Micro: Learning and Lesson Plan Essay

1. 0 Introduction

On 6 November 2012. corresponding to the last Tuesday. I have been carry oning microteaching tests on the subject of larning “Needs and Wants” under chapter one. the Commerce Syllabus Form 4. on 30 prospective instructors who act as pupils in Form 4. My concluding microteaching was held on 3rd January 2013 with the same subject and aims. This microteaching was carried out for 15 proceedingss under the supervising of my lectors. Mr. Suthagar a / cubic decimeter Narasuman. Microteaching test is mandatory for all prospective instructors who took this class.

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In finding the rotary motion and chapter that should be taught in microteaching Sessionss was determined by voting under the supervising of our head. Nor Hafriza. We merely called her as Fiza. She was the caput that is really responsible and dedicated in work outing our jobs related to this class. After the vote. I found that I’m really fortunate to hold had a first bend and first subtopic in syllabus Perdagangan Form 4 for test and concluding session. After a few hebdomads. Fiza has received blessing from our lector. Mr. Suthagar to take our ain sub-topics that will be taught during microteaching. This is really nice but I decided to maintain the rubric was elected during the vote session.

2. 0 Initial Feelingss / Chemical reaction

I would be lying if I said that the microteaching was easy. To be honest. I was highly nervous when it was assigned. non because of the work that would be required to acquire it done. but because of the existent learning the category. I was more afraid to learn my ain friends than the existent high school category that I have and will be assigned to. The concluding behind this is that it is ever said that standing up in forepart of one’s equals is rather perchance the hardest thing to make. They are the people that are around you the most and know you I bit more personally than say. a category. Yes. a category does acquire to cognize you every bit good. but it is non on the same degree as in this microteaching. There is some kind of connexion a category has because we all know precisely what to anticipate from one another and we judge. we can non assist it. it merely happens.

We may non needfully be seeking to judge. but it is in our nature and it should be when it comes to something like microteaching because we are all seeking to larn a small something from one another. For test. I have prepared a lesson program that teacher-centred. where as I give a clear account of human demands and desires every bit good as the differences between them. After that. the pupils are asked to reply an exercising provided. After a few proceedingss. I choose pupils at random to give the right reply orally. I was the first pupils to run this test and after hearing the remarks from Mr. Suthagar. it clearly shows that my deficiency was sing engagement of pupils in the procedure of instruction and acquisition. When get downing this test microteaching journey. the first hurdle that I had to leap over was the awful lesson programs.

Before this category. I had an experience to compose a lesson program during me as a backup instructor. However. during that clip I’m merely compose the lesson program based on my apprehension and without the trustworthy cognition. When speaking about the lesson. I had practiced it in forepart of my roomies and some friends and I knew it merely was non traveling to be the same as in the category. One of the biggest things that I had to worry approximately besides the subject issue was my clip direction. I did non desire to acquire into a state of affairs where I would hold so much clip left over and so hold nil to speak about. So. my lesson did stop up traveling as planned and I really had more stuff that I could hold said if the doorbell had non gone away.

Other friends who are implemented their test on the first twenty-four hours which is together with me besides confronting a deficiency and job more or less the same. However. there is besides a schoolmate who is able to supply activities that engage pupils and it is a really good illustration and can be an illustration for me in the hereafter. Friends who implement micro learning test in the following hebdomads started to alter and demo the betterment to learn utilizing pupils centred attack. However there is still a deficiency of attentive in a few friends and they are still go oning their micro learning test based on teacher-centred attack.

3. 0 Procedure of Designing and Delivering Lesson

Based on my experience. the procedure in planing to presenting my lesson is non excessively complicated. For me. the most of import things were the lesson program and activities that I will carry on during the microteaching. I realize that there is a scheme to be aftering a lesson. There were certain facets of the lesson program. such as the ends and aims that helped me concentrate on my lesson. every bit good as doing certain that each activity I had planned was relevant and effectual. Writing a lesson program gave me a opportunity to believe through each facet and do certain that there were no holes. Even though I felt prepared traveling into the schoolroom. there is merely so much planning and readying that is possible. There will ever be things that will come up. such as random pupil responses or inquiries that I will non hold prepared for. Learning how to cover with state of affairss such as those will come with clip and experience. By and large. there is many benefit of holding a lesson program. It allows you to pull off your clip. attempt and resources expeditiously. It besides provides the teacher many ways to maintain the instruction procedure non humdrum and redundant.

