New World Challenges Old And Global Wine Wars Economics Essay

In the mid 1850 ‘s the manufacturers in the vino industry welcomed increasing ordinances, policies and categorizations because it was a manner to distinguish their merchandise from rivals. However, it turned out to be a barrier for them a few decennaries subsequently when manufacturers from new parts, hereafter the New World, started to bring forth vino utilizing some discovery engineerings and inventions. Unconstrained by all the ordinances and the traditions that was portion of the Old World context, states like Australia and the United States of America began to bring forth vino that was rapidly acclaimed by the critics. At that clip, New World manufacturers started to derive some market portions over the diehards and their ain population besides started to do vino a portion of their civilization. Indeed, planetary demand and ingestion shifted from states like France and Italy to Argentina, Chile and Australia with a bead of 25 per cent in world-wide ingestion from 1976 to 1990.[ 1 ]These were all due to the extremist alterations in consumer gustatory sensations and penchants. The grounds are viz. the alteration in younger coevals ‘s different imbibing penchants, consumer ‘s turning demand for higher-quality vinos, an accent on light nutrients resulted in an addition in demand for white vinos and the publication of a medical study placing red-wine ingestion as a healthy pick.

Apart from the displacement in demand, the handiness of land and the construction of the value concatenation provided the New World states a immense advantage. In fact, while the mean vinery in the Old World regions was less than one hectare, it was an amazing 158 hectares for their opposite numbers. Furthermore, the Old World vino procedure was divided into several stages of production like grape growth, vino devising, distribution and selling, whereas the emerging manufacturers controlled the full value concatenation, pull outing borders at every degree and commanding quality throughout the concatenation.

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Problem Situation

Given the facts mentioned earlier, the chief job could be defined rather merely ; the Old World vino industry has non been proactive and has waited excessively long to take the necessary stairss to remain the leaders. Like the study on the Gallic industry released in 2001 said, “ the Gallic vino industry has lived excessively long on its past good name ” and it is now in a state of affairs, every bit good as the other Old World manufacturers, where it “ has to follow some of the proficient and selling progresss that had allowed the Australians and Americans to win ” . Still, the reply does non lie merely on what strategic way the Old World should take, but besides on how to aline the different stakeholders ‘ involvements with the chosen way.


Status quo

One obvious solution for the traditional manufacturers would be to non take any large actions in any way, choosing for position quo. By go oning to lose market portion and to be less cost effectual than the emerging manufacturers, they would of class hope that the demand displacements by itself and that the Old World manufacturers become one time once more the leaders and the best vino manufacturers in the universe. This, nevertheless, is really improbable since the New World would non merely go less attractive to the clients without any evident ground and it would neither work out the job for the Old World vino manufacturers.[ 2 ]

The individual advantage of this determination is the nest eggs that the Old World does by non necessitating an spending of capital. This is still outweighed by many negative facets like diminishing market portion, higher production costs and possibly bankruptcy for some traditional manufacturers.

Accord less importance to tradition and utilize many engineerings like the New World

As a 2nd option, the Old World could abandon some of the heavy ordinances and policies and concentrate more on the R & A ; D that helped the New World to spread out. By implement a new scheme of including oak french friess in the wine containers alternatively of utilizing oak barrels, they could greatly cut down their production costs -which are now from 30 per cent to 100 per cent higher- and be in the same monetary value scope as the New World vino shapers. However, it would non work out the job wholly since a good portion of the difference in production costs are fundamentally the cost of the grape itself that is extremely correlated to the land cost. Part of the job is that vinery monetary values in France for case are about 25 % higher for the basic grapes and more than 300 % more for extremist premium than the vineries in Australia and the United States.[ 3 ]For these grounds, it would be difficult to vie on monetary values even if the Old World uses most of the invention and engineering from the emerging manufacturers since the land costs account for a large portion of the cost of grapes. And as is proven in history, land costs are improbable to diminish by much in the hereafter.

Use the tradition as an advantage and concentrate on the high terminal of the market

The Old World states need to re-evaluate their strengths and failings in order to better set their ordinances. Numerous schemes are available and proved to be successful in this field. Some illustrations are the Balance Scorecard, the PESTLE ( Political, Economical, Societal, Technological, Legislative and Environmental ) and SWOT ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ) analyses where the micro and the macro environment of an organisation is analyzed and speculated upon. The decrease of ordinances should be implemented selectively and those of the little companies, which can stress their superior position in the vino market successfully, should stay. Since they have the longest and most outstanding repute in the art of vino devising, it is of import to keep this advantage. In add-on to this, new selling schemes should be implemented to advance their market position as leaders.

Furthermore, by concentrating on the premium and ace premium vinos, the cost advantage of the New World would be less important since the loyal high terminal appreciates the value of traditional vino devising procedure and is non excessively much concerned about monetary values compared to basic table vinos ; they would be loath to alter retail merchants.


Our squad suggests that the Old World should utilize our 3rd solution since we believe it has the most possible to work out the state of affairs. By concentrating on the higher terminal of the market, Old World manufacturers would set most of their attempt on advancing their alone address in doing high quality vinos that are crafted like a piece of art. After all, the history and civilization of vino came from these parts and they ought to see that as an plus instead than a menace.

