Private Limited Liability Company Bv Economics Essay

Our company is a private limited liability company, which means that the company is owned by stockholders whose portions are in private registered and non freely movable. As stockholders, the lone liability we have is for the sum we have put in the company.

Tax will be charged on the sum of our net income, normally known as income revenue enhancement. The income revenue enhancement rate for companies is every bit follows:

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Taxable net income up to EUR 200,000A A A A A A A A A A 20 %

Taxable net income above EUR 200,000A A A A A A A A 25.5 % .

To officially register our company in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, an application for a new concern was sent and shortly after accepted.


Livezy has set several ends that it would wish to accomplish during the class of its concern. Some it would wish to accomplish during the first twelvemonth itself, and some within the approaching 3 to 5 years..

1 ) To supply first-class client service throughout Livezy ‘s full class of making concern.

2 ) To set up a merchandise distribution system that provides flexibleness and is dependable to our retail merchants.

3 ) To advance Livezy ‘s merchandises in local and foreign markets, including on-line media.

4 ) To accomplish a brand-awareness degree of at least 1 per centum of all consumers or concerns within the market.

5 ) To increase its function in dealingss to societal duty.

6 ) To hold a market portion of at least 1 % within the first twelvemonth.

7 ) To get down selling our merchandises to new markets after the first twelvemonth.

8 ) To do 5 % return on my capital at the terminal of this twelvemonth.

External Analysis


Demographical Aspects

Over the last decennary, the Dutch population has increased with 11.6 million dwellers to about 16.7 million in 2012. ( The National Public Health Compass ) . The population growing on norm is equal to 1.1 % per twelvemonth. An of import development is the ripening of the Dutch population. The largest group is formed by the age group 40-65 old ages ( 35.7 % harmonizing to statistical yearbook 2012 ) . In 2012, 16.2 % of the population is 65 old ages or older, while in 2011 this portion was approximately 15.6 % . The ripening of the population is besides reflected in the development of demographic force per unit area. In recent old ages, the gray force per unit area ( the ratio between the people aged 65 or older compared to people in the age group of 20 to 65 old ages ) increased from 22.8 % to 26.8 % . In the same period the green force per unit area ( the ratio between people aged 0-20 compared to the people in the age group of 20-65 old ages ) decreased from 39.8 % to 38.5 % .

As illustrated above, the proportion between work forces and adult females in the general population is rather balanced. There are nevertheless differences between the different age groups. Harmonizing to CBS, the proportion of work forces aged 65 or older is lower than that of the adult females.


For the past few old ages, the figure of families has increased significantly. A research of CBS about the figure of families in the periods 1971-2011, illustrated that the figure of multi-person families and single-person families has increased a batch. ( beginning: CBS population tendencies, 4th one-fourth 2011 ) .The figure of families in 2011 is around the 7.5 million and is increasing faster than the population. This is chiefly due to the significant addition in the figure of single-person families in the Netherlands

Future chances

The CBS expects a farther growing of the proportion of the aged in the Dutch population. The tabular array below shows an aging extremum around 2040. We can see that the older age groups are going a larger portion of the population. This is besides reflected in the gray force per unit area, which will go on to increase. Sing the families, a farther addition is expected in the hereafter. Harmonizing to the new family chances, CBS expects the figure of families to increase with 1 million to 8.5 million in 2045. After that a little diminution is expected to 8.4 million families in 2060. The addition of families will peculiarly originate in the class of single-person families. The composing of the families will besides be really different. One-half of the single-person families will dwell of aged, whereas the per centum now is merely 31. This is partially due to the aging population. More and more people are entirely because their spouses die or they go to a nursing place. Another ground is that there are comparatively more divorces which leads to smaller families.

Beginning: CBS ‘Key figures of the population prognosis, 2010-2060 ‘

( Since our merchandise was besides being sold in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg we added a small information about these states and their demographics. )


The entire population of Luxembourg is 509,074. There are 207,300 families – of which 25.5 % are 1-person families. The tabular array below shows the age construction ( for 2012 ) of this state.

0-14 old ages

18.1 % ( male 47,411 / female 44,540 )

15-64 old ages

66.9 % ( male 171,152 / female 169,282 )

65 old ages and over

15.1 % ( male 31,941 / female 44,748 )

The average age of the population of Luxembourg is 39,5 old ages. The average age of work forces is 38.4 and for adult females it is 40,5.