We need to maintain in head that the attending of our pupils and students is merely tantamount to half of their age and a lesson is the best manner to maintain the involvements of pupils and students involvements all throughout. Since it is like a book in films. lesson programs makes learning mundane and easy and it makes you organized whilst learning. We can able to find when to infix iceboats and interesting facts and lessons to maintain our pupil and students glued to their lessons. Other than that. the fluctuations in the activities are easy whipped out which will profit our pupils. Bear in head that we are covering with a category that has multiple intelligent and different activities will provide to all types of pupils and students. Lesson programs will easy assist you to accomplish your ends and aims. and same can be said on the portion of your pupils or students. It besides gives us a world cheque of our mundane public presentation and we can better the wont and attitude of our pupils and our instruction accomplishments.

Lesson plans is critical in learning. it gives us the usher we need to draw through. Bear in head that learning is a hard since we are covering with kids or adolescents with natural accomplishments. cognition. and wisdom. It clearly shows that with lesson programs we will be able to leave the things they need to make the best of our abilities. When we are new to learning. a elaborate lesson program is indispensable because it gives us assurance. By believing of all the stairss. all the processs. all the stuffs needed. all the types of interactions that might take topographic point along with foretelling the clip each activity will last. we get the feeling of being ready for the lesson. By exhaustively be aftering a lesson. we cut down the opportunities of being caught off-guard. something that can be really frustrating to any instructor. but that can be particularly hard to those new to the occupation. No affair how long we’ve been learning. it’s ever of import to inquire ourselves inquiries like these as we plan. reflect and work to be after a lesson.

What will my pupils have learned after this lesson is over? What will they be able to make by the terminal of it that they weren’t able to make before? How will this lesson assist them come on in their acquisition? Most of import. how will I assist them to acquire at that place? When be aftering lessons. besides sing what I will speak about. how I will speak about it and what stuffs I will utilize as I talk about it. I try to foretell possible troubles and inquiries the pupils might hold so I can be ready to turn to those. This helps me suit the lesson within the bigger image of the term and the content I am supposed to cover. I reflect on the balance between types of activities and types of scholars. That will makes me calmer before learning. More than planned. I am prepared. In finishing the lesson program. I’m taking to utilize a backward function design. Backward design is a method of planing educational course of study by puting ends before taking instructional methods and signifiers of appraisal.

Backward design of course of study typically involves three phases which are identify the consequences desired. find acceptable degrees of grounds that support that the coveted consequences have occurred and design activities that will do coveted consequences go on. Backward design challenges “traditional” methods of course of study planning. In traditional course of study planning. a list of content that will be taught is created and/or selected. In backward design. I’m as a hereafter pedagogue starts with ends. creates or programs out appraisals and eventually makes lesson. My ends subtopic of demands and wants were express significance of demands and wants. separate between demands and wants and chalk out the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Supporters of backward design liken the procedure to utilizing a “road map” . In this instance. the finish is chosen foremost and so the route map is used to be after the trip to the desired finish. In contrast. in traditional course of study planning there is no formal finish identified before the journey begins. The thought in backward design is to learn toward the “end point” or acquisition ends. which typically ensures that content taught remains focussed and organized. This. in bend. purposes at advancing better apprehension of the content or processes to be learned for pupils. I’m able to concentrate on turn toing what the pupils need to larn. what data can be collected to demo that the pupils have learned the desired results and how to guarantee the pupils will larn.

