McDonalds Marketing Plan Essay

I. Executive Summary

McDonald’s Philippines is a subordinate of the Filipino-owned Golden Arches Development Corporation. The first Filipino McDonald’s to open for concern was in the Morayta university territories in Manila during 1981. These yearss McDonald’s is runing over 150 eating houses throughout the islands of the Philippines. Bing a 100 % Filipino-owned franchise allows McDonald’s Philippines to be more nimble and take quicker actions. doing them an even more competitory force in the Filipino fast-food market.

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It is one of the taking fast-food ironss internationally every bit good as in the Philippines. with a quickly developing consumer trade name and turning client base. . It is a topographic point for household togetherness organized around a common love of the traditional nutrient. Its operating system is characterized by concentrating on uniformity for consistent quality. the formation of spouse relationship with its franchises and provider to better operating system innovatively and last but non least the debut of new merchandises. With its steady thrust for betterment and systematically high quality. McDonald’s revolutionized the full supply concatenation. Alternatively of regimenting its provider and franchisees. McDonald’s expected committedness from them in footings of attachment and experimentation.

The implemented. smooth runing concatenation of providers. McDonald’s corporate direction and franchisees balances each other. creates an entrepreneurial spirit that added value. invention. economic sciences of graduated table. the bargaining power for advertisement and buying. every bit good as new merchandise and procedure thoughts to the company. Additionally. all involved parties maintained a corporate accent on disciplined quality criterions. As old ages passed by. McDonald’s needed to accommodate to industry alterations by carry throughing some procedure design inventions in fruitful coaction with its providers and franchisees.

In this context. McDonald’s improved the chain’s poulet and fries’ quality and consistence by exchanging from natural to stop dead delivered french friess every bit good as the productiveness of employee. Another major procedure sweetening was the debut of the breakfast at McDonald’s. In this manner. the corporation expanded its operating hours since it had to pay for rent. public-service corporations and insurance 24 hours a twenty-four hours. anyways. The coevals of a wholly new concern came along with the nice side consequence that it once more distinguishes itself from its rivals.

This selling program is used in sketching the merchandise. pricing. and distribution and publicity schemes to be implemented and executed during this clip. It proposes a revival of the McDonald’s doctrine so as to concentrate on the quality of merchandises and services for customer’s value and a healthy life style. healthy eating wonts. smart picks and instruction. The program besides outlines the structural issues that may originate during its execution and executing. tactical enterprises to turn scheme into action.



Before. the company usage grilled direct system. Which becomes the job of the company because the client ever kicking about the quality of the merchandise like poulet mcdo. when it is served to the clients it is non crispy because it stays longer in the heating bin. and besides the cake of the Burger. it is non juicy because it is non hot.

The entree of McDelivery to the call centre is another job of McDonalds because some times the information about on the location of the client is incorrect.


Now a twenty-four hours the McDonald’s uses the Made for You ( MFY ) system. • Food is made or prepared to existent client demand. supplying each and every Burger merely when it is needed merely in clip ( JIT ) . • It standardizes assembly of all sandwiches to one or two at a clip.

• Requires minimum Human Decisions Making.
• It requires Behavioral alteration

? Quality
? Complete waste
? Equipment
? Standard process


Company Analysis

• Goals – Develop a solution to better kitchen layouts. people positioning and operational processs for a better invitee experience. In simple footings: our end is to hold a happy and satisfied client.
• Focus – the company should concentrate on merchandises and services.

McDonald’s is a customer-oriented company that strives to offer Filipinos a combination of great tasting. quality nutrient productions at value monetary values with first-class service.

• Values – Customer – driven. Malasakit. Integrity. Teamwork and Excellent.
• Strengths
? Quality of the merchandise. services and cleanliness of the shop.
? The service of the company is fast and accurate. and we believe that taking good attention of our clients is the first critical measure toward effectual gross revenues edifice.
? Patents and Trademark
? Branding such as through the usage of Son. colorss. motto and other images. A cardinal portion of the McDonald’s trade name is its ‘M’ logo otherwise known as ‘The Golden Arches’ .

• Failings

? The rivals like Jollibee. Mang Inasal. Burger King etc.
? Lack of cooperation between the direction and in the crews.
• Market Shares – McDonald’s has captured more than 40 % portion of the beefburger market in the Philippines.

