Personal Responses To I Have A Dream English Literature Essay

America was built by the people who were seeking for freedom and equality ; they met in a new land and started to construct it as a land of freedom. Ironically, over 100 old ages after the Independence Day of America, freedom and equality were still unachievable luxury for many people, particularly people from different races than white. Colored Americans had to endure through racial unfairness and favoritism. One of the greatest militants who fought against those inequalities was Martin Luther King Jr. In his momentous address, “ I have a dream ” , King called for racial equality and the terminal of favoritism. The address consolidates my belief that people from different races have the right to be treated every bit. It besides reminds me how difficult it was to derive freedom and justness, and encourages me to stand up and do dreams come true.

With allusions invoked from widely respected beginnings as Bible, the United States Declaration of Independence, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the United States Constitution, King described how defeated his fellow inkinesss were when the authorities broke their promises by giving his chap a “ bad cheque ” . The inkinesss suffered legion inequalities ; they had to imbibe “ from the cup of the resentment and hatred ” . The inequality was non even covered up ; there were edifices with “ For White persons Merely ” marks including the vote topographic points. But King still believed in justness, believed in his “ dream ” : “ we are free at last ” . He was non woolgathering for African American merely, he dreamed for a universe of equality, a universe where people from different races are treated every bit.

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The American authorities besides contributed to let down their black citizens by interrupting their promises, which besides disappoints me. After the declaration of the Emancipation Proclamation, the inkinesss expected that the Government would make what they promised: supplying the “ inalienable Rights ” of “ Life, Liberty and the chase of Happiness ” . But so, the Government exposed their undependability giving to their black brothers a “ bad cheque ” , they left their citizens “ lives on a alone island of poorness ” . In my sentiment, Government is the organisation that supposed to file away what it promised but in this state of affairs, they lured African Americans to fall in their ground forces with the promise of freedom and affluent so leave them with poorness after the war. I could hardly keep my choler when I know that the American authorities had treated colored Americans as they were non official Americans.

I feel so down when I listen to the first portion of King ‘s address about the unfairness that the inkinesss had to fight with before they gained their civil rights. “ Five mark old ages ” after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, the African americans still were segregated. Although they were considered American citizens on paper, they were non treated as such. Despite the fact that there was no longer bondage, inkinesss were still treated as inferior ; they were non allowed to vote, they were non allowed to travel to topographic points specifically designated as “ For White Merely ” , and they were even absurdly prohibited from sitting at the forepart rows on coachs. I can non accept the manner that some Americans treated their black brothers and sisters back so, it was racism. It is so bad knowing that black people were treated as even lower than the lowest category in American society.

I am impressed and encouraged by King ‘s strong belief in justness and his neglect for his state of affairs. King said “ we refuse to believe that the bank of justness is belly-up ” , “ we hold these truths to be axiomatic, that all work forces are created equal ” . They did non merely dream, they were ready to contend for what they believed, King described their willing by this say “ to work together, to pray together, to fight together, to travel to imprison together, to stand up for freedom together, cognizing that we will be free one twenty-four hours ” . Those quotation marks emphasize that despite all the unfairness that they had to endure through, the bad interventions from their white brothers and the prevarications from their authorities, they still believed in justness and wanted to “ do justness a world ” . I admire the inkinesss ; they kept their belief and fought for it no affair what obstacle they might meet. The address alarms me that believing and making must travel together in order to file away a end.

Another item that makes me admire King is that he had led his chaps on a peaceful-war. He suggested that his followings should non utilize “ physical force ” in their conflict because he understood that he was contending for peace and peace can non be created by aching the others. And he besides said “ we must lift to the olympian highs of run intoing physical force with psyche force ” . Although he was spliting to derive freedom and racial equality for his race, he tried his best to avoid any physical struggle.

I am inspired by the dream of King, a universe of equality, brotherhood and freedom. In that universe, everyone can “ be able to sit down together at the tabular array of brotherhood ” no affair what colour they are, no affair where they are from. Peoples will wipe out all of the bad memory of bondage and unfairness, they will non believe approximately themselves as superior or inferior. In that universe, people will be treated every bit and “ non be judged by the colour of their tegument but by the content of their character ” . There will be no barriers between faiths and races “ black work forces and white work forces, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to fall in custodies ” . The universe in King ‘s dream inspires me with its beauty, there is no such thing more beautiful than an equal, happy and peaceable universe.

Through the address, I was touched by the great love of King for his state. That love was first showed in his attention for his fellow inkinesss, an indispensable portion of America. Besides that, he had implied his nationalism through his address “ this state will lift up ” , he wanted to “ transformaˆ¦ our state in to a beautiful symphonic music of brotherhood ” . He does non merely love and care about his followings but besides care about and love his white fusss “ Their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom ” . It is a great love of a nationalist for his state and its citizens. In my sentiment, King was willing to contend for his state, which is what makes him unforgettable in Black Marias of Americans.

The address was delivered from the bosom of a adult male who was willing to interchange anything he had for freedom and civil right for his state. His continuity has inspired me ; it makes me desire to stand up for my dreams and my rights. It besides makes me appreciate the freedom that I have because I know to make it ; many people had sacrificed even their lives. King ‘s plants have been continued by many militants, he would love it if he could see that.


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