The population of France is 65,630,692. The tabular array below shows the age construction of this state:

0-14 Old ages

18.7 % ( male 6,285,130/ female 5,998,821 )

15-64 old ages

63.8 % ( male 20,954,160/ female 20,937,651 )

65 old ages and over

17.5 % ( male 4,857,441/ female 6,597,489 )

The average age of the population in France is 40.4, for male it is 38.8 old ages and for female it is 41.9 old ages.

Some statistics about bivouacing in France:

Camping is the No. 1 type of vacation in France

Camping in France comes 2nd merely to the Numberss of those bivouacing in the U.S.

There were 104 million nightlong campground corsets in 2010

There are around 6 million Gallic campers per anum

There are around 2 million foreign campers, largely Dutch, Germans and British


The population of Belgium is 10,438,353. The tabular array below shows the age construction of this state:

0-14 old ages

15.9 % ( male 846,706/female 812,486 ) A

15-64 old ages

66.1 % ( male 3,475,404/female 3,416,060 ) A

65 old ages and over

18 % ( male 783,895/female 1,096,926 )

The average age of the population in Belgium is 42.3 old ages, for male it is 41 old ages and for female it is 43.6 old ages.

In 2011 there were about 735.000 campers in Belgium.

Economic Aspects

The Netherlands today has the 5th largest economic system in the euro zone and the 16th in the whole universe. The Netherlands has invariably been looked upon as a affluent state with really profitable chances for foreign investors. This unfastened and comfortable economic system is extremely noteworthy for its stable industrial dealingss, moderate unemployment and rising prices rates, a significant trade excess, and is dramas an of import function as a European transit Centre for many international companies. The Netherlands holds place to many large companies such as Heineken, Shell, Philips, and ING.

The Dutch have besides had a really powerful force in international trade, which contributes strongly to its economic system. They are the universe ‘s 6th largest exporters and 2nd in the euro zone. Most of their exports include agri-cultural merchandises, fuels, chemicals, machinery and equipment, and metallurgy. This in-turn makes a positive impact on the state ‘s GDP. The Gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) is the market value of all officially recognized concluding goods and services produced within a state in a given period.

Over the past few old ages, the Netherlands GDP has been steadily increasing, except in 2009 where there was a bead due to the euro zone crisis.. This can be seen on the graph below.

Furthermore, the Netherlands is known to be a popular vacation finish in Europe. With Amsterdam being the most visited metropolis, appraisals show that foreign tourers spend about a‚¬10 billion a twelvemonth in the Netherlands.


Sing rewards in the Netherlands, A the mean wage a individual earns could run from approximately a‚¬18,000 to a‚¬35,000 a twelvemonth. However, employees besides receive extra payments at Christmas and as holiday money in the summer, which usually amounts to least 8 % of their gross one-year wage. Since 2012, the minimal monthly pay in the Netherlands is 1446 euros. From this sum, merely about 30 % goes to revenue enhancements. Additionally, it can besides be stated that an single wages around a 100 euros a month for wellness insurance. Keeping this in head, the net lower limit pay ends up being 989 euros. Compared to Europe, They are higher than in Spain and Italy, but lower than in England and Germany.

Cost of life

The cost of life in The Netherlands used to be reasonably inexpensive. However, since the debut of the Euro, monetary values have gone up dramatically. An mean household of four with mean incomes can anticipate their net incomes to be divided as follows:

Housing: 26 %

Health insurance: 5 %

Shopping: 7 %

Day attention: 21 %

Internet, telecasting, telephone: 3 %



The Netherlands is good known for its high revenue enhancement rates. For 2011, the entire revenue enhancement on income ( income revenue enhancement plus compulsory pension, societal security and province funded medical attention payments, all of which are a per centum of income ) for individuals under 65 was as follows:

For the portion of income up to a‚¬ 18,628: 33 % ; revenue enhancement on a‚¬18,628 is a‚¬6,147

For the portion of income between a‚¬18,629 and a‚¬33,436: 41.95 % ; revenue enhancement on a‚¬14,808 is a‚¬ 6,212

For the portion of income between a‚¬33,437 and a‚¬55,694: 42 % ; revenue enhancement on a‚¬22,257 is a‚¬9,348

On all income over a‚¬55,694: 52 %

Fortunately, some exiles are allowed to a revenue enhancement decrease. This revenue enhancement benefit is called the 30 Percent Ruling and allows employers to pay foreign employees 30 per centum of their rewards. Last, At the terminal of each fiscal twelvemonth ( April ) everybody populating in the Netherlands is required to declare their disbursals and incomes from the old fiscal twelvemonth. Based on the declaration the Dutch revenue enhancement decides if you should pay back revenue enhancements or have an amount.A

Buying Power

The Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics reported in 2010 the strongest diminution in buying power since 1985: which was -0.5 % . The merely other twelvemonth that showed a diminution was 2005, when it dropped by 0.3 per centum.


