Swot analysis on indian national congress


The Indian national Congress is besides known as the Congress party and abbreviations INC. Indian national congerss is a major political party in India.INC founded in 1885 by allan octvian Hume, dadabhai naroji, dinshaw bacha, womesh Chandra banerjee, surendranath banerjee, manmohan ghosh and William wedderburn. The Indian national Congress became the leader of india independent motion, with over 15 million member and over 70 million engagement in its battle against British regulation in India after independency in 1947. National Congress became the states dominant political party, lead by the NEHERU-GANDHI household for most of the party, challenged for leading merely in more recent decennaries, the party is presently the main member of the opinion united progressive confederation alliance. It is the lone party to acquire more than 100 million ballots in three general election.

The Indian national association was the first professed nationalist organisation founded in British India by surendranath banerjee and anand mohan Bose in 1876. The aims of this association were “promoting by every legitimate means the political, rational and material promotion of the people” . The association attracted more educated Indians and civic leaders from all parts of the state and became an of import forum for Indians aspirers for independency. It subsequently merged with Indian national Congress. Its beginning from the zamindari sabha ( association ) founded by DWARIKANATH TAGORE and his cousin PRASANNO TAGORE In 1831. In 1857 the association support the E india company in the sepoy munity, naming the root penalty for the Rebels.

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In 1866 pandit navin Chandra roy was appointed asa secretary of the association a station which he held for 4 old ages before he eventually moved to Lahore in the class of his employment. Ramnath Tagore was the president from 1867 to 1877 after a stormy meeting in 1870 a declaration moved by nationalist adi dharma cabal of babu hemendra nath Tagore was approved to voice the concern of educated Indians to the British governments on issue of favoritism, engagement of Indian in the Indian civil sercice and political authorization and representation of Indian. This consequence in a split, whereby freemason crown stalwart formed a breakway association called the Indian reform association under keshab Chandra sen to “unlift the common people but merely give them political representation when they ready for it” . 1871 a subdivision was established by the adi Dharma cabal in oudh by dakshinarajan mukherjee for demanding Indian elected representation in legislative assemblies.

The reform association cabal on July 26th 1876 established a India sabha with Bengali leaders like surendranath banerjee sastri, anand mohan bose etc. And held its first one-year conference in culcutta, from 1880 boulder clay 1890 a acrimonious conflict for control of the reform association ensued between the prosen and anti-sen cabals.


Patriot on salt March

The fairy adopted in 1931 and used by the proviso authorities of free India during the 2nd universe war.

From the foundation of national Congress 28 December 1885 till the clip of independency of india 15 grand 1947, the national Congress was the largest and most outstanding india public organisation, which influence of the Indian independency motion.


Allan Octavian Hume is the of Indian national Congress.

Founded upon the suggestion of British civil retainer named allan Octavian Hume. After the first war of Indian independency and the transportation of India from the east india company to the British imperium, it was the end of the raj to back up and warrant its administration of India with the assistance of English-educated Indians, who would be familiar and friendly to British civilization and political thining. On 12 oct 1885, Hume and a group of educated Indians besides published “ an entreaty from the people of India to the voters of great Britain and Ireland” to inquire British electors in 1885 British general election to assist back up campaigners sympathetic to Indian public sentiment, which included resistance to the levying of revenue enhancements on India to finance the British Indian runs in afganistan and support for legislative reform in India.

On 28 December 1885, the Indian national Congress was founded at gokuldas tejpal Sanskrit college in Bombay, with 72 delegates in attending. hume false office as the general secretary, and womesh Chandra banerjee of Calcutta was elected president besides hume two extra British members ( both Scottish civil retainers ) were members of the establishing group, William wedderburn and justness ( subsequently, sir ) toilet jardine. The other members were largely hindus from the Bombay and madras presidential terms.


The first session of Indian national Congress was held on 28-31 December 1885 at Bombay. Lokmanya tilak was the first to encompass swaraj as the national end. The first jets of nationalist sentiment that rose amongst congress members were when the desire to be represented in the organic structures of authorities, to hold a say, a ballot in the jurisprudence devising and issues of disposal of India.


