Preschool Graduation Speech Essay

Thank you all for coming on this particular twenty-four hours to observe the graduation of the Pre-K “Rockstars” category of 2011. This is a monumental juncture in the lives of our kids. It is besides a clip to acknowledge the outstanding work and support of all the staff here. the parents. and most of all the pupils. Merely looking about at the smiling faces says so much about the civilization here at our school. Each forenoon. my bosom merely thaws. when I see those smiling faces that are followed by their warm embracings which continually remind me of why I love learning and how lucky I am to be a portion of their lives. I am so impressed with their advancement this twelvemonth and they have grown to see larning as merriment. exciting with a passion that will assist them as they advance with their instruction. Looking in front. our kids are really good equipped to take on the following portion of their personal and educational lives. They have formed have a strong foundation and I feel particularly confident that we have given our kids a great start in life with the cognition of many invaluable lessons. So. To the Class of 2011. Pre-K Rockstars. “My Chickadees” : • challenge yourself

• have a sort bosom
• enjoy larning
• give back to others
• laugh and love
• And be all you can be!
In shutting. I would wish to give this verse form to my particular chickadees…This one is for you… . “To My Special Chickadees” I want to allow cognize.

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How much you mean to me
And how fast the twelvemonth did travel!
Please come back to see me
All through the old ages you grow.
Try to larn and love all that you can
There is so much for you to cognize
I’m sword lily I am your instructor
I’ve come to love you so.
I can’t believe the terminal is here.
It is so difficult to see you travel
The one thing I tried to learn you
to last your whole life through.
Is to cognize that you ever be “my particular chickadees”
And there’s is no 1 else like you! So it’s with all my bosom

I send you on your manner.
with great hope and outlooks
for old ages of felicity and cloud nine to remain.


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