Customer Analysis
• Number – 30 % is ages 60 and supra. 20 % is ages 1-15. 50 % is ages 16 and supra. This is the per centum of client who are eating at the McDonald’s mundane particularly during breakfast. tiffin. and dinner.
• Type – Class B & A ; C

• Value Drivers – a portion from our merchandise and services. McDonald’s gives back to the community through the Ronald McDonald House Charities ( RMHC ) . RMHC supports children’s development and good being through Bahay Bulilit and Bright Minds Read ( BMR ) . Every happy meal purchase gives 50 centavos to RMHC. • Decision procedure – The client have a batch of determination doing it is base of what they needs and wants. besides the client decide to purchase a discounted merchandise like in voucher and the mcsaver repasts.

Rival Analysis
• Market Position
No. 1 ( Jollibee )
No. 2 ( McDonald’s )
• Strengths
Lasang Pinoy
Natural stuffs are environment friendly
• Failings
Jollibee has a hapless service
• Market portions – Jollibee has captured more than 52 % portion of the beefburger market in the Philippines.


• Risk diverseness
• Large market portion
• Strong supply concatenation
• Promoting ethical behavior
• Competitive fast-food concatenation
• Attentive and friendly staff/crew’s
• Rigorous nutrient safety criterions
• Good repute among client
• Decentralized yet connected system
• Strong trade name name. image and repute
• Strong fiscal and public presentation and place
• Low-cost monetary values and high quality merchandises
• Nutritional information available on packaging
• Strong planetary presence and public presentation in the planetary market place • Specialized preparation for directors known as the Hamburger University
• McDonalds Plan to Win focal points on people. merchandise. topographic point. monetary value and publicity

• Unhealthy nutrient image
• High staff turnover including top direction
• Customer losingss due to fierce competition
• Lack of entree to the best natural resources
• Lack of entree to identify distribution channel

• Turning wellness tendencies among consumers
• Joint ventures with retail merchants
• Consolidation of retail merchants likely. so better locations for franchisees • Respond to societal alterations by invention with in healthier lifestyle nutrients • Strengthen its value proposition and offering. to promote clients who visit java stores into McDonalds • The new “formats” . Mccafe. holding wi-fi internet links should assist in pulling sections. Besides put ining children’s play-parks and its focal point on educating consumers about wellness. fittingness. • International enlargement into emerging market’s of other state • Growth of the fast-food industry

• Low cost bill of fare that will pull the clients
• Supplying many promotional activities

• Health professionals and consumer militants accuse McDonald’s of lending to the state wellness issue of high cholesterin. bosom onslaughts. diabetes. and fleshiness • McDonalds rivals threatened market portion of the company both internationally and domestically • Global recession and fluctuating foreign currencies • Affordability of the rivals merchandises

• Similar spirits and merchandises of the rivals • Rivals subscribers are much popular when it compares to McDonalds

IV. Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation is the procedure of dividing client in to different groups. or section within the clients with similar features have similar demands.

Geographic Cleavage

Mcdonalds offered their services based on certain state basic nutrient. Like Philippines McDonalds realized that Filipino basic nutrient is rice which with fried poulet as its local basic nutrient.

Demographic/Psychographic Cleavage

Demographic cleavage divided the market into groups based on variables like gender. age. nationality. faith ; household life rhythm and household size McDonald offered their services by segmented their client base on age. faith and household life rhythm. To offer the best service McDonalds still concern about fluctuations due to differing gustatory sensations and cultural issues for their client over the universe.

Behavioral Cleavage

Behavioral cleavage focuses on spliting consumer based on their cognition. attitudes. utilizations. benefit sought. or responses to company’s merchandise. One of the best signifiers of cleavage is to split purchasers harmonizing to the different benefits that they want to acquire by buying the merchandise. Normally people who look for in their merchandise category or expression for each benefit. For illustration. McDonald provide McDelivery for 24 hours. this is the lone one bringing service that non halt even one time in a piece a twenty-four hours by merely name it and order. after that within a minute it comes to your topographic point with the nutrient that still hot and fresh.

V. Alternative Marketing Schemes

McDonalds has seen recent success through a careful execution of its “Plan to Win” scheme. which focuses on several cardinal facets of the concern. viz. increasing traffic to eating houses. supplying mundane value to clients. introducing the company through the creative activity of new bill of fare points. re-imaging the company’s expression. every bit good as its selling runs.

McDonald’s Plan to Win is based on a nucleus set of four chief ends:

• Acquire more clients
• Get these clients to eat at McDonalds more frequently
• Develop more trade name trueness for the McDonalds trade name
• Ultimately become more profitable

Increasing eating house visits

Current market status help the visual aspect of McDonalds as a low cost option to eating at more expensive eating houses in the heads of clients. which has accordingly led to an addition in foot traffic at McDonalds franchises. McDonalds has addressed these conditions through an addition in advertisement. specially exposing the company’s attending toward a diversified bill of fare of low cost points. Such advertisement serves to fulfill all four of ends of Plan to win plan. pulling client involvement through a short show of the overplus of new bill of fare options late added. while besides assisting to alter the expression and feel of McDonalds in the heads of clients.

