Search of identity of Esperanza and Stephanie

This paper will discourse how two characters, Esperanza and Stephanie are seeking for their existent individuality. In Esperanza is dumbfounded by the ambiance that surrounds her because she is a Chicana which is a mixture of Mexican and American. One the other manus Stephanie is biracial and does n’t cognize if she ‘s American or Mexican. She makes up her head to see Mexico to happen her ethnicity, if she truly is Mexican Enough but the lone manner they find their individuality is that they experience in life and interact with the universe that makes them bizarre from the non-writes their narratives are true and they are the storyteller ‘s of their narrative this explains why Esperanza wrote The House on Mango Street from populating in Mango street in Chicago and Stephanie wrote MEXICAN ENOUGH where she besides portion her experiences of how she found her individuality, by populating in Mexico made her have a different position and realizing that she will ne’er to the full concurred being Mexican plenty. She besides finds privacy in sharing her narrative with the universe, which they both become confident authors that lead them excessively ambitious programs and happen their true individuality.

The hunt for individuality of these two adult females experienced coming from a Latino backgrounds, but meanwhile life in the United States. Their lives and personality are non defined of who they genuinely are. Esperanza lives in Chicago in the ghetto on a street named Mango Street, which is a Latin vicinity. “ Finally, her parents are able to afford a place, but the household dream house had to hold adequate infinite for the whole household and with one than more bathroom, because in her household there are her parents, her two brothers Kiki and Carlos, and her younger sister Nenny. But when they moved to Mango Street the house had merely one bathroom and one sleeping room for all them to portion. Esperanza did n’t like the house because she would n’t hold any privateness at all. Her parents told her that the house would non be lasting it would merely be impermanent. ” In Esperanza head she knew that they were seeking non to do her feel uncomfortable of this incommodiousness. Populating in this house Esperanza undertakings rejection towards this place although this house is an betterment compared to the manner they used to populate in an flat. “ I bet I can see your house from my window. Which one? Come here. Which one is your house? And so she made me stand up on a box of books and point. ‘That one? ‘ She said, indicating to a row of ugly three-flats, the 1s even the raggedy work forces are ashamed to travel into. ” Yes, “ I nodded even though I knew that was n’t my house and started to shout. “ ( pg.45 ) Esperanza is ashamed of her house, and stating her ma to compose a missive to the sister superior stating her that her girl lives far manner so she can eat in the lunchroom in the canteen. The nun knows where Esperanza lives and makes her point to her house, which Esperanza is highly ashamed of and begins to shout.

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Similarly, Stephanie besides has issues with her individuality when it comes down to using to the University of Texas, Austin. She is confronted with world and has to do a determination that will find her hereafter. “ My counsel counsellor called me into her office and asked a familiar inquiry: “ What are you Stephanie? Hispanic or white? ” “ Before I could react, she said that my SAT tonss were n’t high plenty for funding if I was considered white. If I was Latino, she predicted, doors would swing open. “ Think about it, ” she said. “ ( pg.6 ) Having put to the trial Stephanie has to make up one’s mind is she ‘s genuinely Latino or white, she changes the W to a H on her transcript. Automatically she begins to have all of the benefits that the school offers her similar scholarships, first-year twelvemonth paid, free tutoring. Having taken this action Stephanie feels guilty on the action she had committed, so she tries to go that H that she placed on her transcript.

In add-on, Esperanza and Stephanie are encountered with a common state of affairs about school. Esperanza tries the most impossible of being manner from her place and likes being at the canteen, blowing most of the twenty-four hours so she ‘s non seen at her house because she ‘s ashamed of where she lives. Stephanie takes advantage of being biracial by seting an H that stands for Latino because she would be qualified for a scholarship. This would open doors that so she would be able to go to Texas University with the benefits the school offers Hispanics. But at the same clip she felt guilt for seeing that the other Hispanics had to work hard to accomplish a scholarship.

For case, when Esperanza is named after her great-grandmother, which this name has background history because “ Esperanza and her great-grandmother they were both born in the same Chinese twelvemonth which is the Equus caballus. The Equus caballus symbolizes strength but it ‘s besides a mark of bad fortune particularly for adult females. ” Of class Esperanza does non believe in the superstitious notion. Although Esperanza ne’er had the chance to cognize who her great-grandmother was. Her female parent told Esperanza that her great-grandmother narrative that she was forced to acquire married which she ne’er forgave her hubby. “ She looked out the window her whole cubitus. I wonder if she made the best with what she got or was she sorry because she could n’t be all the things she wanted to be. Esperanza. I have inherited her name, but I do n’t desire to inherit her topographic point by the window. “ ( Pg.11 ) Esperanza realizes that adult females back in the twenty-four hours where submitted to a unrecorded that was unjust and she does n’t desire to populate her life like her great-grandmother lived it and wants to alter the perceptual experience that the name has. Esperanza would instead “ baptise myself under a new name, a name more like the existent me, the one cipher sees. Esperanza as Lisandra or Maritza or Zeze the X. Yes. Something like Zeze the X will make. “ ( pg.11 ) Likewise, Stephanie changed her American center name ( ANN ) to her female parent ‘s name ( ELIZONDO ) and from that twenty-four hours on she made everybody caller her elizondo. Stephanie change her name so she would more Latino with that sort of name. Esperanza and Stephanie both made a alteration of individuality by altering their name, trusting that by holding a name that would suit who they genuinely would wish to be called. The name they both chose it would give them more assurance, power, tantrum in and experience accepted in the society. The name both Esperanza and Stephanie chose it would plan their new individuality along with a alteration in their personality.

