Research On The Gates Of Lahore Economics Essay

The undermentioned research is based on the Gatess of Lahore, from those 7 are remain in their original status. The purpose of this research is to discourse the socio-economic issues of the occupants of the walled metropolis. Our premier focal point was Bhati Gate and Lohari Gate. For this intent, we visited walled metropolis 3 times. We interviewed 9 different individuals at different topographic points of walled metropolis and extracted tonss of information through them. 50 questionnaires were besides distributed among different people at snooker nines, bet oning zones, university chaps, household and relations. After garnering all the information, we worked on analysing and construing it, and eventually drew conslusions and possible solutions to the socio-economic issues.


The Gatess of Lahore have ever been the centre of attending for historiographers, tourers every bit good as occupants who have ever highlighted the historical importance and history of these Gatess pretermiting the life conditions of the people populating in these countries and the jobs faced by them. These jobs are being aggravated and they have become threats for our society.

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Research workers and historiographers have non paid attending to these issues which needs to be highlighted. Peoples in these countries are sing hapless quality of life. They do n’t hold proper civic installations like electricity, sanitation, H2O supply. In add-on to this the degree of instruction is really low and child labour is quiet dominant in these countries. Crime rate has reached dismaying degrees during the past few old ages and the life criterions have become really low.

Our survey would briefly discourse the socio-economic issues of the people shacking in these countries which will make consciousness among the authorities every bit good as NGOs. This research can be good for the society and aid to counter the increasing crime-rate in the metropolis. This can besides be advantageous for the society by informing the authorities of the jobs which are continuously being neglected by them and going the beginning of discontentedness among these people. Further, this research can turn out to be an eye-opener for both the functionaries and the upper category who can be a beginning of aid in deciding these issues.

Our survey would cover the societal issues which include deficiency of proper instruction which consequences in child labour and increasing condemnable activities. In add-on to this, the economic issues like substructure and other basic comfortss which are earnestly damaging the economic system of the country. The function of authorities in these countries is highlighted and recommendations are provided in the survey.

Literature Review

This article has been written by “Anis urRehman” , and “Bushra Anis” published in March 209 in the book titled “Dynamics of Gated Communities, their Impact and Challenges for Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Lahore, Pakistan” . This aricle was besides published in “Archnet-IJAR, International Journal of Architectural Research” This article can besides be obtained from the following URL address hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20-a. % 20urrahman-b. % 20anis-pp57-70.pdf

The chief focal point of this article is to supply a historical every bit good as a present history of the kineticss and effects of gated communities, sing the metropolis of Lahore as the chief illustration.

The article starts with supplying us an penetration into the basic construct of a ‘gated community ‘ i.e. the epoch of the gated states, gated metropoliss and the recent gated vicinities. it is followed by the treatment on how the usage of Gatess was availed in the medieval epoch every bit good as in the clip of the Holy Prophet ( PBUH ) . Then a huge item is provided on the walled metropolis of Lahore. The writer here discusses how bit by bit the gated parts have been segregated from the urban parts and are sing many socio-economic jobs. The authors so compare how the construct of gated societies has fared in Pakistan and the more developed states. They say that this thought of gated communities may be good economically for a individual sector of the population, but the harm it does socially, that is it does n’t let people to unify as one is lay waste toing. Finally a list of solutions to this issue is given.

The article raises an issue which has become rather important in the recent epoch, particularly in our state. The gated-community construct is still really much intact here, most strongly in Lahore. The articles itself is good written. The writers have presented the thoughts in rather a logical order. The subject is besides really relevant, as the segregations of such sort as an obstruction to growing and prosperity of a state. The comparing of gated communities in the US and Pakistan shows a crisp contrast.the writers at that place clearly explicate how the US can profit from such gated societies but the state of affairs in Pakistan ( Lahore ) is rather questionable. The writers have besides made sure that the issue being discussed is relevant to the current epoch. They have done this by first traveling through the thought of gated states and gated metropoliss and finally coming to the chief point that is of the gated parts within a metropolis. However, the article is surely weakened by the deficiency of interviews and studies straight taken from the gated countries of the Lahore metropolis. This is one facet which should hold been taken into history and the authors should n’t hold relied on the common position of the populace on the issue. Overall, the article can be said to be rather enlightening and even a attempt at giving people the cosmopolitan message of integrity.

