Personal statement Essay

Life is a challenge and poses hard state of affairss at every measure. Importantly. every individual learns of import lessons through experience and my adversities and larning experiences began when I decided to come to the United States. entirely. As I sat outside the house at 2. 15am on a stop deading New Year forenoon of 2008. I felt down. lonely and ache. All my efforts to open the door of the house with the keys provided to me had failed and the telephone went unreciprocated. Here I was outside the gate for the 3rd or 4th clip. punished for being late. with nowhere to travel to. no relations. support or household.

Merely difference was the old times I was merely a few proceedingss tardily from my portion clip occupation which I had undertaken to back up myself financially and this clip I was with my college friends. go toing the countdown party for the New Year. The temperature was below stop deading point and I felt like a mendicant sitting on the streets. with no topographic point to remain. I began to remember the minute when I decided to come to America for farther surveies. after successfully graduating from high school. I was overjoyed at the chance of fostering my instruction in the US. an chance given to me by a friend and concern spouse of my male parent.

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I was enraptured. small recognizing the troubles which I would encounter. When I moved into the house. the household was rigorous and made unacceptable regulations like no cell phones. limited usage of the bathroom for merely 10 proceedingss each twenty-four hours. promptitude of clocking when returning from school or work. no permission to turn hair. compulsory church meetings etc. to my discouragement. I even found them opening my personal letters and listening to my phone calls discreetly. Despite being livid at this attitude. I obliged to their conditions due to their concern relationship with my male parent and the fact that I had no other aid in the US.

But on the New Year dark of 2008. I decided that it was adequate and I would non take it any longer. I spoke to my parents and after a long treatment I decided to go forth the hateful household. As expected. I was forced to let go of several 1000s of dollars. which were my lone nest eggs. With no house. no money. no auto and school about to get down in a week’s clip. I was on the roads. To my fortune and surprise. a classmate of mine offered me her topographic point to remain temporarily. nevertheless. with no transit ; I had to retreat from my ESL category which positioned me as an F-1 pupil with visa jobs.

Even my parents were confronting enormous troubles and issues with their concern spouse and I could non seek fiscal aid from them for my tuition fees. insurance or life disbursals. Despite all the hurdlings. God was sort and I got a occupation at a coffeehouse. which enabled me to work out some of my fiscal jobs so that I could pay for my tuition and continue with my instruction. Additionally. I besides encountered some good people in /Atlanta. who supported me through bad times. I besides made some really good friends who stood by me through midst and thin and did non allow me experience that I was lonely in the universe.

Remembering the twelvemonth 2008 as a twelvemonth of jobs. troubles and unhappiness in add-on to challenges and cryings. I consider the twelvemonth to be one great larning experience which has enabled me to larn of import lessons in life and the value of friendly relationship. Amidst all the challenges and issues. I besides experienced merriment. laughter and great friendly relationships. due to which I do non repent my determination of coming to the United States and get downing a life entirely on my ain. Even today. I do non repent the determination to go independent in life since the adversities and experiences are chances to larn and smooth myself to go a better and stronger person.


I'm Petra

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