Roles Of Male Characters In Mansfield Park English Literature Essay

Jane Austen, who lives between the ulterior 18 century and the early 19 century, is a female author in the England. Mansfield Park is one representative of her plants, which is a long novel of the most mature idea and the most modern people. By analysing and discoursing two heroes-Edmund Bertram ‘s and Henry Crawford ‘s personalities, manners and conversation, it researches the grounds why writer creates them and the significance of creative activity of them. In the terminal, the decision made is that two heroes have a instead of import consequence on heroine: 1 is her abecedarian ; the other is set up by standing out heroine ‘s virtues. One can non be divided from the other, both two show together the heroine ‘s intelligence and virtues.


1.1 Introduction about Writer

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Jane Austen was born on December 16, 1775, at the parsonage in the Steventon, in Hampshire. Jane ‘s male parent, George, was an intelligent and sensitive adult male who encouraged Jane in her love of reading and authorship, which pave a manner for Jane ‘s calling, as a celebrated English author subsequently. When she was a immature miss, Jane was an devouring reader, devouring the books in her male parent ‘s extended library ; such books provided stuff for the short satirical studies she wrote as a miss. Along with her sister, Cassandra, immature Jane was tutored by her parents and received a broader instruction than many adult females of her clip. At the same clip, Jane ‘s childhood was comparatively happy and unworried, particularly her fancy of go toing balls and dancing. In add-on, she besides enjoyed long state walks and sing her friends in Hampshire. The above can be reflected in Mansfield Park

During Jane Austen ‘s whole life, with the release of Sense and Sensibility ( 1811 ) , Pride and Prejudice ( 1813 ) , Mansfield Park ( 1814 ) and Emma ( 1816 ) , she achieved success as a published author. In her ulterior life, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, both published posthumously in 1818, and began a 3rd, which was finally titled Sanditon, but died before finishing it. Now, the universe comparison among her plants. Although Pride and Prejudice is well-know in the universe, person still says that Mansfield Park is wholly different from other plants of Jane Austen, for this plant is the most complex novel.

In 1801, the following four old ages were hard for Jane, particularly Jane ‘s male parent ‘s decease in 1805. His passing left Jane and her household members in hard fiscal passs and forced them to trust on others. In July, 1809, ain to her brother ‘s alleviation — offering his female parent and sisters a lasting place, she could compose once more after she was delighted to travel back to her darling countryside.

Unfortunately, in the winter of 1816, as she began her concluding novel, Sanditon, Jane contracted addisons disease, a tubercular disease of the kidneys. Her life made an terminal in the early hours of July 18, 1817.

Although she was ne’er married in the whole her life, Jane ‘s novels offer some of literature ‘s most romantic narratives. Jane ‘s brightly witty, elegantly structured satirical fiction marks the passage in English literature from eighteenth century neo-classicism to 19th century romanticism. She is remembered today as one of England ‘s greatest authors.


1.2 Introduction about background

1.2.1 The societal background

A general cognition of the societal and cultural in which a novel sets is frequently of import. Because most novels mirror the imposts and values of a peculiar society, they frequently criticize it. Works of Jane Austen is non far from this method.

It is non hard to happen that most Jane Austen ‘s plants set among the rural center and upper categories who are landholders.

In Jane Austen ‘s clip, none of the major characters can work on their ain, for these monied categories live wholly on their income from rents and heritages. However, there are junior-grade differentiations among the landed categories, determined by the sum of wealth possessed by the members. As a affair of fact, category differentiations at that clip were really stiff.

The nobility who possesses land belonged to the highest round of the societal ladder, and all power was in their custodies. Next in rank came the aristocracy. The new, comfortable industrialists and bargainers were bit by bit lifting as a category, but had still non won the right to vote. The lowest in English society were the workers and labourers.

For the adult females at that clip, life was mostly restricted to the place and the household. And they rarely went out their place. As to the hapless and the low-class adult females, there was plentifulness of work at place and in the Fieldss to allow them be free from comfy life.