Research Questions

Primary Question

  1. What are socio-economic issues of walled metropolis Lahore?

Auxiliary Questions

  1. Are occupants of walled-city satisfied by the substructure installations available to them?
  2. What is the function of authorities sing substructure of walled-city?
  3. Is authorities wholly fulfilling the occupants of walled-city sing the substructure jobs?
  4. Why crime-rate is higher in walled-city as compared to other parts of Lahore?
  5. Are you satisfied with the public presentation of disposal of walled-city?
  6. What steps should be taken to diminish condemnable activities in the walled-city?
  7. Why most of suicide onslaughts take topographic point near to the walled-city?
  8. Do occupants of walled-city feel safe at that place?
  9. To which sects most of spiritual topographic points of walled-city belong?
  10. What kind of rites performed at these spiritual topographic points?
  11. What category of people largely came to these rites and from where?
  12. Are there any security spreads at these spiritual topographic points?
  13. Are markets of walled-city are adequate able to gain foreign exchange for the state?
  14. What are the jobs faced by these markets?
  15. What is the hereafter of Pir Makki Bazaar, Shah Alam and Anarkali market?
  16. Is authorities is making adequate work to decide the issues of these markets?


The research stuff was collected from newspapers such as Express Tribune, The News, The Nation, The Dawn, and Pakistan Today every bit good as articles available in scholarly web site. The URL of web site is “https: // % 20-a. % 20urrahman-b. % 20anis-pp57-70.pdf”

We visited three times to palisade metropolis Lahore to carry on the interviews from different individuals related to different Fieldss. We took 9 interviews which are besides captured with digital camera. We besides distributed 47 ( about 50questionnaires ) which were distributed in the different vicinities of Lahore.

Analysis of Data and Discussion

Infrastructural Facilities in Walled City Lahore

Androon Shehar or Old Lahore is the bosom of Lahore. Its cultural belongings is in the signifier of garrisons, gateways, mosques, residential edifices, graves and castles. Walled metropolis and the 13 Gatess is another historical heritage we have. The Gatess are named after the topographic points they are located in or after a important edifice in their locality. Old Lahore is confronting plentifulness of jobs to which the authorities of Pakistan has been greatly nescient. The job of substructure in old Lahore is one of the major economic issues at that place. Peoples in the walled metropolis have merely adopted themselves to the manner of life in old Lahore.

Life in walled metropolis is hard and different compared to the life in new Lahore. The substructure installations are non provided which is a major hinderance for the people at that place. Infrastructure installations include proper sewage system, roads, electricity, telephone lines, transit and proper waste disposal. Infrastructure installations like proper waste disposal and sewage system are of small or no being in the walled metropolis. Peoples shacking in these countries are the lone 1s to endure and they complain that more attending is being paid by the authorities to the people in the countries of Lahore such as, Defence, gulberg, cantt, johar town, etc. The people populating in the old Lahore are non good off and so no 1 bothers assisting them.

In this modern clip small or no work could be carried out except electricity. Pakistan has been enduring burden casting for the past 3 old ages. Cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad suffer less load sloughing compared to the other metropoliss in Pakistan. The mean sum of burden casting in Lahore is 4 to 6 hours in a twenty-four hours. In the walled metropolis it is 12 to 16, this explains the difference. Electricity consequences as a major hinderance in their work. Short circuit frequently occurs ensuing in fires.