Supplying mundane value

In order to make an overall feeling of value for clients to see. McDonalds has released a modular value repast. where clients have the benefit of both low monetary values coupled with increased freedom when make up one’s minding on a repast. While traditional bill of fare options emphasize a tradeoff between telling freedom and monetary value. the McDonalds value bill of fare provides clients with both all at one time. assisting clients associate the trade name with good value.

Introducing new bill of fare points

At the same clip as their bill of fare picks have become modular and less expensive. McDonalds is besides making value for clients by supplying a diverse bill of fare with many more ordering options. Customers can now anticipate an addition in health-conscious options by adding some veggies in the Burger and besides they provide some sweet like apple pie or pineapple pie. McDonalds besides provide a mccafe like ice mocha. ice latte. and cappuccino. Americano to supply some different assortment of java to fulfill the client.

Selling runs

Equally good as sing the of import of maintaining clients informed of the go oning alterations to the company through advertisement media and societal media duologues. McDonalds besides recognizes the value of keeping an on-going support system and preparation construction for each of its franchise operators. As mentioned above. McDonalds uses good defined. and mensurable mileposts to assist their components run into company ends with as few incompatibilities as possible. McDonalds’ developing plans have been continuously recognized for their excellence. and with the go oning alterations being carried out throughout the company. this attending to the value of preparation is a terrific plus to the company.

Re-imaging the eating house

Directly profiting the company’s ends of trade name development for the company. McDonalds is reenergizing their trade name through an apprehension of “brand power” . which is built on the cultivation of four cardinal countries of the trade name. trade name individuality. acquaintance. peculiarity. and authorization.

Brand individuality is defined as the set of features that clients acknowledge your trade name by ; in McDonalds’ instance these are velocity. consistence. value. and assortment. Brand individuality works with trade name acquaintance. assisting to spread out the message that symbols of the company. or even the overall impact of advertizements themselves in reenforcing the individuality of the trade name in the heads of clients. If carefully managed. McDonalds can utilize their trade name individuality to do their investings in advertisement travel much further.

Beyond this. trade name peculiarity and authorization continue the procedure. stand foring the perceptual experiences of McDonalds as the company appears to clients. Ideally. McDonalds should leverage trade name peculiarity and authorization to clearly stand out as a distinguishable and trusty beginning of value. leting clients to increase the value of the McDonalds trade name through their positive interactions with the company.

McDonald’s adopts different schemes to pull clients of different age groups. but still the chief mark remains to be kids. So in order to pull them. McDonald’s use a cardinal tool: the Happy Meals. which seem to intrigue kids due to the plaything included in the bill of fare. In add-on to this. they have a tie up with The Walt Disney Company for the Disney characters included in the bill of fare. in order to do certain that they offer the childs a broad scope of plaything options. Furthermore. McDonald’s provides the kids with a particular installation. unique for nutrient locales and fast-food eating houses: a resort area.

This scheme is aimed at doing McDonald’s a pleasant and merriment environment for both childs and parents. Even the outside of every eating house is besides strategically designed utilizing bright colourss to ask for in the client. particularly childs who can easy be influenced by these facets. So non merely that the kids like it. it is a opportunity for the parents to pass some “quality time” with their childs. Another facet of their selling scheme is the fact that every McDonald’s eating house provides Wi–Fi installations. a item that adds to the attractive qualities and is aimed at teenage clients.

In add-on to this. what is representative for this concatenation is their clown mascot. Ronald McDonald. who is indispensable for making the bond with kids and entertaining them. They can even hold private birthday parties in the installations. once more portion of McDonald’s purpose to bring on happy memories in children’s heads. and to do them tie in the McDonald’s trade name and logo with happy minutes.

VI. Selected Selling Scheme


Suppliers are dedicated to supplying McDonald’s with top quality stuff that is continually monitored for freshness and safety. McDonald’s uses regional providers to guarantee that the freshness is delivered to clients in every merchandise they buy. Food quality is keys at McDonald’s. They seek out fresh boodle and tomatoes. onions and pickles. quality buttockss and murphies. pure land beef. choice domestic fowl and fish and wholesome dairy merchandises. All of the beef. poulet and porc that are used are purchased from federally inspected installations to guarantee freshness. wholesomeness and peak quality when served to clients.

