Operations Technology and Organization Structure: An Empirical Reappraisal Essay

Organizations are in changeless provinces of alteration in construction. processs. competition. and technological promotion and there is an of all time turning desire to better on public presentation and service bringing. For the successful integrating of alteration. organisations must administrate and implement procedures that revolve around employees. procedure and construction. The exclusive ground for integrating is because one can non be changed without changing the other. If the integrating proves to be hard. so the organisation has to interrupt down and sometimes spots of it either crumble or become separate entities. This was the initial ground for the split of Intercos Asia Pacific from Intercos group.

From the staunch differences in strategic planning every bit good as way between direction forces. Intercos Group made it possible for the directors with different sentiments to hold a separate entity. Intercos Asia Pacific. Many companies validate the theory that organizations most frequently assume a additive patterned advance from the clip of its birth to that of its diminution. This construct is based on the organisational life rhythm. Harmonizing to Hayes & A ; Wheelwright ( 1979 ) . as companies evolve. they are faced with both new challenges and chances and. hence. they must follow superior direction controls and systems. On the other manus. harmonizing to Kilzer & A ; Glausser ( 1984 ) . the challenges faced by companies can be successfully managed through careful planning and growing timing. eventuality and tactical planning. keeping an operational budget and the just intervention of all stakeholders. Tice ( 2007 ) stated that in order for a concern to be successful and remain in competition. so it must be adaptable. decisive. collaborative and self cognizant. therefore furthering invention and surgically put to deathing the set scheme.

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Research collected from interviews conducted with direction forces at Intercos Asia Pacific reveals that there are several factors that companies like Intercos Asia Pacific should larn in order to stay competitory. command a ample market and have the capacity for growing. The first major measure would be to aline the company’s ends with the internal and external environments of the company. Bing a new concern. Intercos Asia Pacific has to happen its terms in the market. being a rival of Intersco Group that has a large caput start. Having to get down constructing itself from the land up is non an easy undertaking for the company given that the market is already cut pharynx. Several drastic alterations shall hold to be implemented in order to go competitory and remain profitable as a separate entity from Intersco Group.

Target Group for Research

The chief ground why the interviews were conducted with the mark being directors was because. at the clip of interviews. the directors were non confined to specific sections. The directors involved understood the running of the concern in general. Oliver ( 2004 ) pointed out that the chief ingredients for organisational growing being “talent management” whereby the leaders are able conceptualize. In order to suit the challenges that come with growing every bit good as startups. directors at Intercos Asia Pacific have to develop their direction accomplishments. implement schemes at the right clip and eventually do sound accommodations to their attitude and character. Directors at Intercos Asia Pacific understand that alteration or passage entails them to hold to set their personal ends. managerial abilities. operational and strategic abilities. If they are to stay competitory. they have to do the uttermost usage of their limited resources. because they no longer have the huge resources provided at Intersco Group. However. their experience in Intersco Group should come in ready to hand for the directors since they understand the market. therefore non doing them wholly helpless.

Great directors are ever characterized as decision makers. planimeters and enterprisers and the grade in which they utilize these features depends mostly on the state of affairs Therefore. the manager’s demands and those of the concern have to be in synchronism in order for growing to take topographic point and in the instance of Intercos Asia Pacific. for a concern to acquire started. Battling the job of gross revenues growing can be a tall order for a new concern. However. being a little fish in a large sea can hold its advantages such as easy manoeuvrability within the Waterss. Most big companies are more captive on continuing their repute and so there is some patronages that they would instead maintain away from. For a company like Intercos Asia Pacific such is non the instance and this new market should be exploited with ardor and decorousness. Although this concern has to stay 100 % legal. this new market can assist Intercos Asia Pacific addition land. The resources at the disposal of Intercos Asia Pacific may be limited. but this does non intend that that the company has to be a entire failure. The concern that this market provides can most likely end up being the major beginning of income for the company.

Customer keeping is another job that Intercos Asia Pacific faces during its inaugural yearss in the market. It is better to hold ten loyal clients than to hold 50 prospect clients because concern can be snatched from the organization’s hands if it does non maintain the clients satisfied. Osborne ( 1994 ) concluded that successful companies are non chiefly based on the management’s competences. certificates and experience entirely. Success of Intersco Asia Pacific has been attributed to the company’s ability to bring forth income. its squad of employees and its concern construct. For this ground. retaining clients is a measure in the right way for Intersco Asia Pacific particularly being a company covering with cosmetics. This sort of concern to a great extent relies on recommendations and consistent clients. For this ground. when Intercos Asia Pacific additions land. it should endeavor to keep the freshly found clients who in bend shall be the stepping rocks for the company. Having to construct Intersco Asia Pacific from the land up shall assist Intercos Asia Pacific understand the demands of the clients. the altering tendencies in the market and the new demand forms. For this really ground. the company shall hold a strategic advantage over Intersco Group who depend on the tendencies that they have become accustomed. The directors revealed that they were ready to work from the grassroots degrees in order to hold a client base that has the services and merchandises from Intercos Asia Pacific tailored for them.

Transformation of Intersco Asia Pacific

Harmonizing to Ford ( 2005 ) . an effectual transmutation in any organisation requires alterations in the behaviour of the work force. Ford indicated that organisations have to develop their employees to be ready to switch undertakings in instance this was needed of them. This scheme is best executed in line with the company’s vision and mission statement. When interviewed about this. the directors agreed that because of their limited resources at the freshly formed company. employees had to function different functions in different capacities. all for the successful running of the concern. Sometimes. directors had to bit in physical attempt. non merely administrative attempt. However. they besides reiterated that the expected alterations can merely be achieved if understanding can be reached in footings of the vision and the schemes of the company.