In the Pir Maki market I interviewed a general secretary of a store. He claimed that several issues impact his income out of which electricity and narrow roads play the most of import function. Shops that are a small big in size usage generators, which itself is non executable because of the lifting monetary values of gasoline, and others use ups or work without electricity. The streets in the walled metropolis are narrow and the houses there are old. No proper transit installations are at that place. Car parking is a major job. Peoples have to park their autos on chief roads which once more consequences in traffic jam. Our gross revenues maintain low because people avoid coming into the market without their vehicles and for many noise pollution in walled metropolis is another ground. The gross revenues vary every month due to which workers hired are non paid fixed salary. Many of the people even quit their concern in hunt of occupations because of the loss they suffer and many start affaire d’honneur occupations.

Short circuiting frequently causes fire. In the walled metropolis this consequences into pandemonium as every edifice is linked to the other. Narrow roads go a hinderance for ambulances and fire brigades to come in the specific country. Peoples who already are gaining small earn none so for some clip. The concerns of people vanish. And the economic system of the country finally collapses.

The one thing that most of the people were now satisfied with was the issue of security and the building of roads at different Gatess. Crime is usual in this portion of Lahore. Hustle and hustle of plentifulness of people serves as a good topographic point for pocket choosers and other offenses. But the people in pir maki market and anarkali claimed that the larcenies and offenses have been reduced with the debut of the ‘Muhafiz force ‘ by the authorities. Several muhafiz roam the country devising certain that order is maintained. Although decreased larcenies and snatch are still usual. Cars and motorcycles are stolen at high rates because of the parking jobs. A police officer outside the ‘Data Darbar ‘ when asked answered that at least 2 kids from this country are kidnapped every twenty-four hours. They are so sold and out of the 10 lost merely one would be found. Although the condemnable activities are cut downing but they are far from over. It ‘s still a long journey to do them disappear.

A major infrastructural installation that abides many of us to come in the country is the proper sewage system and waste disposal. No waste disposal installations are at that place. Peoples populating in the interior countries of ‘Roshnai gate ‘ and ‘Bhatti gate ‘ face proper disposal jobs. As the roads are narrow the waste is merely thrown out of the house or in a nearby topographic point that becomes a waste disposal country for many life at that place. The olfactory property of the waste is intolerable. Abdul waris, a local tradesman from anarkali, stated that there are no proper washrooms constructed by the authorities. He added that there is no proper sewage system. The pipes frequently get blocked and so the H2O from the cloaca would stand on the roads for yearss. He said ‘when we complain what they do? They ca n’t halt believing about the well off people populating in gulberg and else. ‘

Heavy rain creates plentifulness of jobs for the people populating in and countries near different Gatess. The foundation of old Lahore is weak as it was constructed a long clip ago. As the streets are narrow the H2O would stand for yearss. Due to rain the income of assorted is affected. As the streets are full of H2O people abide from come ining the markets and acquiring out of their places. And non all of the people in these countries own stores. Peoples work on stables most of which get destroyed when heavy rain occurs.

The degree of instruction provided in these countries is really low. Due to poverty and less awareness many parents do n’t even trouble oneself directing their kids to school. The literacy rate in Pakistan is really low. And this explains why child labour is common and adept. After questioning one of the instructors of Rang Mehal School named ‘Muhammad Younas ‘ we came to cognize that the degree of instruction is backwards will non let the kids to stand out. He said that this was due to less skilled instructors and the deficiency of financess. He said this is why most of the parents here prefer that their kid earns instead than surveies and wastes their money.

