Ralph and Jack’s Conflict between Good and Evil in Lord of the Flies Essay

? Ralph and Jack’s Conflict between Good and Evil in Lord of the Flies Over the ages. human behaviour has shown that pureness of idea leads to a similar action and finally to an result that is consistent with the original idea. Conversely. the history of adult male is tainted with his built-in lecherousness for power and greed doing great struggle. In Lord of the Fliess by William Golding. the writer contrasts the moral ideas and workss of his flawed hero Ralph to the ego satisfying motivations and actions of his adversary Jack.

The wane and flow of good versus immorality on the island is driven by the moving ridges of positive and negative ideas in the heads of the two chief characters. Ralph and Jack’s uninterrupted battle of good versus immorality is non merely between the two of them. but is within their ain heads every bit good. Jack shows his disposition towards selfishness and force while Ralph keeps a lovingness and positive head towards the group’s endurance. The male childs have a meeting on the top of the mountain to discourse what to make next refering their endurance. which gives doodly-squat the chance to convey up hunting: “’It broke away-‘ ‘Before I could kill it- but- following clip!

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’ Jack slammed his knife into a bole and looked unit of ammunition challengingly” ( 31 ) . Already Jack begins to uncover his aggressive and violent nature. Jack has the sentiment that being dominant and seen as powerful is more of import to his ain endurance. while Ralph thinks about the endurance of the group as a whole. Jack’s hunting is more about a selfish demand than about supplying for others. During the first Hunt. Jack goes to fulfill his hungering for meat and power: “He swung his right arm and hurled the lance with all his strength.

From the pig-run came the quick. difficult spiel of hoofs. a castanet sound. seductive. maddening- the promise of meat” ( 49 ) . Jack’s Hunt for meat has become an obsessional hunt for power and a manner to show his strength to the male childs. He believes that catching and killing a hog and conveying it back for the others is the ultimate manner to demo that he is dominant and better than them. Jack is now consciously incarnating his evil ideas into his physical visual aspect. After recognizing his hunting methods are non equal. Jack paints his face into a mask in order to run more successfully: “Jack planned his new face.

He made one cheek and one eye-socket white. so rubbed ruddy over the other half of his face and slashed a black saloon of wood coal across from right ear to go forth jaw” ( 66 ) . He is consciously utilizing the colors black and ruddy to show the darkness and thirst for blood interior of him. Jack besides shows his immorality and choler in the manner he sharply slashes the wood coal onto his face. Ralph’s deeper degree of believing leads him to take positive action towards bettering conditions on the island.

Ralph walks along the beach and come to realization merely how severely things have deteriorated on the island: “With a paroxysm of the head. Ralph discovered soil and decay ; understood how much he disliked perpetually flicking the tangled hair out of his eyes. and at last. when the Sun was gone. turn overing noisily to rest among dry leaves” ( 82 ) . Ralph’s ideas. while non wholly good. have helped him to recognize how bad the really state of affairs is on the island and what he needs to make to halt the state of affairs from acquiring worse. Ralph’s universe of order is pitted against Jack’s universe of pandemonium.

At the meeting. Ralph tries to restore the regulations and Jack is openly disputing his authorization: “Ralph summoned his marbless. ‘Because the regulations are the lone thing we’ve got! ’ But Jack was shouting against him. ‘Bullocks to the regulations! We’re strong- we hunt! If there’s a animal. we’ll Hunt it down! We’ll stopping point in and round and round and beat- ! ’” ( 99 ) Ralph expresses his good ideas in a manner to maintain justness and order on the island. while Jack tries to destruct any hint of this with ideas of rebellion and power over Ralph’s jurisprudence.

When Ralph realized that he can non win. he gives into the bad ideas that consume the island. Ralph is the last one left who still has a sense of order and is being hunted by the others for non holding with their ways: “But so the fatal blind cognition came to him once more. The breakage of the conch and the deceases of Piggy and Simon lay over the island like a vapor. These painted barbarians would travel further and further” ( 204 ) . He experiences bad ideas sing his endurance and develops a sense of hopelessness and futility.

Ralph. easy losing his ain saneness and at the loss of Piggy and Simon at that place to bring on good ideas. is left to conceal and assail the others for his ain endurance. Ralph is wholly overwhelmed by the ideas of good and evil. He flees from the barbarians onto the beach where he finds. standing before him. a naval officer with a ship at his dorsum. “… Ralph wept for the terminal of artlessness. the darkness of man’s bosom. and the autumn though the air of the true. wise friend called Piggy” ( 225 ) .

All of Ralph’s ideas crash down on him at this minute and he is overwhelmed by the truth of man’s inner immoralities and by the decease of his loyal and good friend Piggy. The struggle between the two characters. Ralph and Jack. is underlined by the good and evil idea spiels that straight lead to the actions they each take. While good ideas bear good fruit and bad ideas bear bad fruit. the possible for good and evil prevarications within all of world. Works Cited Golding. William. Lord of the Flies. London: Faber and Faber Limited. 1958. Print.


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