A cardinal factor that has contributed to the diminution of the purchase power of the Netherlands is Inflation. The rate of rising prices in The Netherlands, is frequently referred to as the rate of rising prices based on the consumer monetary value index ( CPI.. The Dutch CPI indicates that alteration in monetary values of a standard size of goods and services that is consumed within a Dutch family at market value. In order to mensurate rising prices, an appraisal is made of how much the CPI has risen in per centum footings over a give period compared to the CPI in a preceding period. Presently, the rising prices rate of the Netherlands shows a addition in 2.30 % .

Social Aspects

In the Netherlands and the other states there are they merely few seeable marks of civilization differences, although those minor differences have a great symbolic value in making societal differentiation. The Most noticeable differences are seen in lodging, ingestions spiels and community engagement. The Dutch people do non depend wholly on category background when societal engagement is concern, but lower-income families tend to hold more engagement in the community life than high-income families. It ‘s proven that lower category people are in general much more frozen and less restrained in contacts with neighbours and relations. They are interested in being portion of the community life. Does n’t Matter how high nor low your income is in the Netherlands, Every Dutch family loves to pass their vacations at least one time a twelvemonth in a encampment site. It ‘s easy proven on the charts below.

Although, it ‘s a chart of 2007, it ‘s still rather a batch. As seen above, 3.6 million people stayed on Dutch bivouacing sites in that twelvemonth. The figure of bivouacing invitees has been all but stable since 2000. Merely the summer of 2003 stands out as it was exceptionally hot and dry. No fewer than 4 million invitees stayed on campgrounds in the Netherlands in that peculiar twelvemonth. Most guest that visit the encampment sites are Dutch. The per centum of the Dutch aid is between 74-78 % . Refering the aliens that visit the Dutch encampment sites, Germany is on top with 58 % , followed by United Kingdom, France and Belgium with 10,8 % .

Due to a colder temperature in the European cotenant, Europeans tend to be much more outside people. Due to the fact that most of the clip the conditions prohibits many things and as effect have everyone indoors. But when summer comes in every European to make list is full of out-of-doorss activities, and encampment is one of those.

Technological Aspects

The Netherlands has ever been an advanced state. It is a prima side in the universe of engineering by being a really influential exporter. For case Nederlands are the chief exporters of machinery and natural gas in Europe. It is besides celebrated by its high-tech merchandises, which they besides produce and export. This has a large influence on the Dutch population doing it open-minded and by and large ready to utilize new merchandises. Most of the people who live in The Netherlands are said to be early adoptive parents because of their will to seek new and different things. This includes non merely the immature coevals but besides middle-aged and even aged people. This environment is really good for advanced merchandises and it is considered to be rather successful for them.

Sing ICT, the Netherlands is good known for the usage of information engineering in its society. The Netherlands compared to other states ranked 9th in the universe on the 2009-2010 Global Information Technology Report followed by Germany and China. The Dutch besides have an increasing market when it comes to e-commerce. Online shopping is easy going more common to many Dutch consumers.

Furthermore, when we are looking at the encampment industry, particularly the proficient portion of dishware, there have n’t been many developments over the last old ages. The latest invention or standard point is a unstained steel or plastic tray that is normally used. However, due to the nature of the Dutch, it can be said that they will be wiling to seek out different merchandises in order to avoid the negatives of the fictile dishware that will be more lasting, compact, and utile.

Ecological Aspects

Over the class of the last old ages the environment has become more and more of import in the Netherlands and the other states. harmonizing to the statistics of the CBS the pollution has been steady since 1990 there were a few extremums and beads but the degree of pollution stayed the same. The Dutch authorities wants to cut down pollution to make a better environment. The consumers of today want a healthy environment for their kids. Therefore a company should hold a ‘Green Image ‘ . In the Netherlands a company can profit from being labeled as ‘Green ‘ .