Furthered on, their hunt of individuality besides makes a major impact on the ambiance that surrounds both Esperanza and Stephanie, because they both shared the same dream that in the hereafter they would be authors. Esperanza holding this dream she was confronted with a sexual assault that in manner motivates her and finds solace, begins to show her ideas by composing them. Esperanza ‘s authorship was an flight of the vicinity. Besides the ambiance that surrounds her from her neighbours was that each neighbour had a position on life and a way that Esperanza was expose to. “ One twenty-four hours I will pack my bags of books and paper. One twenty-four hours I will state adieu to Mango. I am excessively strong for her to maintain me here everlastingly. One twenty-four hours I will travel manner. “ ( pg.110 ) Esperanza non desiring to follow the same way of non seeing what ‘s beyond life, she leaves Mango Street in hunt of wining in life as a author. “ They will non cognize I have gone off to come back. For the 1s I left behind. For the 1s who can non out. “ ( pg.110 ) She makes her neighbours a promise that she will come back and turn out them that she accomplishes her end of being a author and puting the illustration that what you put your head to in return you will hold a positive result in life.

On the other manus, Stephanie leaves Texas and comes to Mexico to look into her ethnicity. She has communicating with Fabian a friend of hers who lives in Queretaro, Mexico. The ambiance that Stephanie has now been brush with she will see the traditions and cultural facets that Mexico celebrates. But there is a job that Stephanie does non talk adequate Spanish. “ What if I did larn Spanish-and nil changed? For old ages, this has been my pipe dream: If I merely spoke Spanish, I would be more Mexican.But what if it is n’t possible to go a member of an cultural or cultural group-to will yourself into it, to take? What if you can merely be born and raised into it? “ ( pg.4 ) Stephanie is in hunt of her individuality of going Mexican what it would take her to carry through her dream. She visited topographic points that she was opened minded of sing for illustration La Zona Rosa, La luchas libres ( wrestling lucifers ) . She besides visited Chiapas, Oaxaca while they did work stoppages and Marches, struggles with the authorities and schools. But she besides experiences the traditions these two provinces offer the tourer. Having all of these experiences embraced in her head she writes them out she besides interviews autochthonal people and gets feedback on everything that she has uncertainty of is answered. She returns to New York City and publishes her book Mexican Enough with full item and state A?that she will ne’er be Mexican Enough there is excessively much to larn from a addition from Mexico to truly be Mexican who have to be born and raised MexicanA? ( pg.4 ) .Esperanza and Stephanie now experience life in an unpleasant ambiance which it had effects, but it was an obstruction that they had to get the better of it, because with the aid of the people that they where environment by helped them in the hunt for their ain end in life to go a author, that benefited them of recognizing and responding of how to pull off their life and taking it to a different finish.

Finally, Esperanza life in Mango Street in a manner it affected her because she was in hunt of her individuality but, it was hard because where she lived it had an influenced in her childhood. That made her unrecorded confusing and frustrated that made her peruse for a more valuable life and hereafter. Escaping and prosecuting her dream of being a author and she made a acknowledgment of her experience’sin life back in Mango street and she published her book The House on Mango Street. Stephanie wanted to happen out by her ain beginnings and look into what was her true individuality if she was American or Mexican. She decided that the lone manner was to travel and see Mexico in individual and live all the tradition ‘s and see the civilization has to offer. She does all of that but at the terminal she considers herself that she will ne’er be Mexican Enough she realizes that she will be biracial and resigns of whatever you are itA?s plenty. Besides Stephanie through her journey in Mexico she experiences a different position on unrecorded and portions it by printing her book MEXICAN ENOUGH.

In decision, seeking for their individuality Esperanza and Stephanie have troubles because they witness a mixture of emotions and the state of affairs they lived and experience, which makes it difficult for both of them, of holding to specify their individuality and personality as a individual. What defines them is that as clip goes by they both mature and go confident and motivated adult female because they have a different vision of inspiration of a alteration of life, by being authors, that ‘s how they find their individuality.


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