Self-Awareness Understanding Essay

The short narrative Jonathan Livingston Seagull says a batch about self-awareness. At the beginning of the short narrative in portion one the sea gull Jonathan Livingston Seagull is get downing to go self-conscious by concentrating on seeking to go the perfect sea gull. In his patterned advance to be more than the mean sea gull. by larning to wing he is larning about self-awareness. During his patterns he begins to see what he genuinely can make and what the Flock is losing out on. This short narrative Tells me that traveling along with everyone else and non believing for myself or about my ain actions inhibits my acquisition to go independent and to the full recognize the ego. By making what he wanted to make. Jonathan found out what the Flock was losing out on. When he tried to explicate the quandary the Flock was in they ignored it and threw out this effort at alteration. It was a awful loss for the Flock. but enormous addition for Jonathan. Bing outcast from the Flock allowed him to farther excel in his self-awareness capablenesss.

He had a clear perceptual experience of what he was. The two sea gulls who lead Jonathan to a “higher place” . which had been exposed to this manner of thought. helped Jonathan on his way. This may state that in order to be to the full self-conscious 1 must accept others with that similar manner of thought. In making so one can distribute the cognition to others who are less self-conscious or non self-conscious at all. like to persons who are hindered by their ironss of modus operandi and their disablement to believe for themselves. This narrative promotes self-awareness by doing the chief character venture off on his adventure that is viewed as negative by the Elders. They see his methods as incorrect and “un-seagull like” . whereas Jonathan sees it as how sea gulls should be. The Elders’ heads are clouded and they. along with everyone else in the Flock who adheres to the Elders’ words are non self-conscious. By traveling on this unconventional escapade to better himself. the narrative speaks to me that I should besides go more self-conscious or get the hang the ability. To me it seems as if the Jonathan could be me and the Flock is supposed to be the remainder of the universe. and in taking this category I am traveling on his journey to another universe with a few choice others who are on the same way ( the other pupils in this category ) .

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I feel as if the writer wants the reader to develop his or her ain self-awareness by concentrating on his or her ain personality and behaviour. Merely by larning about myself and reexamining what I do can I to the full develop my self-awareness. Others can non learn it to me. They can merely learn me to learn myself. I can non merely read about being self-conscious to get the hang it. I must put myself in secular state of affairss and larn from each and every experience. I am separate from the environment and other persons. When I want good. solid information. I turn to the experts. So. who am I traveling to turn to for information about myself? Who is the expert? I am. Does a friend. a healer. a curate. my hero. my parents cognize more about me than I do? They can’t. I live in my tegument and head 24 hours a twenty-four hours. 7 yearss a hebdomad. 52 hebdomads a twelvemonth. twenty-four hours in and twenty-four hours out. No 1 is closer to me than me! The replies are in at that place. possibly all I need to work out these conundrums is a utile inquiry.

In truth. I do non retrieve if I pattern self-awareness on a regular basis. My memory isn’t excessively good. so retrieving this does non ever travel every bit smooth as I would believe. I am nevertheless really self-conscious. so I must hold done it right over the past old ages. Thinking back on times I do retrieve. I can analyze those experiences in which I felt certain ways and why. That train of idea can assist in learning me about me. A personal illustration is the clip I gave a address in Public Speaking and recorded myself speaking. This was an first-class manner to acquire to that portion of me. By traveling back and watching that picture I learned a great many things about myself that I antecedently had non. If we had recordings of our day-to-day lives I think it would be easier for people to be self-conscious because most of the clip people do without thought. If I had that back up it would greatly increase larning about my ain ego. Besides. life in a state in which I was non born is a great aid in understanding my individualism.

It helps because I do non merely flock to fall in crowds because I know what I am non. I think it would be a great aid to travel to another topographic point and see a different civilization particularly if it is far different than the original. It can rapidly demo how much of an person a individual is. I think that is how Jonathan Livingston Seagull developed his self-awareness so rapidly. He did non suit in with the remainder of his Flock even when he tried to be like them. He promised he would non travel back to his old ways of individuality. but he could non maintain his promise because it was non who he was. It’s amusing how people say. “How can I be person besides myself? ”

Until one looks in a mirror and says. “Wait. that’s non me. is it? ” To take to be myself I have to be what I want. make what I want. and experience what I want. Following others’ ways of life causes them to go merely like the individual they are following. To be myself I have to do my ain way and separate myself from everyone else. I must watch myself and acquire to cognize myself by detecting my actions because I have non a ringer to ask about. It would be much easier. but unhappily we have merely ourselves to trust on in the state of affairs that is self-awareness. Until people learn this. they are flawed and non truly who they claim to be.


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