Nursing. Nurse know thyself Essay

Nursing is a rewarding. exciting and sometimes ambitious calling. Nursing is non limited to merely altering patchs. giving shootings and offering of support. In fact. the function of a nurse is ‘protection. publicity. and optimisation of wellness and abilities. bar of unwellness and hurt. relief of enduring thought the diagnosing and intervention of human response. and protagonism in attention of persons. households. communities. and populations’ ( American Nurses Association [ ANA ] . 2010. p. 1 ) .

Sometimes. holding a passion to function others merely isn’t plenty to do it in nursing. In order to be an effectual health professional to a patient. the nurse must handle the patient as a whole. This means constructing trust between the patient and the nurse. hence. advancing healing and a sense of peace. A nurse does this by following a codification of moralss. Ethical motives gives the nurse a model for doing ‘logical and consistent decisions’ ( Burhardt & A ; Nathaniel. 2008. p. 29 ) . Although. moralss offers a guideline. it does non state us what we should make ; nurses must make up one’s mind that on an single footing.

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Ethical motives is holding the ability to do incorrect or right determinations based on our ain ethical motives. Ethical motives and values are cardinal beliefs that are acquired from childhood throughout maturity. Everyone is shaped harmonizing to their ain religious. cultural and single values that were instilled at a immature age. These values and ethical motives are the things that help nurses make ethical determinations. therefore it is critical that we evaluate our ain values and ethical motives. Because we. as nurses. are asked to oppugn our ain values and ethical motives it is of import to analyze where we stand in our ain spiritualty.

Therefore. it is of import to cognize thyself. Socrates believed that if you do non cognize yourself. or seek to cognize yourself. so you know nil. Knowing where you stand on a batch of ‘hot topics’ makes it easier to stand behind your patient on their determination and hence. you are able to be supportive of these determinations. Ethical motives is an country that challenges me on a day-to-day footing.

There is two of import theories that are of import to nursing: utilitarianism and deontology. Utilitarianism ‘is the moral theory that holds that an action is judged as good or bad in relation to the effect. result. or stop consequence that is derived from’ ( Burhardt & A ; Nathaniel. 2008. p. 33 ) . Utilitarianism uses the idea of the greatest good for the largest figure of people. Utilitarianism is a helpful theory in state of affairss when you feel the rights of the patient are being ignored.

Whereas. the deontological theory provinces ‘no action can be judged as right which can non reasonably go a rigorous law’ ( Burhardt & A ; Nathaniel. 2008. p. 39 ) . Although these procedures have both advantages and disadvantages. I would be given to utilize a more situational attack. I believe that holding a situational attack favours autonomy of the patient. Using this attack. I feel that I can assist the patient make an informed single determination sing their health care. whether it be based on spiritual beliefs. personal grounds or merely that it is in their best involvement.

Working in an country of maternal/fetal cardiology. it can be hard at times to divide my ain believes to that of which is the best result for both female parent and babe. It seems that about on a hebdomadal footing the heart specialist is passing down a diagnosing that leaves the household to chew over the determination of ‘do we have what it takes to manage a really ill. complicated kid? ’ Sometimes these parents are faced with the world of bash they continue along the way of gestation or do they halt where they are. and seek once more in the hereafter.

It is a world that unluckily many households are left with. as sometimes the babes are given a really sedate result. It is a really true fact in my ain bosom that God merely deals you the deck that you are able to manage. but when faced with the fiscal uncertainness. and the uncertainness of the child’s hereafter. sometimes really hard determinations need to be made. As their nurse it is my duty to endorse the doctor with helping the household in seeing all their options regardless if they fit into my ain values.

Bing able to step back and supply indifferent attention to my households is a little portion of what my nursing is all approximately. Bing able to make so assist to construct a strong relationship between myself and my patients. Along with following an ethical model in nursing. one must follow a range of pattern. Such guidelines shape the duty of the professional nursing organisation and service to protect the populace.

The American Nurses Association ( ANA ) helps to paint the image of how the nurse should pattern. whereas the Ohio Board of Nursing ( OBN ) sets the bounds of pattern that the nurse must work within. functioning to protect non merely the populace but the nurse herself. As a nurse. I strive to be both clinically competent in my bringing of attention. being cognizant of the changeless challenges and educationally competent. I try to put aside clip to go to a hebdomadal expansive unit of ammunitions meeting. where extra instruction is provided. This allows me to remain current and up to day of the month on effectual intervention options. new medicines. research findings and squad coaction for optimum patient results.

In add-on. completing needed competences. I am a member of the Society of Pediatric Cardiovascular Nurses ( SPCN ) which besides strengthens my cognition and accomplishment in supplying the best grounds based pattern to my patients and their households. Attending meetings and conferences besides helps to construct my degree of instruction and cognition base.

Education is critical in the nursing profession. being a womb-to-tomb scholar is of import to maintain up with the wane and flow of nursing pattern. ‘Lifelong acquisition is an indispensable ingredient for guaranting high quality of patient care’ ( Gopee. 2002. p. 608 ) . If you were to follow nursing back to the original roots we continue to supply the most basic of demands to our patients ; this is cognizing that person attentions for them ( Vance ) . I feel that I provide a degree of compassionate attention to my patients and their households. I understand that their demands will alter depending on their wellness every bit good as their environment.

My greatest joy comes from assisting the patients efficaciously respond to their wellness attention needs regardless of which phase of life they may most presently be in. In my sentiment. the chief focal point of nursing. comes down to esteeming. steering. supplying information. to clients who is the past had the perceptual experience of nurses as merely being the people who provided medicines. and interventions. The hereafter is bright in the nursing field as we stride for a respectful topographic point as a profession in the wellness attention system. Mentions

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