Condemnable Activities in Walled City

As existent monetary values are increasing and deficit of goods and services is besides increasing, this consequences rising prices. And rising prices seems to be ensuing unemployment. And unemployment is straight relative to increase in condemnable activities. Statisticss of past decennary Tells us that condemnable activities are increasing with unusual rate worldwide, so is the instance in Pakistan. Crime rate is increasing everyplace in Pakistan and with the same rate in Lahore. Lahore is the biggest metropolis of Pakistan with regard to population factor. Lahore is standing on the first rank by population of about 1.5 million harmonizing to the nose count of 2006 ( Musharaf Government ) . So, rise in the condemnable activities in Lahore is a large thing to worry for National every bit good as Provincial Governments. ( I would besides wish to advert here that this figure merely includes people those are registered in the database of National Database and Registration Authority [ NADRA ] with their National Identity Card, Form ‘B ‘ , or Birth Certificate. )

If we go through different day-to-day printing newspapers of Lahore and 24×7 intelligence channels so we would come to cognize that there is non a individual twenty-four hours when nil felon is go oning on the streets of Lahore. But, if we make a direct comparing between walled metropolis and staying parts of Lahore so we come to cognize that more offense incidents are go oning in walled metropolis as compared to the other parts of Lahore. I have indiscriminately picked 50 intelligence points sing condemnable incidents in Lahore from 5 different day-to-day printing newspapers of Lahore of past 5 old ages such as Pakistan Today, The Nation, The News, The Dawn, and Express Tribune. And from these 50 intelligence points, thirty-two were about the condemnable incidents which happened inside walled metropolis and staying were about the condemnable incidents happened in Lahore excepting walled metropolis. So it can besides be seen from this random study the difference between lifting tendency of condemnable activities in walled metropolis and staying parts of Lahore excepting walled metropolis.

There must be some ground of this difference in the Numberss of condemnable activities of walled metropolis and other parts of Lahore. So, if we move farther to analyze these different statistics within one same metropolis. Then, we would come to cognize that most of these condemnable activities comprises of belongings difference slayings, nomadic snatchings, auto larcenies, bomb blasts and last but non the least suicide onslaughts. Bomb blasts and self-destruction onslaughts is the job of whole state but if we analyze it with figure game so once more walled metropolis is taking in front so the staying vicinities of Lahore. There must be some logic behind these different offense tendencies of walled metropolis and staying parts of Lahore. These differences have segregated Lahore into 2 parts. Non occupants of walled metropolis are non experiencing safer in shacking in the walled metropolis even they consider hazard to their lives to see walled metropolis in the darkness of sky. Residents of walled metropolis are besides really disturbed due to twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours addition in these condemnable incidents.

“The lifting tendency of condemnable activities is due to many grounds. Poverty is really common in the walled metropolis. Majority of houses of walled metropolis are non certain of proper agreement of repast of following twenty-four hours. Most of the people work on day-to-day pay system which is non guaranting their wages for whole month and it forces them to follow the way of offense. Narrow streets and complex web of streets is the primary arm of felons for nomadic larcenies and other street crimes.”

( Muhammad Waqas, Personal Communication, April 4, 2011 )

My visit to palisade metropolis made me to believe on the words of Guddu. The narrow streets and highly complex web is truly advantageous to the street felons. If we look to the map of walled metropolis so the interlinked streets of walled metropolis can be referred as the lines drawn on a page by a little kid. If a street condemnable bits billfold or nomadic phone and run so he can non be traced due to complex web of streets of walled metropolis. This complex web of street is assisting street felons to carry through their illegal activities. One more noticeable thing which I would wish to include here is that walled metropolis constabulary is besides incapacitated in such instances. As streets are narrow so constabularies can non trail these street felons on their constabulary Mobiles.

In some of the vicinities of walled metropolis, streets are such narrow that if one individual on motor bike is coming on pes from opposite side so other base on ballss while somewhat turning his. From this illustration, you can pull a image of narrowness of such streets of walled metropolis. Such streets can easy be seen in the vicinities of Shairanwala Gate and Lohari Gate. So, if walking for two individuals parallel is about hard so following a stealer on constabulary mobile even on constabularies bike is besides equal to impossible. So, here street felons get an advantage of this drawback of such streets of walled metropolis. Car larcenies are besides possible due to these narrow streets because occupants are unable to park their autos in their garages or outside their houses. This drawback of these narrow streets forces occupants of walled metropolis to park their autos off from their houses. And stealers can take profit themselves from this state of affairs. Due to this, visitants to palisade metropolis ( non occupants ) afraid of parking their autos in walled metropolis for long clip.

