Managing And Organizing Junction Hotel Commerce Essay

Due to the recent diminution of the universe economic system, Junction hotels are confronting farther impairment in growing. This essay will discourse that rationalisation is non an optional scheme for pull offing and forming Junction Hotel in the current economic recession, with a focal point on early theories of rational organisations from Henry Ford, F.W. Taylor, Henri Fayol and Max Weber. Furthermore, this essay will besides explicate how Junction Hotel manage to increase its efficiency and control by using itself to both rational organisations and modern-day organisations, with a comparison to McDonald ‘s and Travelodge. Finally, this essay will analyse both the benefits and disadvantages when Junction Hotel uses theories of rational organisations.

Harmonizing to Senior and Morphew ( 1990 ) , a big figure of Junction Hotel have been unable to run into client ‘s outlooks which chiefly because of the immense sum of fiscal demands when high quality merchandises and services are needed. By analysing theories of rational organisations, Junction Hotel may detect different methods to better their efficiency and control. Alajloni et Al ( 2010 ) argued that organisations are confronting competitory state of affairss which may establish on good management-labor dealingss so as to better efficiency and control but ignored the cardinal component of scientific direction. The development of mass assembly line work, which is the alleged Fordism, was introduced by Henry Ford in 1913 and made a major impact on Western economic systems by associating this method to rational organisations. Furthermore, harmonizing to F.W. Taylor, Taylor ( 1911 ) believed that in a similar manner that there would be a better machine for each occupation, so there would be a better working method by which people should set about their occupations.

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Based on the theory of Taylorism, it suggested that workers were regarded as rational, economic existences motivated straight by pecuniary inducements linked to the degree of work end product in order to better efficiency and control. Harmonizing to the above statement, a similar method of work design would besides found in traditional signifiers of assembly line fabrication and in production procedure that are basically supervised and monitored by computing machine engineering, which could besides be found within nutrient production in Junction Hotel. In order to minimise the cost during the production procedure, Morgan ( 2006 ) agreed that Taylor aims to determine the mill into an efficient mechanism runing through standardised oppositions. Furthermore, harmonizing to Ritzer ( 2008 ) , during the occupation procedure, employees might detect micro-methods to assist them run the undertaking more expeditiously, and in modern organisations, those employees are encouraged to describe information to their supervisors so that all employees could execute the given undertaking a spot more expeditiously. By utilizing the above methods, Junction Hotel may better efficiency and control, and minimise the cost during the procedure. But on the contrary, Junction Hotel could non use to Taylorism because people can non be machines and the Hotel concern could non work as production line in mill.

In conformity with the theory of Henry Fayol ( 1929 ) , direction should be considered as a accomplishment like any other 1 that could be taught one time its implicit in rules were understood. Compare rational organisations to modern-day organisations, based on the research by Morgan ( 2006 ) , most organisations are bureaucratized to some extent, for the mechanistic signifier of processs has shaped most basic construct of what organisation is about. Morgan ( 2006 ) besides agreed Max Weber ‘s theory, it noted that the “ bureaucratic signifier routinizes the procedure of disposal precisely as the machine routinizes production. ” For illustration, the direction in McDonald ‘s fast nutrient eating houses use observation checklist to oversee employee ‘s public presentation, which shows that a simple undertaking like functioning a client could be mechanized, observed, and evaluated in a mechanical manner. Many franchising systems such as McDonalds and Burger King have used the same Tayloristic processs with positive consequence, centralising the design and development of merchandises or services, and deconcentrating execution in extremely controlled manner. Furthermore, in hotel concern such as Travelodge, the hotel organisation frequently use standard formulas and public presentation criterion manuals, and it is common to develop housekeeping staff the prescribed layout for each room which is based on elaborate processs. On the contrary, as for Junction Hotel, scientific direction could work in some country and better efficiency or control, but it could merely use to specific portion of those authoritative theories in rational organisations so as to maximise the positive influences that rationalisation could convey to the concern.

On the one manus, scientific direction in 1800s still have a positive impact on modern organisations, which could still better efficiency and control, minimise cost during the production procedure, perform in a clear concatenation of bid so that standardised processs and channels of communicating could set up. The rules of scientific direction viewed organisations as closed system where most of the organisational factors were under the control of direction. On the other manus, modern direction operates in a dynamic environment in which alterations are invariably adopted to accommodate the alterations in the environment. Harmonizing to Alajloni et Al ( 2010 ) , “ the traditional bureaucratic organisation with its hierarchal system of direction and an over concerned director who tries to coerce public presentation out of employees is no longer needed. ” The theories of rational organisations ignored certain facets of human behaviour within the organisations and furthermore, constructs like occupation satisfaction, participative direction, and the occupation itself have played an of import function in increasing productiveness. Based on the above analysis, rationalisation may non be suited to Junction Hotel because the positive impact of societal facets and human factors may outweigh the rational point of position, in which workers are treated like machines.

In decision, hotel concern belongs to cordial reception industry, in which hotel employees ‘ trade with clients in a daily-basis. In malice of the positive consequence within rational organisations, rationalisation may non be a desirable strategic attack to put to death in Junction Hotel during the current economic recession. Authoritative theories of organisation were basically aimed and emphasized individual minded to do organisations effectual and efficient in footings of doing net income. However, modern competitory organisations have realized that modern organisations have different motives to execute apart from doing net income, therefore Junction Hotel may hold to incorporate different positions of societal and economic factors related to productiveness and satisfaction of human demands.


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