The consumers became cognizant of the fact that fossil fuels are non everlasting, and are expected to be consumed within 50 old ages. Since fossil fuels are running low there should be made usage of other energy beginnings. Our company can profit by utilizing Green Energy Sources, on the one manus because it gives a Green image on the other manus the costs of utilizing these energy beginnings are lower than utilizing fossil fuels.

The 27th of October 2004 the Dutch authorities took on the ordinance of the European parliament and of the council on stuffs and articles intended to come into contact with nutrient and revoking Directives. Since 2004 the regulations of this ordinance have non changed. The chief regulation refering our merchandise is that “ no substances should be transferred to the nutrient in measures big plenty to jeopardize the wellness of consumers, and the stuff should non convey a alteration in the composing of the nutrient. ”

Companies benefit by being sustainable in the Netherlands.

There are several benefits for companies which are sustainable:

Cost nest eggs by utilizing less energy

Cost nest eggs by use of carefully chosen natural stuffs

Geting into new markets with sustainable and advanced merchandises

Better promotion through a better image of the company

Cleaner workspace and because of that more attractive to work at that place

Healthier workclimate

The authorities wants to do the economic system and society more sustainable, they see this as an chance for companies. By making sustainable thoughts a company can increase the prosperity through which they strengthen their market place.

The authorities does non entirely experience responsible, the civilians, companies and organisations should be able to believe of their ain sustainable thoughts. The authorities suspects that by giving companies more infinite to take enterprise they will greatly lend to a healthier, cleaner and more bearable economic system.

Political Aspects

The Netherlands is described as a consociational province. Dutch political relations and administration are characterized by an attempt to accomplish wide consensus on of import issues, within both the political community and society as a whole. In 2010, The Economist ranked the Netherlands as the 10th most democratic state in the universe. However, Netherlands has different regulations and ordinances standardized by European Union, provincial governments and Dutch national authorities in the country of Product Development.


In the Netherlands the undermentioned legal signifiers exist: one-person concern, private company ( BV ) , public company ( NV ) , partnership ( VOF ) , partnership under civil jurisprudence, limited partnership ( CV ) , association, co-operative society and foundation. Sing partnerships though, the two common picks result in being Vennootschap onder firma ( VOF ) A or the Commanditaire Vennootschap ( CV ) .

Contentss of Types of Partnerships

As mentioned above, the two common picks for partnerships remain to be the ( CV ) or ( VOF ) . The difference is that in the VOF is a partnership with two or more spouses who work together to run a business.A All records are saved except the private recordings and sedimentations. Additionally, the net incomes of the company per portions are split based on the understandings made at the start of the company, nevertheless they still remain in the company. This so means that all associates areA besides responsible for the full debt of the company. Therefore when organizing a VOF a solid understanding should be made and should consists of trusty spouses. The greatest advantage of a VOF for a starting concern is that it is able to have certain revenue enhancement benefits.

Compared to the VOF, the CV is a limited partnership that has been created to supply investors with a flexible manner to able to take portion in the company, nevertheless being merely limited to the investing. This means there is at least one spouse who is non taking portion in the day-to-day personal businesss ( the Limited Partner ) . The chief disadvantage though of the CV is that the losingss are accounted of separately.

The Commercial Register

All commercial organisations in the Netherlands, with the exclusion of some little concerns, must register in the Commercial Register ( Handelsregister ) , which is kept by the several Chambers of Commerce. This Register registers some specifics of the commercial organisation in inquiry like name, reference, topographic point of constitution, concern activities, legal signifier ( private or public company ) and direction ( members of the direction board, authorized representatives ) . The end of the Commercial Register is to advance legal security in making concern. Around one million organisations are registered in the registry.

Harmonizing to article 2:3 of the Dutch Civil Code, Registration is a legal duty to all companies and legal individuals. Legal individuals are amongst others associations, corporations, private companies ( B.V. ) and public companies ( N.V. )

Merchandise liability

In the Netherlands, the manufacturer is apt for harm caused by a mistake in a merchandise, which can include:

-The deficiency of a safety proviso

-Unsound instructions for usage

-The deficiency of warnings on the merchandise

-The manufacturer is non apt in instances such as the followers:

-The merchandise was safe when foremost launched on the market, but was no longer so at a ulterior day of the month ( e.g. due to impairment )

-The merchandise was non originally intended for commercial intents

Designs and theoretical accounts jurisprudence

The designs and theoretical accounts jurisprudence makes agreements for the protection of designs and theoretical accounts of merchandises in the Benelux. After payment, you can hold your merchandise theoretical account or design registered with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property ( BOIP ) . Your merchandise will so be protected in the Benelux under designs and theoretical accounts jurisprudence. The merchandise must affect a new theoretical account or a new design. In return for payment, the BOIP can look into in the registry whether a peculiar theoretical account has already been registered and published. The BOIP can besides supply information about the protection of your design or theoretical account outside the Benelux.