That being said, the Old World manufacturers besides have to decrease some of its ordinances, the “ Appellation d’Origine Controlee ” being the first 1 that comes to mind. Simply put, this jurisprudence regulates the production and the birthplace of the vino produced in the Gallic districts. For case, it prohibits the usage of cheap oak french friess alternatively of conserving the vino in oak barrels that are rather expensive and does non let any uses to accomplish a more compelling gustatory sensation. For these grounds, our squad suggests the “ Appellation d’Origine Controlee ” should be abandoned for the standard vino markets, leting them to be more competitory on monetary values with the New World. However, it should maintain the Appellation for the premium vinos since it guarantees the quality of the merchandise and gives a typical entreaty to it.

Expected branchings from rivals

It ‘s expected that the New World will go on to mostly place in the premium and super-premium sections since these markets are estimated to be the greatest potency for growing while the low-end market is expected small or no growing. With its cost advantages, and in chase of market leaders, it may set more publicity by stressing its vino in “ high quality, but at a lower monetary value ” . In order to vie with the New World in high-ended vino market, the Old World states should concentrate on merchandise distinction. Sing the Old World ‘s typical experience and repute in vino production, presenting a strong and antiphonal selling program is indispensable to remind the market of their superior quality and pull high position consumers. To make this, we have several policies:

World Expo

The authorities should play a prima function in point out the position of Old World in the planetary market. They can form assorted exhibitions in different topographic points of the universe to re-introduce and give information about the different phases in vino bring forthing. The coming universe exhibition in Shanghai, for illustration, is a aureate chance to demo this and attract clients.

Particular offer for wine trade circuit to Old World

The vino association in Old World can ask for trade distributer and retail merchants to their states to beef up their apprehension about the vino market ‘s operation. Through these Tourss, a better connexion and cooperation efficiency can be achieved after the alterations in the Old World and it can restore its connexions in universe vino market. With its alone merchandising point of its traditions and with improved techniques, the Old World can pull more involvement and increase its export.

Make a perfect information platform

The Old World can open different quarters abroad, which would function as a platform between them and the keen consumers. Here, distributers and clients can acquire entree to updated information, information about new merchandises or do orders. Other services that would be introduced are: frequent vino savoring seminars and a web site and an online system where all information can be stored in a more systematic manner. The intent of these schemes is to decrease Old World disadvantage and beef up their advantage.


As is necessary in all strategic planning procedures, there must be uninterrupted and repetitive ratings of capablenesss and restrictions, environment analyses, preparation of the ends and eventually, the cardinal component, execution. The first measure is therefore the creative activity of a clear vision and interim marks to acquire better control of the ain concern, an common understanding and apprehension of the organisation civilization, more competitory and most significantly, more focussed. In this comprehensive restructuring, nevertheless, the competition must non be forgot. Since we believe that the New World will besides concentrate more on the premium sections in the hereafter, the Old World and the leaders, as is shown in Table 1 ( in Appendix A ) , will accomplish its end when it has attained a secure and major market portion within the sections ; retailing to the clients with most advanced gustatory sensation and cognition in the art of vino.

Appendix A

Tables and Charts

Table 1

Table 2

Monetary value for Grapes

US $ per metric ton



Super Premium

Ultra Premium


$ 75 to $ 100

$ 200 to $ 600

$ 800 to $ 2000

$ 2000 to $ 3000


$ 100 to $ 125

$ 200 to $ 700

$ 1100 to $ 2500

$ 3000 to $ 7000

United states

$ 75 to $ 150

$ 200 to $ 600

$ 1100 to $ 2000

$ 2500 to $ 4500

Metric dozenss per acre

8 to 20

5 to 7

3 to 5

2 to 3

Cases per metric ton





Cases per acre

$ 680 to $ 1700

$ 350 to $ 490

$ 200 to $ 310

$ 110 to $ 165

Land monetary values ( US $ per acre )


$ 8,000.00

$ 15,000.00

$ 22,000.00

$ 30,000.00


$ 10,000.00

$ 22,000.00

$ 55,000.00

$ 100,000.00

United states

$ 12,000.00

$ 20,000.00

$ 50,000.00

$ 75,000.00

Table 3

Matrix picturing our determination procedure

Old World adopted a new solution by stressing their initial advantage and concentrate on high-ended merchandises.

Old World states.

Focus on high-ended vino market.

Focus on low-ended vino market.

New universe states

Focus on high-ended vino market

The Old World has been celebrated for bring forthing prestige vino. Therefore when both old and New World states focus on high-ended market, Old World will win bit by bit.

Low net income border and higher production cost comparison with New World. The quality of Old World ‘s vino should merit a higher monetary value. Therefore it is non rational to concentrate on low-ended market that Old World can merely gain small.

Focus on low-ended vino market

Both sides can derive the market portion in their coveted market. Both can be benefited. The acute competition can be alleviated.

When both of them compete in this low-ended vino market. New universe states possess the comparative advantage of natural endowment ownership. They are more favourable to prosecute in mass production. Therefore it is non rational for Old World states to vie with New World states in this facet.


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