Reviewing The Novel The Catcher In The Rye English Literature Essay

Jerome David Salinger, born in New York City in 1919 grew up in Manhattan and shuffled between several schools. Salinger published “ The Catcher in the Rye ” , in 1951 which was one of his most celebrated plants. The Catcher in the rye is a fresh about its protagonist- Holden Caulfield, a rebellious, negative adolescent who wants to forestall the loss of artlessness in kids.

This novel is set in first-person narrative and it revolves around Holden ‘s experiences in New York City of the yearss after his ejection from Pencey. Holden cheques into a inexpensive hotel and tells the reader about his gawky brush with a cocotte. Subsequently on, he realizes that he does non desire a meaningless relationship and rejects the cocotte. Like any other adolescent is attracted towards the thought of sex and fails in his efforts throughout the novel. This shows that he is scared of moving and prefers to remain entirely instead than being in a relationship.

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“ In my head, I ‘m likely the biggest sex lunatic you of all time saw ” Holden accepts that he is a heartless cat that does non happen any true significance in relationships. He tells us that all a cat wants from a miss is sex and that he is one of them. However, Holden proves his fright for alteration, potency, world and complexness.

In the novel, Holden seems to be isolated from the universe around him and like it that manner. As he says to Mr. Spencer, he feels trapped on “ the other side ” of life, and he continually attempts to happen his manner in a universe in which he feels he does non belong. He likes being the 1 that stands out and is alone standing in a crowd. “ All idiots hate it when you call them a idiot ” He is against most of the people in his life and believes that they are selfish and “ idiots ” . He feels particular by being different.

It seems as if Holden prevents himself from confronting the universe by being isolated. He protects himself from people ‘s inquiries and therefore wants to be entirely. One illustration could be the ruddy hunting chapeau, which advertises his uniqueness and gives him a feel of protection. The ground of this isolation seems to be his strivings and problems.

He depends upon his disaffection and does non seek to happen a solution for his problems. He refuses to accept that he is an emotional cat and is ever running off from his frights. He goes on a day of the month with Sally Hayes as he feels excessively lonely but his belief of misss being “ dense ” drives her away. Similarly, he reminds himself of the memorable times he spent with Jane Gallagher but does non hold the backbones to reach her.

He believes that maturity is a universe of what he calls “ phoniness ” and shallowness whereas childhood is the complete antonym. He sympathizes with kids as he can associate to them. He thinks that kids are simple, straightforward and guiltless. While Holden spends so much clip seeking for phoniness in others, he ne’er observes his ain defects. His misrepresentations are by and large unpointed and cruel. Holden spends two yearss in the metropolis largely by being rummy and lonely. “ I do n’t even cognize what I was running for – I guess I merely felt like it ” . He is running off from himself and is non accepting world. He enjoys being entirely, trapped in his ideas.

As the fresh returns, Holden has a sudden impulse to see his younger sister Phoebe and goes to run into her while his parents are off. Phoebe seems to be the lone character in the novel that he can openly speak with. Nothing better than his phantasy of being a “ backstop in the rye ” reveals his love for kids and their artlessness. He would merely love to walk about in rye Fieldss watching small kids play about. “ That ‘s all I do all day.A I ‘d merely be the backstop in the rye and all.A I know it ‘s brainsick, but that ‘s the lone thing I ‘d truly wish to be. ” He tells Phoebe that all he feels like making is to roll on drops watching kids playing about and express joying. He wants to be their defender and “ gimmick ” them if they ‘re about to fall off. He wants them to remain little and guiltless forever.

Holden wants the universe to be frozen and soundless, predictable and unchanged. He does non wish complexnesss that have been in his life since his brother, Allie died. His decease might even be a ground of this isolation. However, Holden needs to confront the world that in the existent universe, people do speak back and they are unpredictable. Holden does non like accepting world and oppugning himself.

Holden tends to do the incorrect determinations when he gets the right chances. Holden urgently continues seeking for new relationships, ever undoing himself merely at the last minute. He runs off to hopefully happen a significance of his life. He wants to happen an purpose for himself. Holden as the storyteller ends his narrative by watching Phoebe sit the carrousel. He himself does non sit it demoing that he has accepted to turn up and mature. He has accepted the fact that he can non ever be different from others and has to maturate like all the others are. He has realized that every child has to turn and that he can non forestall anyone to go an grownup. He watches Phoebe merrily sitting in the rain look up toing her artlessness, as she might non hold it tomorrow. “ All the childs kept seeking to catch for the gold ring, and so was old PhoebeA .A . . but I did n’t state anything. . . if they want to catch the gold ring, you have to allow them make it. . . If they fall off, they fall off. ”


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