Annie besant was by far the most conspicuously involved European in the Indian battle when British entered into the British Indian ground forces into universe war I, it provoked the first unequivocal, countrywide political argument of its sort in India. The divided Congress re- united in the polar lucknow session in 1916, with bal gangadhar tilak and gopal Krishna gokhle decorating the phase together one time once more.


Mohandas Gandhi gave rise to a whole new coevals of patriots, and a whole new signifier of revolution. In the twelvemonth after the universe war, the rank of the Congress expanded well, owing to public exhilaration after Gandhi ‘s in champaran and kheda. A whole new ganaration of leaders arose from different portion of India who were commited gandhians-sardar vallabhbhai patel, jawarharlal neheru, rajendra Prasad, chakravarti Rajagopalachari, narhari parikh, mahadev desai- every bit good as hot -blooded patriot aroused by Gandhi ‘s active leadership- chittaranjan hyrax, subhas Chandra Bose, srinivasa lyengar.

Gandhi transformed the Congress from an elitist party based in the metropoliss, to an organisation of the people.


Partition OF INDIA

Within the Congress, the divider of India was opposed by khan abdul gaffar, saifuddin kitchlew, Dr. Khan sahib and congresswomans from the states that would necessarily go portion of Pakistan. Maulana azad was opposed to divider in rule, but did non wish to hinder the national leading.


In 1947, the Congress presidential term passed upon jivatram gresskripalani, a seasoned gandhian and ally of both Nehru and patel. Indian ‘s duumvirate expressed neutrality and full support to the elective victor of the 1947,1948 and 1949 presidential races.

However, a jerk of war began between Nehru and his socialist wing, and patel and Congress diehards broke out in 1950 ‘s race. Nehru lobbied intensely to oppose the campaigning purushottam hyrax tondon, whom he perceived as a hindu-muslim dealingss. Nehru openly backed kripalani to oppose tondon, but neglected courtesy to patel upon the inquiry.


GANDHI was born on nov 19, 1917 in Allahabad, India, to Jawaharlal and kamala Nehru. Her life was drastically changed in 1919 when her wealthy and outstanding household was visited by Mohandas Gandhi, the dovish leader of the Indian freedom motion. Recently returned from South Africa, he converts her parents to the cause of Indian independency changeless meetings and the frequent absence of Gandhi ‘s parents derived her of normal childhood. Because of the insecurities of her childhood Gandhi hardened herself and resolved non to ache, as her female parent had been, she grew up as a solemn, precocious kid whose games were related to the battle against Britain.

Indira Gandhi is a symbol for the adult females and the 3rd universe. The Ascension of a adult female, indira Gandhi, to the highest place in the universe ‘s most thickly settled democracy was particularly important for the Indian adult females, who had traditionally been subservient to work forces, in add-on, she was besides an inspiration to people in other 3rd universe state.


Rahul Gandhi was born on June 19, 1970 and he is an Indian Politician semen member of the Indian National Congress. He is the boy of Shri Rajiv Gandhi and Smt. Sonia Gandhi, he is immature and dynamic political leader look his full household fighting and giving lives for India. Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India was assassinated by a Sikh Militant in 1984. Shri Rahul Gandhi ‘s great gramps Late Shri. Jawahar lal Nehru and the first Prime Minister of India has besides sacrificed a batch during the freedom motion of India against the British.


The full Gandhi household is known for its alone educational Background. Shri Rahul Gandhi is no different. He completed his schooling from modern school in New Delhi. He was enrolled for History ( Hons ) at St. Stephen ‘s college, New Delhi. He successfully accomplished a four-year AB class in Economics at Harvard University.

Political Career:

Shri Rahul Gandhi stayed away from political relations up to 2004. In May 2004, rahul Gandhi ran for the lower house of parliament from his constituency of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh. The province helped him to win by a broad border and offered on chance to Shri Rahul Gandhi to go the 2nd member of the 5th coevals of the Nehru-Gandhi household to come in into active political relations.

The run for this parliamentary Election from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh was directed by his younger sister Smt. Priyanka Vadra. His triumph was widely commemorated by the media many partisans, specially the younger citizens of India.

This triumph offered Shri Rahul Gandhi an chance to do his grade in the political calling. Thereafter, he was sought to cultivate support from his supporters. However, this has non been an easy journey as he strived difficult to work up his profile through the media and remain off from the dirts of alliance political relations. Shri Rahul Gandhi is presently concentrating on the political and other major issues of Uttar Pradesh.