Non-Vegetarian Ingredients


The poulet merchandises are made from high quality boned rib and leg meat and are covered in a specially seasoned. lightly battered surfacing. They are shaped in unvarying sizes to guarantee consistence in weight and value.


The fish merchandises in McDonald’s Filet –O- Fish are 100 % pure whole white filets that are lightly breaded.

Their exacting quality criterions for fish surpass federal demands. The ocean-fresh quality of Filet-O-Fish is a consequence of the procedure and ability to stop dead the fish at sea to keep freshness.

Vegetarian Ingredients


McDonald’s usage newly shredded boodle. onions. pickles and tomatoes in their eating houses. All their vegetable merchandises are processed from high quality graded veggies in a 100 % dedicated vegetarian works.


McDonald’s Gallic french friess are celebrated around the universe. To do Gallic french friess. McDonald’s uses merely the best murphies available from their ain murphy farms. Their murphy providers make many of the same nationally recognized trade names of murphy merchandises to do clients experience that they are with their household at place. These murphies are cut. blanched and processed on state-of-the-art processing lines to guarantee maximal keeping of foods. Their Gallic french friess and Potato Wedges are cooked at the works in 100 % veggies cooking oil.

Other Ingredients

Cheese and other Dairy Merchandises

All dairy merchandises like cheese. McShakes and Soft Serves are made from fresh dairy milk. All dairy merchandises including cheese have a function to play in balanced diet because they contain a broad assortment of indispensable foods such as protein. Ca. fat solubles. P. etc. McDonald’s uses a particular blend of pasteurised American cheese to complement the spirit of their sandwiches.


McDonald’s uses buttockss made from locally grown wheat flour. They are baked locally and delivered fresh. several times each hebdomad to McDonald’s eating houses.

Cooking Oil

Food readyings are done in 100 % refined vegetable oils at the eating houses workss. They use liquid oil and non hydrogenated oil. This means there are no TFAs or Trans Fatty Acids in the Gallic Fries or any other merchandises. Additionally. these vegetable oils contain some indispensable fatty acids necessary for growing.


Food quality is the important component at McDonald’s. Despite extended and punctilious quality trial at the providers end. all merchandises are one time once more carefully scrutinized at the eating house. Immaculate of quality allow for nil but the best to make customer’s tray.

Their merchandises are sourced from the highest quality ingredients. prepared hygienically and treated to regular quality cheques such as the McDonald’s Inspection Program ( QIP ) .

Scope of Product Line

Distribution ( Place )

Topographic point. as an component of the selling mix. is non merely about the physical location or distribution points for merchandises. It encompasses the direction of a scope of procedures involved in conveying merchandises to the terminal consumer. McDonald’s mercantile establishments are really equally spread throughout the metropoliss doing them really accessible. Drive in and drive through options make McDonald’s merchandises further convenient to the consumers.

Intensive Distribution

Distribution agreements tend to be long term in nature. Because of this clip skyline. channel determinations are normally classed as strategic. instead than tactical or operational 1s. Many of McDonalds eating houses are unfastened 24 hours per twenty-four hours which satisfies the clients demands and wants. particularly for exists their hungriness. This sort of distribution scheme is called “intensive distribution” . means taging the merchandise available for sale through all possible channels of distribution. “Intensive distribution is carrying the merchandise in every bit many mercantile establishments as possible. ”


The publicities facet of the selling mix covers all types of selling communications One of the methods employed is publicizing. Ad is conducted on Television. wireless. in film. online. utilizing posting sites and in the imperativeness for illustration in newspapers and magazines. Other promotional methods include gross revenues publicities. point of sale show. selling. direct mail. trueness strategies. door beads. etc. The accomplishment in selling communications is to develop a run which uses several of these methods in a manner that provides the most effectual consequences. For illustration. Television advertisement makes people cognizant of a nutrient point and imperativeness advertisement provides more item. This may be supported by in-store publicities to acquire people to seek the merchandise and a collectible promotional device to promote them to maintain on purchasing the point.

At McDonalds the premier focal point is on aiming kids. In happy repasts excessively which are targeted at kids little playthings are given along with the repast. Apart from this. assorted strategies for winning monetary values by manner of lucky draws and besides rub cards are given when an order is placed on the assorted average jazz band.

VII. Decision

Since the job of McDonalds is about the client that keeps on kicking for the quality and freshness of the merchandises that is being served. Therefore I conclude that the company should utilize the MFY ( Made for You ) system. so that the nutrient is made or prepared for the client merely in clip with a good quality for a sensible cost. The company should besides supply a big figure of riders to avoid late bringing.


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