy/selective in watching only useful programs.


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