Condemnable activities are non merely the issue of walled metropolis whole state is enduring from terrorist onslaughts. Peoples of walled metropolis are besides disturbed and confronting due to the terrorist onslaughts go oning in the near-by countries of walled metropolis like whole Pakistan. In the past 5 old ages, terrorist activities are ruling in the whole state. Same is the instance in Lahore. And if we take a expression to the figure so once more vicinities of walled metropolis are taking in front so the staying vicinities of Lahore. If we analyze the grounds behind the lifting tendency of terrorist onslaughts so we would come to cognize that bulk of these suicide onslaughts or bomb blasts happened near the spiritual idolizing topographic points of walled metropolis.

Walled metropolis is besides really celebrated for its spiritual worshipping topographic points. These spiritual worshipping topographic points are historical topographic points of Pakistan. Their antique characteristic is their original beauty which besides tends tourers every bit good as other people to see there which consequences heavy crowd at these celebrated spiritual idolizing topographic points. Famous spiritual idolizing topographic points of walled metropolis are Data Darbar ( Tomb of Syed Abul Hasan Bin Usman Bin Ali Al-Hajveri ) , Badshahi Masjid, Masjid Wazir Khan, Suneri Masjid ( Sheeshon wali Masjid ) , Karbala Gamay Shah and Doongi Masjid. We have visited Data Dabar, Badshahi Masjid, and Suneri Masjid. From our visit to these spiritual worshipping topographic points, we came to cognize that there is non a individual twenty-four hours when these spiritual worshipping topographic points are non full of crowd. One noticeable thing here is that most of the clip terrorists attacked Data Darbar. There could be two grounds of this unusual behaviour from terrorists. First, they are taking an advantage of unusual crowd of Data Darbar as terrorists are ever in hunt of topographic points where more people could be found. Second, terrorists could be belonging to the school of idea those considers all the activities performed in Data Darbar anti-Islamic. So, they want to deter all the activities performed at such worship topographic points like Gravess of saints are bowed by their followings or visitants. It could be any ground from two of these or it can besides be any other ground besides these.

I have visited to Data Darbar and I came to cognize that followings of Hazrat Syed Abul Hasan Bin Usman Bin Ali Al-Hajveri do non see activities performed at Data Darbar anti-Islamic. During my visit to Data Dabar, I had a personal communicating with Muhammad Khurram Hanif who is a occupant of Saidpur, Multan Road, Lahore and follower of Hazrat Ali Hajveri.

“All these activities are non anti-Islamic. This is a manner to esteem a true follower of Allah Almighty as he was the ‘Wali of Allah ‘ ( friend of Allah Almighty. ) If terrorist onslaughts on Data Darbar to deter us and our worships so terrorists can non halt us by such onslaughts. These terrorists are non familiar with Islam that is why they are sing all these worships anti-Islamic. If any terrorist will read my interview so it is his message to him that followings of Allah Almighty, and His darling Prophet ( PBUH ) will non afraid of these bomb blasts and self-destruction onslaughts because their lives are for Allah Almighty and His Beloved Prophet ( PBUH. ) ”

( Muhammad KhurramHanif, Personal Communication, April 4, 2011 )

And if we look towards the long list of suicide onslaughts or bomb blasts at Data Darbar, there should be less people at Data Darbar now. But harmonizing to the really little personal communicating with different visitants to Data Darbar, we would come to cognize that even after the heavy decease losingss, people are non afraid of these terrorist onslaughts. They are still sing Data Darbar.