Trading Policies

Trade policy, dwelling of decreases in import duties and other trade barriers and the creative activity of the EU internal market, besides has a important impact on trade growing, although much smaller. Without any liberalisation of trade policy since 1970 the ratio of trade ( excepting re-exports ) to GDP would hold been approximately 8 % – points lower. By gauging the trade enhancing-effect of trade policy on GDP we conclude that trade policy has contributed 6 % to 8 % to the growing of national income in Netherlands since the 1970s. Foreign Direct Investments ( FDI ) experienced a monolithic but fickle growing, largely in the last two decennaries.

The Liberalization of trading policy is a cardinal factor to our concern undertaking and as concern grows, the enlargement will convey about the benefits of this trading policy in the Netherlands.

Competition Analysis

As any other merchandise on the market we besides have competition, which means that we have to supply our clients with characteristics and benefits that are non offered by our rivals in order to win.

To find our completion, we took visited a few encampment stores to analyze certain merchandises that seemed to be possible rivals.

One of the chief rivals we have is a company named “ Sea to Summit ” which sells its merchandises on its ain web site. It besides sells its merchandises to retail merchants like Bever Sports. Their bowls, cups and home bases are made of flexible Si sing to the European criterion. They can turn up up and are easy to utilize. The names of the merchandises are “ Ten Plate ” , “ X Bowl ” and “ X-cup ” . They offer several different colorss. Here is a table demoing their monetary value.

0_29707700_1267194971.jpg 1000w.jpg



Monetary value

Ten Bowl



Ten Cup



Ten Home plate



Other possible rival is a company named “ Light my fire ” . It provides the market with an out-of-door repast kit which consists of a Spork ( mix between a fork and a spoon ) , cutting tabular array, 2 home bases, a little cup with a palpebra, and a little waterproof box to maintain all these things dry. All these contraptions are nicely fit in one set. It is besides possible to take from four different colorss. Its name is MealKit.


“ Light my fire ” has late designed a alteration of this merchandise.

It contains two more things – an egg-shaped box and a pack-up-cup ( 260ml ) . The new merchandise offers about 10 different colorss and its name is MealKit 2.0. There is a table demoing the stuff and the monetary value of the merchandises.



Monetary value




MealKit 2.0



We realized that certain section Stores that sell a big assortment of dishware though are rarely used by campers. Shops such as IKEA, Blokker and HEMA offer inexpensive and standardised family bowls, cups and home bases. The following tabular array shows an approximative monetary value of this sort of dishware that the stores offer.




Price ( approx. )


Home plate











Selling Plan

Marketing Aims


Time Period


January 01 – March 31, 2013


April 01 – December 31, 2013


January 01 – December 31, 2014


January 01 – December 31, 2015

Our company has based its selling aims on the approaching three old ages and divided it into 4 stages. The stages are described in the tabular array below

Phase 1

Introduce our merchandise into the bivouacing market in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Form a relationship with at least 3 re-sellers that are willing to sell our merchandise in their concerns to consumers.

Sell about 2000 pieces

Create merchandise and trade name consciousness.

Establish market portion of 0.5 per centum

Phase 2

Maintain Competitive Shelf Space

Establish 5 more re-sellers that are willing to sell our merchandise.

Sell a lower limit of 10,000 pieces due to an increased sum of re-sellers and top out bivouacing periods from the stoping of June to mid – September.

Improve merchandise and trade name consciousness.

Phase 3

Sell about 20000-25000 pieces throughout the class of the twelvemonth.

Lower merchandising monetary value monetary values due to production addition ( Planing Strategy )

Continue constructing a positive trade name image.

Start merchandising in Scandinavia, where bivouacing and wildlife activities for persons are more abundant.

Phase 4

Become a distinguished company in selling bivouacing tableware equipment.

Enter foreign markets in the European Union.

Introduce a complementary merchandise or merchandises that will promote consumers to non merely purchase our merchandise but instead both merchandises. For illustration: an mutable knife, spoon, and fork.


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