But for the ladies of the landed upper-classes, life was one large unit of ammunition of dances, dinners, cards, and visits to friends and relations. They were non required to make any family work. “ Ladies, ” therefore, lived a life of easiness and leisure, chiefly concerned with society, kids, and matrimony. By the 19th century, the upper classes no longer arranged matrimonies. Alternatively, a miss was introduced to society ( and eligible unmarried mans ) at a response hosted by a married adult female who had herself been presented. Generally, a miss “ came out ” merely after her senior sister was married.

During the 19th century in England, merely the girls of a few households of the upper categories had rights to be educated. In most instances, it was thought to be a waste of clip to educate misss in those yearss. Rich and baronial households engaged governesses for educating their girls or sent them off to get oning school, while most adult females were self-educated at place. ( Anonymous, 2007 )

1.2.1The literary background

“ Jane Austen ‘s plants appeared on the English literary scene in early 18 century. The writer had worked on its realistic manner and content for more than 15 old ages, for she was a perfectionist in her attack to composing. Her first novel was unlike any of the 100s of others written at the clip, which were chiefly Romantic ( filled with emotion and passionate ) or Gothic ( filled with horror ) . Austen was the first novelist to portray realistic characters by utilizing the direct method of stating a narrative in which duologue and remark take an of import topographic point. She used the method to dissect the lip service of persons and the society in which they played their games of love and wooing.

At first, Austen ‘s literatures concentrated on character surveies, where a individual ‘s common sense ( or deficiency of it ) was developed in item. The chosen scene was ever limited to a little societal group of the upper categories and composed of a few households. Family life was ever cardinal to her plants. Her novels besides portrayed traditional values and a belief in reason, duty, and restraint. But she frequently viewed the human status, with its many failings, through wit, sarcasm, and irony, with her unwanted characters portrayed as ignorant, proud, or silly human existences, non evil scoundrels. ( Internet )

1.3 Introduction about this novel

In this plant, the heroine, Fanny Price, is a immature miss from a comparatively hapless household, brought up by her rich uncle and aunt, Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, at Mansfield Park. She grows up with her four cousins, Tom Bertram, Edmund Bertram, Maria Bertram and Julia, but is ever treated as inferior to them ; merely Edmund shows his existent kindness. He is besides the most virtuous of the siblings: Maria and Julia are conceited and spoiled, while Tom is an irresponsible gambler. Over clip, Fanny ‘s gratitude for Edmund ‘s kindness in secret grows into romantic love.

Someday, the reaching of the sister and brother – Henry Crawford and Mary Crawford, they disrupt the sedate universe of Mansfield, while Sir Tom leaves for one twelvemonth to cover with his concern. Gradually, Mary and Edmund begin to organize an fond regard, though Edmund knows her defect: a deficiency of house rule. At the same clip, Henry plays with the fondnesss of both Maria and Julia, despite Maria being already engaged to the dull, but really rich, Mr. Rushworth.

Faced with Tom and his friend ‘s Promotion of seting on Elizabeth Inchbald ‘s drama Lovers ‘ Vows, Edmund and Fanny both ab initio oppose the program, because they persist in Sir Thomas ‘s condemnation and experience that the capable affair of the drama is non appropriate. However, Edmund swayed at last, for he wants to play the portion of Anhalt, the lover of the character played by Mary Crawford. As to Henry, it means that he has opportunity to chat up with Maria in the period of moving it. Sir Thomas arrives out of the blue in the center of a dry run, which ends the program. Meanwhile, it is a turning point for Fanny ; she more or less gets regard from this household.

