Labeling theory and its effects to the society Essay

Labeling theory is a theory that tries to explicate the effects of “labeling” by the society on an person. It shows that: by labeling an person for illustration as insane. that could tag the beginning of the procedure of him being insane. It is hence of import for society to be careful on the labels that they give to persons because of the effects that are likely to come with this “labels” . This paper is traveling to look into the constituents of labeling theory and its effects.

Labeling Theory Labeling theory looks at the influence that the society has on the development of a certain behaviour by an single because of the society’s perceptual experience of him/her. The manner an person has been described and categorized by the populace can greatly impact the behaviour of the said single. It besides brings out the lingual inclination of the bulk in society to label those who are perceived to be minority or with behaviours different from the remainder. negative labels.

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Harmonizing to this theory. the stigmatizing or negative labels given to these persons have a important consequence on them such that some of the persons may continue to being aberrant ( Becker. 1964 ) . An illustration is an person who is perceived to be a drug nut. Even if the drugs do non impact his professional life. when persons whom they work with come to cognize that they use drugs. they may get down avoiding and tie ining them with all other offenses that are done by drug nuts.

Because of this stigmatisation. the person may stop up fring the occupation and could non be able to procure a nice occupation in any other topographic point. This will go forth him with no other option other than affecting in offense for endurance. something which he could non hold gotten himself in were it non for stigmatisation and labels that were directed to him/her ( Becker. 1963 ) . Harmonizing to Becker ( 1963 ) . the procedure of labeling can non be assumed to be strictly right because if so. it could hold non considered the general regulation of aberrance which is: it is the society that creates it.

The society may make some societal regulations and use them to some given persons without proper consideration. Their claims can non be justified because there is a possibility that the person may non be what the society perceives him/her to be. Other wrongdoers may be lucky to travel without being noticed by people and you can non state that merely because they were able to get away unobserved. they are clean and can non measure up to be aberrant or those who have been labeled are all the same.

This is because there may be false accusals. The theory may impact the society in many ways. It may take to increased offense rate among persons and society. This is because of the consequence that the theory has on an person like in the illustration above of a drug nut who will be forced to prosecute in unsafe activities because of favoritism by the people around him/her.

It may besides function as an illustration to other persons to avoid perpetrating offenses sing the disapprobation involved after transporting out the offense ( Becker. 1964 ) . Victims of this theory can besides go victims of ego fulfilled prophesy. Because of the perceptual experience that the society has on these persons. they may get down to alter their behaviour to that which the society has labeled them to hold either consciously or unconsciously. An illustration is a homosexual person.

Bing a homophile may non hold an consequence on an individual’s professional life. but if his co-workers become cognizant of that fact. it may be hard for the said individual to comfortably work hence his work will besides endure as a consequence. Poor consequences in the work topographic point have been brought about by favoritism that an person has received from his co-workers because of the label of a “homosexual” that he had acquired. Although the persons may be determined to make things right. it may be hard to stay by that ( Becker. 1963 ) .

Although this theory may convey about positive influences in society such that others may larn from victims. it makes victims to be more aberrant. This could be because of deficiency of support from the persons around the victims doing life more intolerable for them forcing them further into offense. Mentions Becker. H. S. ( 1963 ) . Foreigners: labeling theory. New York. New york: The Free Press Becker. H. S. ( 1964 ) . The Other Side: Positions on Deviance. New York. New york: The Free Press


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