Song Of Solomon By Toni Morrison English Literature Essay

Personal freedom is described as the aptitude to disregard familial and social influences in order to happen the existent sense of ego. Peoples are enlightened and liberated genuinely when they are mentally, spiritually, physically free. The sense of ego is besides described as the enlightenment every person possesses when they psychologically accept and realize their true restrictions and qualities. The attainment of personal freedom nevertheless is non a really simple matter. It could even be a womb-to-tomb journey that is demanding and boring with reverses and obstructions which must be conquered.

There is a strong subject of battle for freedom in the novel titled Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison in 1987. Macon is among the chief characters in this novel and he was merely a kid at the beginning of the novel. However he is able to kill a adult male whom he considered endangering to Pilate, his ain sister, and besides himself. This is found in the phrase which states “ the shriek which boomed down the crevice metro and woke the chiropterans came merely when Macon contemplated that he had taken his last living breath. The bleeding adult male turned to the class and way of the shriek and looked at the coloured miss good and long plenty for Macon to pull out his ain knife and convey it downhill the old adult male ‘s back. He crashed forth, and so turned bowed his caput to look at them. His oral cavity enthused and he mumbles impressive that sounds like ‘What for? ‘ Macon stabbed him once more and once more until motion of his oral cavity stopped, halt seeking to speak and stopped leaping and shivering on the land ” ( Morrison 171 ) .

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After the decease of the old adult male, Macon and Pilate travelled to the cantonment of the adult male and in the cantonment grounds they discovered three bags or pokes of gold. This immature adult male, Macon, is besides able to see “ the dust-covered boots of his farther ” ( Morrison 170 ) . Pilate is alarmed and she shouts her male parent ‘s name and to this call a voice was able to whisper ‘sing sing ‘ . The immature adult male, Macon avariciously packed the three gold bags whereas Pilate hunts everyplace for their male parent. After a short while there was a awful battle between Macon and Pilate after which they separate. This is a battle for freedom but ironically the two find themselves populating together once more after some old ages in the same little Michigan town. They both hate their secrets of the household and they grow in really different waies. Later Macon is able to travel on with life and gets married to Ruth and they both bear three kids viz. First Corinthians, Lean and Macon who is nicknamed Milkman ( Dorothy 89 ) .

Subsequently after some old ages, Milkman is interested in the granddaughter of Pilate and hence spends so much of his childhood clip in Pilate ‘s house despite the disapproval by his male parent. Milkman lives at place for more than thirty old ages and hence he is swamped with his household secret. The male parent to Milkman claims Pilate stole the gold which was in the cantonment sight. Pilate on the other manus claims that the same bag was her part of ‘inheritance ‘ which merely became castanetss. Out of this confusion, the Milkman sets out to research for the existent truth of the household secret. This is a enigma novel by Toni Morrison which keeps the reader funny, and this is because she writes her plot line sing the life style of the black society particularly in the 1980 ‘s. This black society is prosecuting existent freedom. The chief subject of this novel is freedom and every character in the novel is able to obtain their freedom through merely two waies. Them that seek freedom through roll uping wealth are ever darkened with a really barbarous heat whereas those that seek freedom through household and community are rewarded with joy and success ( Spark notes Editors ) .

Guitar searched for belonging because his male parent, “ got sliced up in a proverb factory, ” ( Morrison 61 ) and hence Guitar was brought up by his grandma. However, Guitar is non accepted and he joins different nines such as the Seventh Day and the slaying ‘s nine in an effort to suit in. He is either white or black and he believes that money is able to allow him freedom, he is even ready to kill his best friend for freedom. The hoggishness in him is exposed when he tries to impeach Milkman for, “ taking the gold ” ( Morrison 295 ) . Later we find that Guitar Hunts for Milkman in strive to slay him. This is because of thirst for freedom and wealth. Unfortunately, he is misled into enduring and killing instead than the freedom that he sought.

Macon who is the male parent to Milkman is driven by the idea that “ money is freedom, it ‘s the lone freedom there is ” ( Morrison 163 ) . Macon owns about the whole town and he uses this wealth to liberate himself from racial universe. However subsequently he believed that Pilate ‘s bag contained gold and greed set in. “ He turned to his boy creaming his lips and in full face. You can hold half of what Milkman got ; travel anyplace you want. Get it. For both of us. Please acquire it, boy. Get the gold ” ( Nancy & A ; Toni 172 ) . This existent freedom Macon is seeking has merely changed him into an evil and a selfish character.

Milkman besides seeks his ain community and household. After he is informed about the assorted household secrets in their household, he starts out in hunt of the truth. This wonder is sparked foremost when his ain female parent tells him “ I know he ne’er told you but he killed my male parent, and that he tried to kill you ” ( Morrison 124 ) . He could non believe that his male parent was a liquidator and he listened keenly to Pilate as she told him sing the narrative of her ‘inheritance ‘ . Pilate informed him that the bag that she had did non incorporate gold but that it contained the castanetss of the old adult male that Macon had murdered.

Thereafter, Milkman leaves this town of Michigan and is ready to go in an effort to understand the household history. In his hunt he met Susan Byrd and from this he learns about the long narrative of Solomon spring and this helped him a batch in work outing the mystifier that he was seeking for about his household. The freedom of Milkman is merely obtained at this point where he learns and understands that his ain male parent was a liquidator. Macon, his male parent had stabbed his ain male parent who would be the gramps to Milkman. Pilate carried the castanetss of her male parent expecting a proper and nice entombment. This solution to the household mystifier is able to put the psyche of Milkman free. Just like his gramps, “ he surrendered to the air, ” in believe that “ he can sit it ” ( Dorothy 140 )

From the treatment above we find that everyone is in hunt of personal freedom. Some use doubtful agencies and some have to take their whole life to cognize the truth and therefore be psychologically free. The attainment of personal freedom we find that it is non a simple matter and one has to work hard for it. All these characters have worked truly difficult either utilizing negative or positive ways and agencies. However we find that everyone struggles till they attain the personal freedom.

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