Henry returns to Mansfield Park and decides to divert himself by doing Fanny autumn in love with him. However, her echt gradualness and kindness cause him to fall in love with her alternatively. When he proposes matrimony, Fanny ‘s disgust at his improper flirtings with her cousins, every bit good as her love for Edmund, cause her to reject him. The remainder do n’t understand why she chooses such a determination. Sir Tomas decides to direct her dorsum to her hapless household and hopes that she can believe over Henry ‘s proposal. Although Henry still pursues her, she has ne’er changed her head. But from this book, Jane Austen means that if Henry can take a firm stand on his idea as usual, he will win her bosom.

However, the dirt that Maria elopes with Henry has broken the dreams of two braces of lovers: Edmund realizes he had idealized her as person she is non and Henry is non deserved for Fanny to love him. In the terminal, Edmund realizes how of import Fanny is to him, declares his love for her and they are married.

Literature reappraisal

Through research for informations, it ‘s non hard to happen that all the diaries or other informations involved in Mansfield Park merely analyze from the relationship between the representations lover ‘s Vow and secret plan ( a???•?e?z,2008 ) which this novel describes, the clip and the infinite of it ( a??a?›,2008 ) and the morality about it ( a??e?z,2003 ) . Meantime, involved in the male functions in Jane Austen ‘s plants, many bookmans merely pay attending to the fondness of male parent functions, commanding officer functions written by Jane Austen. From above, there are non any documents about analysis of creative activity of male characters both at place and abroad. Confronted with the information, this paper will be developed around the subject On the Roles of the Male Characters.

2.1 Surveies at Home

From the informations, of Jane Austen ‘s male characters, which Huang Min writes, merely small describes the chief characters involved in all of Jane Austen ‘s plants and generalise them merely in a few lines. Another paper is called Jane Austen and males written by her, Huang Peizhen ‘s paper, writes how hero affects and perfects heroine. Morality Judgment in Mansfield Park, a paper depicts analysis of morality of female and male functions harmonizing to what Jane Austen called morality in her head. From above, there is nil involved in analysis of male characters.

2.2 Surveies Abroad

Jane Austen — A novice ‘s Guide ( Rob Abbott, 2008 ) introduces about the societal background where Jane Austen lives, her life, the authorship techniques she uses, the analysis of her plants and so on. Learn Love, Gain Love-from the Emotional Intelligence of Jane Austen ( Lawrence Henderson, 2006 ) , the writer of it summarizes 10 love regulations for childs from heroines or heroes of Jane Austen ‘s plants and so gives suggestions to readers what they should make and what they should make non. A Memoir of Jane Austen ( James Edward Austen-Leigh, 2002 ) is about household memories, the record of Jane Austen ‘s life shaped and limited by the truenesss, modesty, and fondness of nieces and nephews retrieving in old age the lineations of the immature aunt they had each known. From above, it ‘s difficult to happen that anything about analysis of features of male histrions. As a consequence, this paper will be developed from this facet.

Male Fictional characters in Mansfield Park

3.1 Description of male characters in general.

In this novel, Edmund Bertram, Mr. Henry Crawford both play of import functions in successfully making a adult female of Fanny Price. Now, present them severally how their functions have an consequence on heroine:

3.1.1 Edmund Bertram

He is the younger boy of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram ; he is six old ages older than Fanny. He makes up his head to be a reverend, but subsequently his dream was non respected by Miss Crawford to whom he is addicted. He entirely among his household has any consideration for Fanny ‘s feelings, sharing her felicity and sorrow. As her defender and friend, he has a great trade of influence over her and helps her signifier her personalities. Until relations of neighbour, Mr. Henry Crawford and Miss Mary semen and upset the peaceable and quiet Mansfield Park, Crawford Edmund becomes attracted to Miss Crawford, but her sentiments on the dirt affecting Mrs. Rushworth and Mr. Crawford mortify him, which wholly does great harm to her image in his head. He subsequently realizes that Fanny is the individual with whom he deserves to love and at last they are married.