Sonia Gandhi is the leader of the Congress Party in India.Although Sonia could hold become the first nonnative Indian Prime Minister, she declined the chance. In the May 2005 Parliamentary Elections to the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Indian Parliament, Sonia led the Congress Party to triumph over the governing BJP.Sonia ‘s triumph was aided by anti-incumbency sentiments every bit good as the large-scale disillusion of 1000000s of people belonging to the lower categories, who have been largely left buttocks in the economic reforms exercising of the BJP.

Sonia ‘s rapid rise in the political sphere high spots two interesting facets of Indian political relations – In a state, where Hindus history for a bulk of the population, Indian electors have non hesitated to encompass a Roman Catholic Videshi ( Hindi word for alien ) .Sonia ‘s speedy rise to the top of the Congress party illustrates the failing of the Congress party and so the Indian political system. As political scientists like Samuel Huntington have written, in mature political systems the way to the top frequently takes decennaries during which clip the leader additions see in lesser places and learns the art of administration in the procedure.

Sonia has so far had really limited experience in the unsmooth and tumble of political relations and about no experience in the art of administration. This raises inquiries of how effectual Sonia can be as caput of the governing party of a complex state like India with its myriad castes and faiths and battalion of problems.If Sonia had become Prime Minister, she would hold been the 4th member of the Nehru-Gandhi household to go Prime Minister of India following in the footfalls of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.


The SWOT this one of several strategic planning tools that are utilized by concerns and other organisation to guarantee that there is a clear aim defined for the undertaking or venture, and that all factors related to the attempt, both positive and negative, are identified and addressed. In order to carry through this undertaking, the procedures of swot involves four countries of consideration: –

  1. Strength
  2. Failings
  3. Opportunities and
  4. menaces


properties of the individual or company that are helpful to accomplishing the aim.


Properties of the individual or company that are harmful to accomplishing the aim.


External conditions that is helpful to accomplishing the aim.


External conditions which could make damage to the aim.



  1. Indian ground forces is an first-class strength of Indian national Congress.
  2. The Indian national Congress is the oldest lasting political political administration in India, and national Congress is besides the largest political parties.
  3. In lok sabha ( 2004-2009 ) , it is the individual largest party with 145 members.
  4. Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast is a system by which aeroplanes invariably broadcast their current location, velocity, flight program, size and type of trade, and other information. This information is received by other airplanes.this is the strength of Indian national Congress
  5. There is a presence of many uniqueness personality named mohan hyraxs karamchand Gandhi, bal gangadhar tilak, gopal Krishna gokhle, Jawaharlal Nehru.
  6. presently people is the really strong strength of Indian national Congress. National Congress party is in a really strong place or any other political party.


  1. presently Indian national Congress failing is in the structural of financial finance and verily affected by dazes, current history balance is traveling to floor place.
  2. There is a lacking in youth leader in the Congress party.
  3. there is a assorted strategies that are provided by the national Congress, but they are missing to carry through the some strategies.
  4. in party there are many differences arise that advantage can take another party and barricade the national Congress.
  5. They are missing in to supply equity benefit to the different sector of the Indian sector.


  1. their oppurtinities in uttar Pradesh because their power is non lead as they want to power to bring forth. Mayawati is traveling to be low power as comparison to another political relations.
  2. Another chances is in the Andhra Pradesh. Indian national Congress party is non hold any power in the province of Andhra Pradesh. So there is a chances to national Congress party to spread out their political relations towards Andhra Pradesh.


  1. there is a menaces of other parties for illustration BJP, BJD, BSP, CPM, NCP And CPI etc.
  2. the Indian national Congress could non claim to be the true representative of the party which is still reflected in the preamble to the current Industrial Workers of the World fundamental law. So there is another menaces to the Indian national Congress.
  3. NCAI Leader examines menaces to tribes due to pretermit of federal authorities ( Indian national Congress ) .
  4. The Indian national Congress curdling united progressive due to politicians. Such politician no uncertainty serious menaces to Indian national Congress.
  5. menaces to generic drugs: – as current AIDS drugs become uneffective, India will be asked to do inexpensive and easy to take AIDS drugs.
  6. Another menaces for Indian national Congress is Maoist and naxalites.









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