Reflection on Learning with Learning Contract Essay

In this assignment. I need to reflect on the state of affairs that took topographic point during my working group. In this contemplation. I am traveling to utilize Gibbs ( 1988 ) Brooding Cycle. This theoretical account is a recognized model for my contemplation. Gibbs ( 1988 ) modal of contemplation consists of six phases to finish one rhythm which is description. feelings. rating. analysis. decision and an action program. Description I was put in groups for a hebdomad to work through a set of undertakings. There was a mixture of males and females with a broad scope of ages.

There were some people that played a portion in the group activities and there were some that did non. this was what contributed to the dislocation in communicating in my group. The first twenty-four hours we got into groups. we had to make a acquisition manners questionnaire. In this questionnaire there were four types of acquisition manners. which where militants. reflectors. theoreticians and pragmatists ( Honey. 1973 ) . In my group of seven we were made up of reflectors. theoreticians and pragmatists.

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On the 2nd twenty-four hours we did a group activity about the accomplishments cognition and attitudes that a wellness attention professional should hold. During this undertaking we were divided has a group even more because we all had different positions on what we thought was the ideal wellness attention professional. Day three we did a Kohlberg’s moral quandary ( 1981 ) where we had to take whether Heinz should steal the drug or non. My group was divided on whether he should steal the drug or non. On twenty-four hours four we did a ego and peer-evaluation questionnaire.

I felt really frightened in the group puting because I preserved that I was the youngest in the group and I did non cognize anyone. which I was really aghast me because I am usually a really confident individual. I besides felt really out of topographic point I truly did non like being in a group that did non snap with each other. I so started to acquire concerned that we would non acquire any of our group undertakings finished. My 2nd concern was that in a hard state of affairs that we might all argue because we all had such different positions. But I was besides excited to see what might hold come out of the group undertakings.

I besides think at that place should hold been an iceboat undertaking ; this would hold eased us in. Evaluation The good experiences of the group undertakings were that I learnt about myself and how other people work in little groups. It was besides good to listen to other people’s sentiments. It was besides good to work with people I would non needfully work with outside of these groups that were chosen for me. The bad points were that we has a group did non gel ; there was a deficiency of communicating throughout the whole hebdomad. I besides think at that place should hold been an iceboat undertaking. Analysis.

There were no militants in my group and I think this is why there was a dislocation in my group because militants like to be involved in new experiences. They are unfastened minded and enthusiastic about new thoughts but acquire bored with execution. They enjoy making things and tend to move foremost. Where reflectors. theoreticians and pragmatist are more reserved and like to believe first and take a back sit ( Honey. 1973 ) . Some points of the undertaking went good which were that as a group we found out what acquisition manners are and what the positives and negatives of each acquisition manner and how we can utilize it to better are larning sweetening.

The other members of the group besides contributed on what they thought each acquisition manner meant and if they thought it was a true representation of them. But some merely did non lend I am non certain if this was because they were diffident or did non desire to state the incorrect thing or intimidated by the big group. Decision I have learnt a batch for from working in my group. I learnt to set myself in the others places and understand why people acted in a certain manner. I came off being really emphasized and willingness to understand that non everyone is non the same.

But now it has become a normal manner of thought and reacting to a peculiar state of affairs. So I have turned my contemplation into larning. I have read that the more we read and think about a state of affairs the more we can place they importance of contemplation ( Boud et al. 1994 ) . I have besides learnt that ‘‘the basic unit of communicating is made up of a transmitter. a receiving system and a message set within a peculiar context’’ ( Ellis et al. 1994. p. 4 ) .

Action program If the state of affairs came up once more there would be a batch I would alter one of which would be more considerate to the group member’s feelings. Second I will go on to reflect and analyze the causes of why things go incorrect. Reflection is based on leting us to anchor our ideas and maintain us focussed. This helps to forestall contemplation traveling off the topic. ( Dallas et al. 2005 ) . I would besides wish feedback because feedback is critical for development and alteration. Feedback is of import to the ongoing development of us has worlds. ‘Feedback is cardinal to developing learners’ competency and confidence’ ( londondeanery. 2010 ) .


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