3.1.2 Mr. Henry Crawford

He is brother of Mrs. Grant and Miss Crawford, a charming, highly intelligent and eligible unmarried man who plays with the emotions of Maria and Julia. This is observed by Fanny. Because of Maria ‘s matrimony, he decides to do Fanny autumn in love with him. However, alternatively, he falls in love with her. When Fanny is willing to give a opportunity to him by accepting his wooing after his reaching at her place, but he loses any opportunity everlastingly when he and Maria run off together.

3.2 Analysis of personalities and manners

3.2.1 Edmund Bertram

Edmund Bertram was born in a rich household, but he is instead different from his brother and sisters. He is a sort, considerate, sort, careful and elegant adult male. Although Fanny is inferior to them, from a hapless background, Edmund treats her as his biological sister. However, the reaching of Miss Mary Crawford, Edmund loses his right judgements bit by bit and is cheated by her and her brother. Let us see how he changes what he believes measure by measure:

The first scene happens after Fanny and Edmund have dinner with Mary. They discuss about her visual aspect, behaviour, and ideas while they are traveling around the garden. From the conversation, it ‘s easy to see that Edmund is a wise, witty and elegant gentleman, with dark and acute eyes, and he has will of his ain. He knows that Mary is non every bit good as he dreams at tabular array in her conversation for she has non any feeling of thankfulness to her uncle at all, even thought her uncle had raised her of all time. But he tries his best to carry Fanny non to hold antipathy to her because of her uncle remarriage. From this point, we can cognize that he does his best to protect her he love. Meantime, he has made a trap for him step by measure following the secret plan.

When it comes to a occupation of a clergy Edmund will give him to in the hereafter, Mary disgusts it and experience drilling and unbearable it. But Edmund merely thinks that her idea is affected by her uncle. It seems that sort Edmund would wish to have her defects to her uncle. Opposite to Edmund, Fanny get cleverer and cleverer, she knows and understands what Mary is and ne’er makes a error.

The 3rd scene is about moving a drama Lovers ‘ Vows. Although Edmund wholly disapproves the suggestion of moving a drama at first, for he sees that his male parent will look it as a serious moral failing-Maria have been engaged to Mr. Rushworth and it ‘ll go against the celibacy of Julia, he eventually succumb to Mary ‘s thoughts due to eager protection of her, while Fanny persists in non moving and inquire her cousin Edmund non to be involved in it.

With Fanny ‘s growing, his uncle holds foremost dance party for her after informed that she is good at dancing. Fanny rejoices and knows that she is respected by her uncle. Nevertheless, Edmund becomes down after he invites Mary to dance with him. Because Mary says that she ‘ll ne’er dance with a clergy and this is the last clip for them to dance together. Afterward, with a series of alterations of Mansfield Park — the dirts about two girls and elder brother Tom ‘s sufferance unwellness, Edmund does n’t cognize there is no point in confer withing with Mary about Henry and Maria ‘s dirt until he meets her in London. Meantime, he realizes with a sudden she is non the same as the individual who lives in his head. Alternatively, she does n’t experience any shame of what her brother does and merely nags Fanny why she does n’t get married him. All of her words merely like a pin pricking in his bosom. At last, he determines to get married Fanny who possesses kindness and virtues and knows how to esteem his dream. However, Fanny insists on her head from get downing to stop and does what she believes and non outputs to others all the manner.

3.2.2 Mr. Henry Crawford

In general, Henry is a adult male of humor, wit but a deficiency of virtues, forbearance and feeling of achievement. His function is described more in four facets: functions playing in book Love ‘s Vows, his matrimony proposal, pay a visit to Fanny ‘s place and running off with Maria.

