Parent Child Relationship In To Kill Mockingbird English Literature Essay

Parents, whether good or bad, are the most influential people in a kid ‘s life. In Harper Lee ‘s To Kill a Mockingbird, the parent-child relationships the writer offers demonstrate the effects of good and bad parental function theoretical accounts. The town of Maycomb, Alabama, consists of many tight knit households looking out for each other. The impact of other people on the kids of these households may be great, but the strongest influences, or deficiency thereof, belong to the parents. To Kill a Mockingbird utilizes the relationships of Scout and Atticus ; Mayella and Bob Ewell ; and Dill and his male parent to show that kids look to their parents for moral counsel, lessons which affect their hereafters.

In the instance of Scout and Atticus, good moral counsel consequences in all right determinations and actions. Atticus instills a strong sense of morality and justness into both of his kids, and he is wholly dedicated to them. Atticus ever has a sense of making what is right and attempts to acquire Scout to make the same. When Jem starts to undergo pubescence, he instructs Scout to get down moving more like a adult female, which irritates Scout. Scout looks to Atticus for some advice and Tells Scout to “ see things from his point of position ” ( 39 ) . Atticus understands that Scout is immature but teaches her that people should non judge but seek to be compassionate towards others by stepping in their places. Lookout addresses her male parent “ Atticus, ” an action many people would see as a mark of discourtesy, but they both love each other. It is shown that she loves him when Cecil Jacobs tells Scout that Atticus “ defends niggas ” ( 99 ) . After she gets in problem, Atticus asks her non to believe with her fists, but Scout says that “ [ she ] could take being a coward for him ” ( 102 ) . Scout feels highly proud contending for Atticus because even though he does non inquire much of her she feels good for being able to assist him. Atticus ‘s lessons have turned Scout into a better, and more respectful individual by learning her to command her emotions.

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In contrast to Scout and Atticus ‘s relationship, Mayella and her male parent ‘s relationship has taken a bend for the worst since Mayella does non hold a proper male parent figure. The Ewells are one of the town ‘s least well-thought-of households. The household, which has around 10 kids, lives behind a shit. During the test of Tom Robinson, the Ewells ‘ household life style is revealed to the whole town. When Atticus inquiries Tom, the town finds out that Bob and Mayella ‘s relationship is an opprobrious and a sexual 1. Tom tells Atticus that “ she ne’er kissed a adult adult male beforeaˆ¦an ‘ what her dad do to her make n’t number ” ( 260 ) . Mayella reveals that Bob still abuses her because she states “ what her dad do to her ” in the present alternatively of past tense. Mayella is shouting out for person to care for her because she can non trust on Bob since he invariably gets intoxicated and wanders around town. Because of the test, the Ewells ‘ societal position falls even lower and Mayella ‘s hereafter is ruined because Bob ‘s private actions are now revealed. Bob ‘s maltreatment to Mayella besides caused an guiltless adult male to decease.

Another relationship in the narrative is that of Dill and his male parent, which reveals that a deficiency of a father figure can besides act upon a kid ‘s life. Dill ‘s relationship is stronger with his friends than with his male parent. After he leaves Maycomb for a piece, he finally runs off from place before the test and ends up at Scout ‘s house. While they talk, Dill tells Scout that his male parent remarried and “ they merely were n’t interested in himaˆ¦and they did n’t desire [ Dill ] with them ” ( 190 ) . Dill ‘s deficiency of a relationship with his birth male parent has driven him off from his hometown, and has left him with an unsure hereafter as he finds comfort and counsel from Scout and Jem until he can happen an appropriate function theoretical account.

A big bulk of kids in the universe look up to an authorization figure. In Harper Lee ‘s To Kill a Mockingbird, she gives illustrations of different effects of different ways of parenting. The relationships between Atticus and Scout, Dill and his male parent, and Mayella and Bob Ewell show that the lessons learned or non learned, affect the receiver and can either assist them go a good or bad individual. These relationships make people think about whether holding a parent who teaches bad ethical motives is better than non holding a parent at all.


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