Strong leaders are able to pass on about their values and the values of the company. which in bend leads to improved company-level public presentation. Directors besides made it clear that Intercos Asia Pacific requires its employees to go to work-related acquisition so that they can hold their knowledge. accomplishments attitudes and behaviours sharpened. As per a survey conducted by Hayes and Wheelwright ( 1979 ) . it was decided that in every bit much as organisations have to maintain up with market and technological tendencies. they besides have to keep a steady acquisition curve.

The split between Intersco Group and Intercos Asia Pacific led to some major structural alterations in both companies. This crisis point led to the loss of managerial forces in Intersco Group and the formation of a company without adequate directors in Intercos Asia Pacific. The directors in the class of the interviews indicated that they understand that for a company to boom in any market. it has to develop schemes in the signifier of new systems and constructions in order to suit the inauspicious effects of growing and crisis direction. Previous research indicates that the company’s size frequently determines its construction. For illustration. a company that mostly depends on other companies or societal environments in most instances has a concentration in important direction.

Intercos Asia Pacific being a little company with the potency of going a market rival has its focal point on construction and coordination instead than authorization and bid. From the interviews conducted through the directors. it was apparent that alterations in the construction of direction are the consequence of the company’s passage into growing from start-up and it is sometimes characterized by complexness. decentalisation and in some cases. formalisation. This was in line with the theory proposed by Olson and Tetra ( 1992 ) . However. this theory is comparable to that proposed by Pugh that identified six old ages of company structuring that required specialisation. formalisation. standardisation of control and work flow. constellation and centralisation.

Harmonizing to Churchill and Lewis ( 1983 ) . little companies like Intercos Asia Pacific are mostly influenced by the handiness of resources. workers. engineering. On the other manus. the work force in a big company like Intersco Group is influenced by the degree of engineering. From the research carried out on Intercos Asia Pacific. directors agreed that in order to enter uninterrupted development. managerial hierarchies. constructions. procedures. human resource developments and growing projections were indispensable and they had to be put in topographic point. The managerial hierarchies that would be implemented in Intercos Asia Pacific would help the company to fit persons to specific undertakings and. hence. ease the creative activity of value through specialisation. When hierarchies are in topographic point. so other benefits like creativeness. morale and productiveness can increase with mensurable input ( Jacques. 1990 ) . The construction of undertakings in a company mostly depends on the technological promotion and the industry. Since Intercos Asia Pacific is merely a little company still in its bare foundation phases. the engineering and construction demands are non every bit complex as they would necessitate to be if the company was efficaciously and resolutely rooted in the market.

Restructuring of Intersco Asia Pacific to accommodate the Market

After an extended reappraisal of the information collected from the research at Intercos Asia Pacific. it is clear that for the passage to be effectual in a company there is desperate demand for a restructure in behaviour and the organisational systems in the company. The interviews conducted revealed some of the organisational alterations that needed to be affected before a company can get down concern. The company possibly undergoing the normal battles of a little organisation. but Intercos Asia Pacific has the advantage of holding experienced directors who have worked in a bigger company. This advantage over other little companies shall hike Intercos Asia Pacific to new highs because their direction system shall be steadfastly rooted and invested in the company. Bing a company that deals with cosmetics. tegument merchandises and pencils. Intercos Asia Pacific has had to cover with some disused goods. It is for this ground that new market study had to be carried out in order to find what the new market requires of them.

Bing a little company with limited resources. Intercos Asia Pacific faces the job of a big lead clip in the bringing of their merchandises. This job is common to them because they can non order in big measures. which can be placed in a warehouse or shops. Unlike during the times in Intersco Group where orders and cargos were non a job in footings of lead clip. Intercos Asia Pacific has to cover with the little measures that deplete rapidly and sometimes there is a hold in the refilling of their supplies. However. every bit shortly as the company additions land in the market. so the directors have implemented schemes to buy merchandises on recognition in order to fulfill both the demands every bit good as the tendencies of the of all time turning market of cosmetics and tegument attention merchandises.


In decision. the literature provided in the research indicates that there is a clear battle during the startup of the company and Intercos Asia Pacific is no different. However. with experient and dedicated directors all hurdlings. chuckholes or bumps along the manner can be efficaciously dealt with proper schemes. careful planning. division of labour. and employee instruction. When Intercos Asia Pacific split from Intersco Group. a major challenge was lasting in a market that already had market leaders and good frozen companies. However. the ability of a little company viing against market giants requires careful timing. strategic location. through research about the market and efficiency in service bringing.

The directors interviewed were really concerted in proviso of information necessary to bring forth this paper. Their penetration into selling. running of the company and staying competitory was priceless in the authorship of this paper. However extremist or rash their determinations might hold been at Intersco Group. the directors seemed to hold done terrific work with Intercos Asia Pacific. Possible enlargement and market laterality are in the skyline for the company and this is apparent in their vision and mission statements. As leaders. function theoretical accounts and wise mans. the directors believe that Intercos Asia Pacific is traveling to be the following large thing in cosmetics and tegument attention market. They might hold had fallout with Intersco Group. but they strongly believe that their schemes shall maintain Intercos Asia Pacific as worthy rivals for a long clip to come. The directors acknowledged that the route might be tough for them. but it is merely when the traveling gets tough the tough lacing their boots and acquire traveling.


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