At first, in playing book, he is attracted by Maria ‘s good visual aspect and supports her to move his lover in a drama without any consideration of her battle. Meantime, his behaviour is so frivolous in public with Maria that he leaves a bad feeling on Fanny. After Maria marries Mr. Rushworth, he ‘d wish to chat up with Fanny and makes a determination that he makes Fanny autumn in love with him. On the contrary, eventually, he is in love with her for her kindness and good manners. Nevertheless, Fanny does n’t wish his flirting with Maria at all and refuses him for two times. Harmonizing to the description of this novel, I think that merely if Henry insists on his matrimony proposal after he came to Fanny ‘s place specially to see her, Fanny will O.K. his wooing. But his rumour has already ruined his repute, image of a gentleman and his position as a affluent category. At the same clip, he has no opportunity to prosecute Fanny.

3.3 The grounds for the Creation of the Male Fictional characters

In one manus, it ‘s clear that Edmund is the lone individual who has a great consequence on heroine and forms her cherished qualities: sort, warm-heart, insightful, elegant and other virtues. In general, the function of Edmund is an indispensable and important portion which takes up instead of import portion of this novel. If there is a deficiency of it, it ‘s difficult to happen out what are Fanny ‘s virtues and can non stand out the heroine ‘s intelligence. In the other manus, with the development of the secret plan, what heroine does excel over what hero does, non merely from the portion of moving on Lovers ‘ vows [ Fanny thinks that the drama is non inappropriate and adhere to oppose it ] , but subsequently her humor from her refusal of the rich Henry ‘s proposal. In other words, compared with Fanny, Edmund lose his right way and can non beckon away smog concealed existent substance. The creative activity of Edmund paves a way for people to cognize Fanny ‘s fortes.

Mr. Henry Crawford, this character is merely like a green foliage, whose map is to against the flower which symbolizes Fanny. Even if he is rich, which becomes an of import status whether an single miss makes her head to get married or non, Fanny still adheres to her rule and ne’er be swayed by it.

3.4 Significance of the male Fictional characters

The heroes, Edmund and Henry, both two contribute to the image of Fanny. One ‘s intelligence and penetration climb down the ladder, and the other can non lodge to his promise-love Fanny forever. From the comparing between the male characters and heroine, it ‘s easy to see that females have their rights that they pursue their ain loves and they make their ain determinations. Meantime, females are non worse than males, for they have as equal rights as the males to get cognition and stick to their belief and rule, instead than blind to the feudal thoughts and feudal manners.

4. Decision

Two male characters, Edmund Bertram and Mr. Henry Crawford, are populating and vivid. When they are still kids, confronting with the first reaching of small Fanny, Edmund non merely gives a manus to her when she feels helpless, but besides plays with her when she feels lonely. In the position of societal values and life values, as to Fanny, Edmund is merely like a visible radiation in a dark dark and he teaches Fanny how to be a self-restraint, knowing individual. Meantime, educated by Edmund, Fanny has become a individual who possesses the best qualities among kids in Mansfield Park, who clearly knows what is right and incorrect. All of these virtues are shown through the development of novel. If the novel lacks the function Edmund, knowing Fanny will non look. In other words, the function of Edmund is indispensable, for he is a Moon in a dark dark, paving a route for Fanny.

Mr. Henry, who is stylish and worldly rich adult male, subsequently falls in love with Fanny. The visual aspect of him, derived from the demand of this plants, acts as a functional function, merely like foliages to flowers, which makes Fanny ‘s virtues stand out. His proposal barely interrupts the association between Fanny and Edmund. Fortunately, Fanny see that Henry is non deserved to be trusted for she witnesses he flirts with Maria. At the same clip, she persists in her love while Henry does non.

From above, these two functions are excessively of import to be neglected. Their functions are the close relation to the heroine, Fanny.

What ‘s more, as to this novel, the two functions are necessary and important for the development of the narrative. The reaching of Henry and Edmund ‘s love ( falls in love with Mary at foremost ) both make the novel reach the climax measure by measure. In this flood tide, facing with love, Fanny is consistent from get downing to stop while what the two functions do distinguishes from her. This fresh criticizes their behaviours. In other words, it appreciates Fanny ‘s ceaseless liquors in the usher of intelligence, humor and bravery.



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