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AT & A ; T has much strengths and failings and menaces as an organisation. This SWOT will function as a tool for placing alternate schemes for the organisation and assist specify a growing program. AT & A ; T is a corporate concern. their planetary central office is located in Dallas Texas. and the current main executive officer ( CEO ) is Randall L. Stephenson. For more than a century they have systematically provided advanced. dependable high quality merchandises and services and first-class client attention. They are recognized as the taking supplier of IP-based communications services and concerns.

They’re besides the top U. S. supplier of radio. high velocity cyberspace entree. WIFI. local and long distance voice. and directory publication and advertisement services. AT & A ; T is known for offering one the world’s most advanced and powerful planetary anchor webs transporting 16. 5 favored bytes of informations traffic on an mean concern twenty-four hours to about every continent and state. with up to 99. 999 percent dependability. AT & A ; T’s portfolio is likely one of the best in the market topographic point. They deliver pick. value and convenience across a scope of options.

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Millions of people have chosen their comprehensive service packages because of our competitory sensible pricing and the convenience of a individual measure for wired and wireless voice and informations. broadband Internet. Television and messaging services. They serve 1000000s of independent concern. They give their concern clients entree to their IP webs which is one of the world’s most advanced through voice. informations and picture services. AT & A ; T is a planetary leader in supplying sweeping services to bearers. radio service suppliers. overseas telegram suppliers. systems planimeters. Internet service suppliers and content suppliers.

AT & A ; T began when Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone in 1876. That became the foundation of AT & A ; T. First it was called the Bell Company but in 19th Century AT & A ; T became the parent company of the Bell system which was the American telephone monopoly. At that clip the Bell system provided the telephone service in the universe. However. the system was broken up into eight companies by an understanding by AT & A ; T and the Department of Justice in 1984. From 1984 until 1996 AT & A ; T was an incorporate telecommunications services and equipment company. wining in a freshly competitory environment.

In 1995 On September 20. AT & A ; T announces that it is reconstituting into three separate companies: a services company. retaining the AT & A ; T name ; a merchandises and systems company ( subsequently named Lucent Technologies ) and a computing machine company ( which reassumed the NCR name ) . Lucent is spun off in October 1996. and NCR in December. 1996. Three old ages subsequently AT & A ; T announces general handiness of its local residential telephone service in New York with a bundled program called “AT & A ; T Local One Rate New York. ” This is AT & A ; T’s foremost general reentry into the consumer local telephone concern since the dissolution of the Bell System.

It occurs under the commissariats of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The Telecommunications Act triggered dramatic alterations in the competitory landscape. SBC Communications Inc. established itself as a planetary communications supplier by geting Pacific Telesis Group ( 1997 ) . Southern New England Telecommunications ( 1998 ) and Ameritech Corp. ( 1999 ) . In 2005. SBC Communications Inc. acquired AT & A ; T Corp. . making the new AT & A ; T. With the amalgamation of AT & A ; T and BellSouth in 2006. and the amalgamate ownership of Cingular Wireless and YELLOWPAGES.

COM. AT & A ; T is positioned to take our industry in one of its most important transmutations since the first telephone more than 130 old ages ago. One of AT & A ; T’s strengths is there is their Broadband service because they are the nation’s largest broadband supplier. They provide good high velocity cyberspace which has a batch of good characteristics limitless electronic mail and exposure storage. 1. 5 Ms per 2nd downstream and above. cyberspace wireless. security tools. web Cam capablenesss. free WIFI and 24/7 proficient support.

Another Strength AT & A ; T has is their wireless voice and information services. More than 72. 9 million clients across the United States rely on wireless voice and informations services from AT & A ; T. Their service is boosted by the most customer-friendly policies and patterns of any U. S. radio bearer. Simplified rate programs. street-level coverage maps. easy-to-use parental controls and a 30 twenty-four hours return policy which is why AT & A ; T is the first national bearer to be awarded the CTIA’s “Consumer Code for Wireless Service” seal.

They offer the largest international voice coverage worldwide. their clients are able to name six continents and in more than 200 states. They besides are the lead the industry with their devices. their clients have benefitted from many “first” . They foremost introduced the really popular I- Phone. the BlackBerry. and the world’s smallest somersault phone with a camera. and such devices like the Motorola RAZR. Although AT & A ; T has a really good rounded history which attracts loyal clients. they besides have competition from the newer companies.

One of their chief rivals is Verizon. But Verizon is AT & A ; T N. Y. They are besides a leader in broadband and wireless communicating. and the new AT & A ; T U- poetry service include professional installed HD- ready receiving systems and Wireless gateway. which connects to personal computing machine and other devices. They serve about 71 million clients countrywide ; they deliver advanced and seamless concern solutions to clients around the universe. and conveying clients the benefits of converged communications. information and amusement services over the nation’s most advanced fiberoptic web.

I think one failing AT & A ; T does hold is competition. Even though their radio web is strong point for AT & A ; T it’s besides a failing because they have many rivals who are mounting the ladder with grosss and service. For case Comcast is now going one of the biggest overseas telegram companies and so is dish web. Besides the competition. I think that they have been on top for so long. It wasn’t really long ago that they had monopoly on telephone service. I don’t think they could they accomplish such a end with so many companies and so much engineering.

I could see possibly five or ten old ages down the line AT & A ; T will still be the top phone service. but possibly someday person will come out with a new telephone service that will exceed the industry. It’s possible that their rivals could be the following large service. anything can go on but I still see AT & A ; T at the top for a long clip. AT & A ; T Corp Strengths: Strength in diverseness. Network capacity. Patent portfolio Weaknesses: Acquisition integrating. Continuing deduction of split-offs. Debt Opportunities: Advanced IP service. AT & A ; T Labs. AT & A ; T U-verse

Menaces: Rapid technological development. Competition. Substitute Social Responsibility: Our Committedness AT & A ; T is committed to progressing instruction. beef uping communities and bettering lives. Through its philanthropic enterprises and partnerships. AT & A ; T and the AT & A ; T Foundation supports undertakings that create chances. do connexions and reference community needs where we — and our clients — unrecorded and work. Supporting instruction has been a major focal point for AT & A ; T for more than a century. and instruction is our cardinal philanthropic gift focal point. We are driven to assist pupils win — in school. in the work force and in life.


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