Economic Issues of Walled City

When we talk about the economic system of a peculiar country we mean all the activities taking topographic point associating to capital and investing. Markets are the major topographic points where all these activities are carried out and assist growing. There are plentifulness of markets in the walled metropolis of which celebrated are Shah Alam Market, Anarkali and Akbari Mandi. The markets are of important importance as they have been built during the times of Mughals and most of the lahori population rely on these for their demands. Furthermore these markets have maintained their heritage and architecture boulder clay today but the concern community there is besides confronting troubles due to the old substructure and installations provided at that place. Shah Alam market is the biggest and the most celebrated sweeping market of Lahore. The market possesses all the basic comfortss from food market to jewellery. The market construction nevertheless is non really promoting for clients as it consist of narrow streets and route but people are attracted due to its inexpensive monetary values and assortment of goods supplied here. I personally surveyed the whole country and asked the positions of the tradesmans every bit good as the people who came for shopping. They were of the position that they are non provided proper civic installations. The clients complained that they have to walk over roads full of H2O and soil. Further the status of the stores is really bad and there ‘s no proper planning for the whole market. The concern community seemed hopeless when I asked them to compose these issues to the authorities. I personally interviewed a tradesman who has been making concern at that place from the past 20 old ages, he told me that they have electricity issues and they have to utilize generators alternatively. The patrol monetary values are lifting and the increasing burden casting hours further increases the load on the tradesmans as generator usage is increased. The labour category working in these markets receives low rewards due to less gross revenues and the proprietor experiences loss as he has to bear the excess generator cost. In add-on to this he farther complained that there is no proper agreement for parking of vehicles and this consequence in traffic jam. The occupants populating at that place face troubles as autos are parked in the already narrower streets, frequently barricading transition. I interviewed a portion clip worker who worked at a jewellery store to gain a life. He told me that his salary depends on the gross revenues during a month so the addition in load casting puts off the clients added by the scorching heat and besides some clients find the sound of generators really annoying which finally leads to take down gross revenues and less salary as the proprietor is sing a loss. In utmost instances the workers lose their occupations to cut down loss, so they are left with no other pick but to take up more than one occupation, like he worked at the jewellery store boulder clay 5 and so on a gas station during the yearss of low sale. The tradesmans who can non afford generators are left with no other option but to abandon their concerns and seek for other occupations for their support. This earnestly amendss the economic system of the country. The Shah Alam market is really celebrated for electronic goods, each and every type of electronic good is available here but the tradesmans complain that there are no installations available in instance of fire as it has been caught up by fire really frequently. The construction of the whole country is really near to each other accompanied with narrow streets so is there is a fire it spreads to the edifices nearby really rapidly and because they are linked to each other it keeps on distributing which can be black. Recently a immense fire broke out in shah Alam market which resulted in the combustion of ware deserving one million millions of rupees and loss of cherished lives. The concern community faced heavy losingss in the consequence of these fires which have become really common.

The Anarkali bazar is another historical and one of the most celebrated markets of Pakistan. But this market is besides provided with limited installations which finally lead to less people coming for shopping and consequences in loss to the tradesmans. After holding a conversation with a local tradesman abdul waris at anarkali I came across many unnoticed jobs like the tradesmans were holding security issues as larceny had become rather common from the past 2 old ages and legion autos and bikes have been stolen. Abdul told that due to improper planning for parking there was ever a traffic jam in anarkali bazar nevertheless he did appreciated the work done by authorities in supplying a lined route into the anarkali bazar which is of great comfort to the populace. Furthermore he farther told that business communities every bit good as clients faced troubles as there were no proper washrooms provided by the authorities.Rang mehal is another country located in shah Alam gate and “sua bazaar” situated in rang is mehal is really celebrated for its jewellery. The occupants of the country faced jobs as the degree of instruction provided in the country was really low and lower- category households by populating their felt neglected both by the authorities every bit good as the societal society. The rang mehal school is a celebrated school in the country and which was one time a missional school. After communicating with one of its instructors Mohammad younas I came to cognize that the instruction provided to the pupils of the primary degree is excessively backwards and disused. He told me that “The pupils will non be able to stand out and last in the competitory universe outside by the instruction they are having here” . Half hearted authorities attempts have resulted in hapless quality instruction in this country due to miss of financess available along with less experient staff members.

