Real Theme Of Lord Of The Flies English Literature Essay

Although bookmans have frequently debated about the thematic elements in William Golding ‘s authoritative book, Lord of the Flies, it can non be disputed that he unfolds the iniquitous nature of adult male. This is apparent in the book through the Continual haughtiness that Jack has through out the book, the sense of power that the male childs feel when they have power over other living things on the island and the immorality perpetrated by the “ good ” characters every bit good as the “ evil ” 1s. These and other facts make it obvious that the iniquitous nature is the subject of this novel that Golding wanted to show.

One can see that the fresh Lord of the flies is about the iniquitous nature of adult male through how barbarous Jack becomes. It ‘s obvious that Jack was already egoistic and chesty when they foremost got on the island, much like the selfish characters in “ The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind ” ; However unlike that narrative, Jack ne’er becomes selfless. This is best seen when the male childs are seeking to make up one’s mind who should be the head of the folk. “ ‘I ought to be main, ‘ said Jack with simple haughtiness ” ( Golding 22 ) Another clip that we see what Jack is like on the interior is right after they decide to mount the mountain and Piggy wants to travel excessively. “ You ‘re no good on a occupation like thisaˆ¦We do n’t desire you ” ( Golding 24 ) Besides, after the male childs have split and there are merely a few in on group and the frest in the other, Jack ‘s folk bargains Piggy ‘s spectacless from the smaller group ; “ in his left manus dangled Pigg ‘s broken spectacless. ” These spectacless, nevertheless, are a symbol of power, non merely to the reader, but to the characters as good ; whoever has the spectacless had the fire. The spectacless are besides really particular to Piggy because without them he ca n’t see, yet they were taken from him. This is much like in the short narrative “ Liberty ” how the immature miss ‘s Canis familiaris was taken from her. These are merely some of the illustrations of Jack ‘s inner ego, Jacks iniquitous nature.

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The 2nd chief ground that Golding ‘s subject for Lord of the Flies is about adult male ‘s iniquitous nature and how atrocious it is, is how merely like wickedness. At first the male childs seem all right and peaceable nevertheless as clip goes on their sentiments and their ways of believing alteration a batch. When they had merely crashed on the island they were content and had regulations that made sense. When Jack foremost killed the first hog he felt somewhat bad about it. This is the most obvious right after they had killed the first hog and Jack proudly announces that he was the 1 who cut the pharynx ; but what he says right after this statement lets us cognize he was still diffident about it: “ And yet [ he ] twitched as he said it ” ( Golding 69 ) . The exhilaration of holding control over a living thing made him desire more and more until it consumed him. “ We want meat, ” ( Golding 51 ) is a phrase that Jack invariably says along with “ we need meat ” ( Golding 51 ) Jack is besides says “ if merely I could kill a hog! “ ( Golding 55 ) Jack even goes so far as to state “ Bollocks to the regulations! We ‘re strong, we hunt! ” ( Golding 51 ) .Yet, even though Jack says he wants to acquire meat for the folk, and at first that might be his lone motivation, later it is obvious that all Jack wants to make is Hunt and putting to death.

The 3rd ground that this book ‘s subject is humankind ‘s iniquitous nature is that even though Jack is the chief individual who becomes more and more like a barbarian without any regulations or Torahs. All of the male childs, apart from Simon, do enjoy holding power over another living thing. Not merely holding the power but utilizing the power even when it is on another homo. Roger, one of the older male childs, besides enjoys this power over others. Even though Roger was non killing anything ( yet ) he showed his power by kicking over the “ littluns ” sand palaces and so by flinging sand at them doing them call. All the other huntsmans besides helped kill the hogs and even the “ littluns ” enjoy holding this power over other life animals. “ This was intriguing to Henryaˆ¦He became captive beyond mere felicity as he felt himself exerting control over living things. “ ( Golding 61 ) Even Ralph enjoyed this feeling after he had hit the Sus scrofa with the spear “ ‘I hit him! The spear even stuck in a spot! ‘ aˆ¦Ralph talked on excitedly ” ( Golding 133 ) screening that even the “ good ” people have a iniquitous nature. Besides, another manner we see that they all had sin nature ( including Piggy ) was that all of the male childs, the littluns excessively, helped kill Simon in their fright. This is pointed out clearly when the book says, “ Piggy and Ralphaˆ¦found themselves eager to take a topographic point in this demented but partially unafraid society. ” and “ even the littluns ran and jumped on the exterior of the circle. ” ( Golding 173 )

These grounds all point to the same thing ; the iniquitous nature of adult male. It is because of the fact that the male childs were iniquitous before they had even been on the island more than a few hours. Another fact about this is the male childs ‘ avidity to command others grew the more they did it ( much like wickedness ) . Another fact about the book that makes the subject the sin nature of adult male is that they all participated in the iniquitous Acts of the Apostless that happened on the island. Because of these grounds, among others, it is obvious that the subject for Lord of the Fliess could be nil other than the iniquitous nature of world.

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