4. 0 Personal Contemplation

In my sentiment. the accomplishments I used during my session were sing voice projection. communicating and schoolroom direction. I’m asked a few friends about my voice projection and I get a positive reply that my voice is really clear. I know that teacher’s voice demands to be effectual in a assortment of fortunes. As a instructor. I need to be hearable. Students at the dorsum of the category must be able to hear my voice every bit good as those at the forepart. I need a voice which undertakings good and suitably in all these fortunes and which is besides pleasant to listen to. I think that instructors do non hold to shout to be heard or to do pupils understood. Good voice projection is more of import than volume. Talking excessively quietly or unpleasantly aloud is both annoying and unhelpful for pupils. Expressive voices. used in an inventive manner. draw pupils in and do them desire to pay attending and listen. If such a voice has quality and animation. they will be motivated to go to. take part and larn. Sing communicating accomplishments. I’m certain that I’m good in that during my microteaching session because I’m able to explicate the content of lesson utilizing methods that my pupils can understand. Communication can assist me better interact with pupils.

A teacher’s ability to pass on on all degrees will assist pupils who progress at different gaits. Actually. I think that I’m can non to the full use my instruction accomplishments because the clip provided merely 15 proceedingss. However. I’m already seeking my best to finish my microteaching. As an attending grabber or initiation set. I’m utilizing my espousal fabric and a medical specialty to demo interconnectedness between demands and wants. During the microteaching session. I have seen that I can pull my students’ attending to the lesson. I’m prepared two activities to be completed in 15 proceedingss includes my presentation and sum-ups. The activities were presentation that I’m already gives a hebdomad earlier and a game that I called as ‘spontan’ . During the clip provided. I’m able to finish all activities as planned and give a written exercising sing the subject lesson.

In finishing this session. I’m taking concerted acquisition. Concerted acquisition. which will be the primary focal point of the category. is a specific sort of collaborative acquisition. In concerted acquisition. pupils work together in little groups on a structured activity. They are separately accountable for their work. and the work of the group as a whole is besides assessed. Concerted groups work face-to-face and learn to work as a squad. In little groups. pupils can portion strengths and besides develop their weaker accomplishments. They develop their interpersonal accomplishments. They learn to cover with struggle. When concerted groups are guided by clear aims. pupils engage in legion activities that improve their apprehension of topics explored. In order to make an environment in which concerted acquisition can take topographic point. three things are necessary. First. pupils need to experience safe. but besides challenged. Second. groups need to be little plenty that everyone can lend.

Third. the undertaking students’ work together on must be clearly defined. The concerted and collaborative acquisition techniques presented here should assist do this possible for instructors. The most of import things that influence my instruction design and bringing were about instructional schemes and the initiation set in order to pull students’ attending. I’m recognizing that in this century. I need to concentrate more on pupils. So. I must fix a lesson program or activities that used pupils centred instructional schemes. Student-centred learning methods switch the focal point of activity from the instructor to the scholars. Student-centred methods have repeatedly been shown to be superior to the traditional teacher-centred attack to direction. a decision that applies whether the assessed result is short-run command. long-run keeping. or deepness of apprehension of class stuff. acquisition of critical thought or originative problem-solving accomplishments. formation of positive attitudes toward the topic being taught or degree of assurance in cognition or accomplishments. Initiation set besides importance in instruction.

I know that set initiation is the of import portion those instructors ever do at the beginning of learning and larning procedure. The aim of set initiation is to promote the pupils to pull and do them concentrate their attending towards teacher’s presentation. The most effectual ways to show set initiation by utilizing learning AIDSs. related state of affairs with the lesson. motive. oppugning technique. alteration of related subject and much more. Then. we can associate with the subject that we will learn them at that twenty-four hours. In determine good set initiation we must cognize it is suited with their ability and besides experience. Besides the activity ought to associate closely to the lesson content that follows.

5. 0 Decision

From this microteaching experience. I have learned more than I could conceive of. It gave me the pattern I needed in building lesson programs and eventually acquiring up in forepart of the category and learning non merely reading off a undertaking. I am more cognizant of watching out for subject issues because they are invariably in the dorsum of my head and I am invariably looking out for them. I feel that I am much more confident traveling my practicum now that I have completed the microteaching and it has allowed me to get down believing about what to anticipate in the category. I have come to happen out that when in a schoolroom. anything is possible. so I have to be ready.

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