Looking At The Moral Fiber Of Casanova English Literature Essay

Casanovas paternal history is controversial. Owing to the profession of his female parent, it has been suspected that at least some of the kids in the Casanova family were non really sired by Gaetan ( John Masters, 1969, p. 12 ) . In fact, it has been claimed that his female parent had plentifulness of work forces even during his parents ‘ matrimony ( The greatest ) . Casanova himself wrote that that his biological male parent was Michele Grimani, a Venetian patrician and proprietor of the theatre that employed his parents ( Bentley, 2008 and Giacomo Casanova Biography ) . An evident support to his theory is the fact that the brother of Michele, Abbe Alvise Grimani, subsequently became Casanova ‘s defender ( Childs, 1988, p. 4 ) .

Our supporter, who was the oldest of the siblings, did non precisely have a good childhood. His parents were often abroad or making Tourss and, hence, had to go forth him with his grandma Marzia Baldissera in her house in Calle della Commedia while they went on circuit. It is just to observe, nevertheless, that Casanova himself believed that he was his maternal grandma ‘s favourite ( Casanova, 2001, p. 15 ) . At any rate, he did experience abandoned by his parents ( Smith, 1997 ) . Besides, he thought of his early life as “ vegetive, ” connoting that nil much happened so. Furthermore, his wellness was troubled by his chronic epistaxiss ( Giacomo Casanova Biography ) .

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Casanova ‘s wellness was to better at age eight, co-occuring with the decease of his functionary male parent, Giovanni. At age eleven, her mother brought her Padua to populate in the house of an old “ Slavonian ” adult female. After his female parent paid for six months of advanced embarkation, eating and instruction, she kissed him adieu: Casanova ( 2001, p. 22 ) wrote about this portion of his life: Frankincense was my household rid of me. ”

He had a suffering stay at the embarkation house but was lucky that her grandma took him to populate with his headmaster and immature priest Doctor Gozzi. Casanova was to larn the limited but diverse cognition of Gozzi in the family — from playing fiddle, to the logic of “ peripatics, ” to the Ptolemaic cosmography, to strict spiritual ethical motives and the Christian religion ( Casanova, 2001, pp. 27-30 ) .

In footings of calling, Casanova would etch one that is colourful, disgraceful and marked with indulgence. He was an all-rounded adventurer, but he was besides a licentious adult male, apart from being a con adult male.

For a clip, he served a Roman Catholic central, became a fiddler and subsequently, a member of the Masonic Order, going to a figure of European metropoliss ( Casanova, Giovanni Giacomo, 2006 ) . When he returned to Venice in the mid 1700s, he was imprisoned for being a prestidigitator. In order to back up himself, Casanova conned the aristocracy with a combination of specious chemistry, charming fast ones and mysticism. Herein, he was so good that an Inquisition test landed him in gaol ( Giacomo Casanova Biography ) . Amazingly, he escaped what could hold been five full old ages in gaol — said to be the lone one to successfully get away from the Doges Palace ( Casanova, Giovanni Giacomo, 2006 and Smith, 1997 ) .

Afterwards, he went to Paris where he built a name for himself, made a spot of a luck and moved in the blue societal circles. These, he did by presenting lottery, utilizing appeal to derive influence, and mythologising himself with a self-publicity history a.k.a. ‘Jacques Casanova, the Chevalier de Seingalt ‘ ( Casanova, Giovanni Giacomo, 2006 and Giacomo Casanova Biography ) .

Subsequently, he had to fly Paris because he subsequently lost his self-made luck and his creditors went after him. You see, Casanova was besides a gaming adult male. In fact, he even devised a scheme for gaming: a gamble is to being by wagering merely one coin, and to duplicate the stake in instance s/he loses, but in instance of win, one should return to wagering merely one coin. Our supporter thought it would work, but it did non because for it to work, one needs to hold illimitable wealth to countervail any large tally of losingss ( Bergstrom, 2006 ) .

A form of going to new states, reinventing/mythologizing himself, and chancing his lucks marked Casanova ‘s life. During his life-time, he brushed shoulders with the baronial, celebrated, and powerful, including Mozart, Rousseau, and the Pope ( Giacomo Casanova Biography ) .

His autobiography besides revealed a form of his colossal sexual activities. While his personal histories are seen to be exaggerated, his memoirs established his repute as a licentious straight person who is supposed to hold made love to 100s of adult females.

His sexual adventures began in Padua where he was expelled from the seminary for his wanton activities ( Giacomo Casanova Biography ) . Thereafter, a licentious form is seen: a rich frequenter is present, Casanova would acquire involved in some strategy, as he would travel into scoring person, and after which, he would fly to other states or towns to acquire off from the resulting dirt ( Smith, 1997 ) .

His art of seduction was unfastened to all categories, age, and seemingly, even gender. Even some nuns counted among his seduced as he appeared to hold preferred misss. He about even entered into an incestuous matrimony. Casanova besides seemed to hold engaged in homosexual relationships. His relationship ever ended in common consent, with neither resentment, retaliation, heartbreak nor grief ( Smith, 1997 ) .

Our supporter genuinely led a colourful lifeaa‚¬ ” gambling-wise, trickery-wise and sex-wise. Does his life step to his legendary repute as embodied by the dictionary significance of his name? Truly, it does. The existent Casanova was so promiscuous he sexually engaged with many adult females, likely with other work forces, and even about with his ain girl he did non cognize.


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