Due to increasing rising prices people are unwilling to direct their kids to schools and childs are forced to take up occupations in order to last. In an interview Mian salman ( A local tradesman ) told me that “since the monetary values have increased particularly of sugar and wheat their gross revenues have gone down to zero” . Peoples have to hunger and finally they have to choose other options which are major cause of the increasing offense rate. The tradesmans have to switch to other occupations which are more good or switch their stores to other topographic points where they can hold better gross revenues.

The occupants of the country feel neglected as the authorities has failed to fulfill them. The occupants of the country were concerned about the increasing offense rate and that the narrow streets were non lighted with street visible radiations at dark and people became more vulnerable to theft. The issue was raised by the populace but boulder clay now no enterprise has been taken and the streets of the walled metropolis still remain unlit. The equal makki bazar near lohari gate is the chief market for its occupants and the country experiences traffic jobs due to invasions. In an interview a tradesman at equal makki bazar imran tribal sheik says “there was a slum in buying power due to increase in prices” . He suggested that the authorities should take stairss to cut down rising prices and supply installations to the concern sector to increase the economic system of the state. The authorities can play a critical function in the development of the concern sector which will finally convey prosperity in the state. Furthermore when the economic system improves education improves and the criterion of life additions which is one of the chief issue in the walled metropolis.

Religious significance of the walled metropolis

The walled metropolis is known as “androon sheher” which refers to Old Lahore. It has in its boundaries the most historical and religious edifices. Data darbaar ( Tomb of Syed Abul Hasan Bin Usman Bin Ali Al-Hajveri ) , Badshahi Mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan are merely a few of the celebrated mosques and memorials present in such countries. These are topographic points which have a rich history of tradition and civilization. The two Gatess, bhaati and lahori gate are of extreme importance every bit good. They excessively are a symbol of our traditions and civilization. Whenever the idea of sing these topographic points crossed my head, I felt down because I ever had the feeling from childhood that these topographic points were really ill organized and merely set, filthy and dirty. But when I really visited the gated countries ( after a long clip so ) , I felt rather excited. These topographic points were astonishing and beautiful. It was my first visit to Data Darbaar and I was really satisfied to eventually seeing the topographic point. Data Darbaar was the topographic point from where I gathered the most material for my sphere as the Director of Data Darbaar and the Manager of Data Darbaar ( Mr.Sheikh Qayyum ) were highly helpful in edifying me on the specific issue of the spiritual significance and impact of it on the socio-economic issues/problems of the area.”Why are people ever foregrounding the jobs and negative sides of such traditional topographic points? You people should take a expression at how such topographic points have been important in edifying the population and conveying spiritualism to life” ( Mr.Sheikh Qayyum, personal communication,2011 ) . These were the words of the director when we foremost tried to ask him about other spheres of this research undertaking. In the interview and treatment with him that followed, I acquired a important sum of information about my sphere.

