Life And Works Of Arthur Miller English Literature Essay

“ A batch of my work goes to the centre of where we belong. “ – Arthur Miller. His plant put are a prevailing contemplation on the things people struggle with in mundane life such as, household and decency ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 3 ) . Arthur Miller ‘s plants are besides a comparing to his true being. From his childhood, to his ulterior life, the phase resembles the adult male in the mirror ( The Crucible par.3 ) . Arthur Miller is a adult male molded by his battles and his victory ( Arthur Miller par. 1 ) . Miller said he one time thought that theatre could “ alter the universe ” ( Biography par 2 ) . Arthur Miller found success as a author early in his life and is widely regarded as the most important American author of the twentieth century, but what truly catapulted this author to fame? ( BBC News par. 1 ) . Arthur Miller ‘s life, dramas, and battles make him one of the greatest dramatists in American history.

In Arthur Miller ‘s early life he and his household had battles ( Miller 1915-2005 par. 6 ) . He was born October 17, 1915 in New York City ( Arthur Miller par. 2 ) . His male parent, Isidore Miller, operated a vesture shop. However, the concern was overcome with catastrophe during an economic depression and everything financially was lost. The household relocated to a smaller house in Brooklyn ( Biography par. 4 ) .

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After Arthur finished high school, he worked many occupations to gain money to pay for his college tuition. In 1934, he studied English at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. He began to print his first plants while go toing college ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 9 ) . He received many awards in college ( Arthur Miller par. 2 ) . Upon graduation in 1938 he returned to his hometown to fall in the Federal Theatre Project ( Biography par. 4 ) . In 1940, he married his first married woman, Mary Slattery ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 10 ) .

Miller ‘s first experiences with Broadway would non turn out to his advantage ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 11 ) . His first drama on Broadway was “ The Man Who Had All the Luck ” in 1944 ( Biography par. 4 ) . This drama did n’t convey him any fortune as it merely had four public presentations ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 11 ) . His first major success was his 2nd drama with, “ All My Sons ” in 1947 ( Arthur Miller par. 2 ) . It is about a aeroplane industry that produces parts for aeroplanes in World War Two. One of the adult male ‘s boies in the drama dies as a consequence of his offense. “ All My Sons ” won legion awards in 1947 ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 12 ) . In 1949, “ Death of a Salesman ” would be Miller ‘s greatest drama ( Arthur Miller par. 1 ) . This drama shows the relationship of male parents and boies ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 14 ) . This drama won him a Pulitzer Prize for Drama formalizing his composing success when he was merely 33 old ages old ( Mondello par. 6 ; BBC News par. 7 ) . “ Death of a Salesman ” would subsequently go a film in 1951 ( Arthur Miller par. 2 ) . Miller other well-known dramas include “ A Position from the Bridge ” and “ After the Fall ” ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 5 ) . In 1984, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing humanistic disciplines honored Miller for all the work he accomplished in play throughout his old ages as a dramatist ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par.6 ) .

Already holding both a Tony Award and a Pulitzer Prize under his belt Miller would still demo his changeless ability to bring forth award winning dramas with yet another Broadway drama, “ The Crucible. ” This drama is considered 2nd best prior to his “ Death of a Salesman ” ( The Crucible par. 1 ) “ The Crucible ” was based on existent tests in America ‘s yesteryear ( Biography par. 2 ) . In the 1600 ‘s Salem, Massachusetts really held tests for people accused of witchery. This grade in history has been hailed as the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 ( The Crucible par. 2 ) . The events are existent, but the drama is non wholly true. The characters in the drama really existed, but the struggles between them are false ( The Crucible par. 4-5 ) . With a small aid from Hollywood, Miller captured the tenseness, fright and the treachery and made it one of his greatest dramas of all time written ( The Crucible par. 1 ) . “ The Crucible ” has been produced more than any of Miller ‘s dramas ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 17 ) . He besides wrote the film book for “ The Crucible ” when he was 81 old ages old ( The Crucible par.4 ) . The film version and the drama have minor differences. Such as assorted scenes and the manner the characters are depicted. In the drama Tituba is an Indian adult female, but in the film she is portrayed as African American alternatively ( The Crucible par.4-5 ) .

Miller ‘s life and experiences can be compared to his dramas. “ Death of a Salesman ” could be compared to the loss of his male parent ‘s vesture concern ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 9 ) . His other plants like “ The Crucible ” can besides be compared to his life. He was n’t accused of being a enchantress, but he was accused of being a Communist ( bbc intelligence par.11 ) . In 1940 ‘s he had attended meetings for authors organized by the Communist Party ( Arthur Miller par. 3 ) . He was called before the House of Un-american Activities and was ordered to give the names of the other authors go toing these meetings ten old ages prior to this event ( Arthur Miller par. 3 ) . He said he was n’t a Communist and he would non give the commission any names. He was found guilty, but he appealed and two old ages subsequently the tribunal dropped the charges and he won ( The Crucible par. 4 ) . Some of the people involved in the Communist that did non reply inquiries before Congress served clip in prison ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 21 ) .

Miller besides wrote dramas for people in his life. In 1956, after his matrimony ended he married the Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe ( Mondello par.7 ) . The 1961 film “ The Misfits ” was written for her. Arthur and Marilyn ended their matrimony shortly after the film ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 24 ) . They had small privateness because the media invariably followed the twosome around ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 23 ) . A twelvemonth after the twosome ended their matrimony, Monroe died of a drug overdose ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 23 ) . Three old ages subsequently Miller wrote another drama, “ After the Fall. ” The chief character is depicted as a adult female who is dependent on drug and kills herself. He was criticized as some idea he was seeking to portray his ex-wife. Miller denied that this was true ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par.24 ) . In 1962, he married for a 3rd clip to a well-known lensman, Inge Morath. She died in 2002 ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par. 25 ) .

Miller ‘s ability to make award winning dramas one after the other gave him the name: The Best American dramatist of the twentieth century ( Mondello par. 2 ) . He wrote over 30 dramas and has won infinite awards including a Pulitzer Prize and multiple Tony awards ( Biography par. 1 ) . His early life was a battle, but he made the best of it by utilizing his hardship to his advantage to compose dramas that symbolized his life and the American dream gone incorrect ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 pars. 8-10 ) . Arthur Miller died on February 10, 2005 at his house in Roxbury, Connecticut due to malignant neoplastic disease, pneumonia and a bosom status ( bbc intelligence par. 1-4 ) . His dramas are still preformed today and will go on to be preformed and remembered for many old ages to come ( Arthur Miller 1915-2005 par 2 ) . He was a great writer with a calling of about six decennaries ( Biography par. 2 ) .


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