First, I came to cognize that about 35 thousand people visit the Data Darbaar every Friday, through Gate figure 1 merely that is. The entire figure would sum up to be about 100,000, which can be considered as rather large. Mr.Sheikh Qayyum started with these figures because he wanted to stress on the big figure of believers that visit the Data Darbaar mosque. He told me that this is arguably the largest figure of believers garnering for the Friday supplications anyplace in Lahore. The ground he gave was that there is a immense figure of followings of Syed Abul Hasan Bin Usman Bin Ali Al-Hajveri.This seemed to be true as I myself saw a figure of highly devoted followings of Syed Abul Hasan, who is besides known as Data Ganj Baksh. Although I would besides add the fact that free nutrient is distributed among the people to the ground for the big balls of population sing such countries. The fact that tremendous sum of people visit the darbaar for one ground or another, has positive every bit good as negative impacts. A sense of spiritualism develops in the Muslims through sing the Data Darbaar mosque but the big figure besides contributes to condemnable activities. I will non speak about that issue as it is a sphere assigned to another member of my group. However, I will surely discourse the spiritual point of position. Mr.Sheikh Qayyum tried to convert me that the Data darbaar is playing a important function in fundamentally driving the population toward Islam. He invariably kept utilizing the figures of monolithic sums of people sing the topographic point daily. I was convinced that this is so the instance. However, when I interviewed people outside the darbaar I received assorted perceptual experiences about the Data Darbaar. Besides, the information I got from the questionnaires indicated that they are non wholly convinced about the construct of the Dara Darbaaar. “The instructions of Data Darbaar are 100 % un-islamic and our state should non idolize Data Ganj Baksh” ( Rasheed Ahmad, personal communication,2011 ) .This was the sentiment of one of random people I interviewed outside the Data Darbaaar. Most of the people shared the same position that the word Data must non be used as it refers to the One who gives, and God is the lone 1 who gives. Besides idolizing a individual ‘s grave is considered un-Islamic. After analysing both the stuff I got from the informations darbaar and from the general populace, I concluded that the instructions of Data darbaar are n’t wholly convincing and its historical significance is merely an attractive force for the populace which cause the big figure of visits.

Another beginning of stuff for my sphere came from equal makki bazaar.i interviewed the general secretary ( Hafiz Bashir Ahmad Shakir ) of the market. Apart from sharing with us the socio-economic jobs of the country which evidently had much negative impact, the one positive facet of the walled metropolis was the spiritual attractive forces of it. When I asked him the inquiry that what are the peculiar attractive forces and their impacts, his answer was “Definitely our market benefits from the vicinity as the milieus have a figure of spiritual and cultural edifices. Majority of the people visit the walled metropolis to witness the topographic points such as Data Darbaar, Badshahi Masjid and Minar-e-Pakisan” ( Hafiz Bashir Ahmad Shakir, personal communication,2011 ) . This seemed to be relevant because when we interviewed the local constables and general populace, they said that the major ground people come to shop in these countries is so the spiritual attractive force of the walled metropolis. This was the one positive consequence of the cultural value of the country. However, in recent old ages the walled metropolis has become victim of a figure of terrorist onslaughts. This excessively can be related to the spiritual factor of the topographic point. The chief motivations of terrorists are to make gaps/sects between the Muslim community and promote hatred among the Sunnis and Shias. That is why such topographic points are targeted in order to raise struggles among these different religious orders of the Muslim Community. In an interview with a occupant of Saidpur Multan Road, Muhammad Khurram Hanif, I came to cognize that many of the Muslims ever blame the other religious order for such terrorist events which lead to increased hatred among the Muslims. However, people like him who are austere followings of Data Ganj Baksh are non demotivated by such onslaughts and maintain sing the walled metropolis. This testifies to the fact that the religious attractive forces for the Data Ganj Bakshs followings is really positive.

Finally, after all the research and analysis of the stuff I obtained, I concluded that the spiritual factor positively contributes to the economic conditions of the walled metropolis as many people are attracted to the country merely because of the historical and religious edifices. However, the spiritual point of position besides contributes to terrorist onslaughts and the instructions of Data Darbaar are itself rather questionable.


After analysing our all research stuffs every bit good as research tools we came to the decision that: the substructure installations are rather disused. Streets are really narrow. Largely three -four storey houses are built. These infrastructural jobs are non merely faced by the occupants of walled metropolis Lahore but besides the concern sector is disturbed due to these substructure issues. Better instruction should be provided through different consciousness runs. Less sum of infinite is rather invalid for the big sum of people sing such topographic points daily. This is the root cause of condemnable activities in the country. The spiritual factor positively contributes to the economic conditions of the walled metropolis as many people are attracted to the country merely because of the historical and religious edifices. However, the spiritual point of position besides contributes to terrorist onslaughts and the instructions of Data Darbaar are itself rather questionable.


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