Jay Gatsby From The Great Gatsby English Literature Essay

The one character in literature that has influenced the manner I think about my life more than any other is Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby. Jay Gatsby is the original of a self-made adult male in the boom 1920s. Gatsby was able to purchase his manner into high society, but he could ne’er suit in.

Jay Gatsby ‘s existent name in the novel is James “ Jimmy ” Gatz. He came from a hapless household in North Dakota where he lived in shame because of his household ‘s destitute life style. I relate to Gatsby in that I grew up hapless. I know what it is like to hold to travel without and non suit in with the other childs because my apparels were hand-me downs.

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What I have learned from the character of Jay Gatsby is what non to be like in life. The shame of his yesteryear haunted Gatsby until his decease. At college age he enrolled in St. Olaf College in Minnesota, but his pride forced him to rather merely because he was ashamed at holding to work as a janitor to pay his tuition. I understand that college is a character edifice experience and that in order to better myself instruction is a must and holding to work to pay for it is a portion of the character constructing experience of higher instruction.

I have besides learned for Jay Gatsby that I follow myself where of all time I go. It does n’t count if I change my name or travel to a different portion of the state I will still be me. This lesson escaped Jay Gatsby to the really terminal of his life. When he was cheated by Dan Cody ‘s kept woman out of his heritage he was still that hapless male child from Minnesota who could stand up for himself and fight. The fact that he changed his name did n’t assist his character at all.

It was in the armed forces that Jay Gatsby began to develop character. He rose in ranks in the ground forces to Major and learned how to take work forces and to derive their regard and esteem. Jay Gatsby meets Daisy before he learns how to life his life as a adult male of regard, self-respect. From my ain contemplation on my life I am able to see that a relationship with others is doomed for failure unless I can esteem myself and love myself. Even with all the alterations made to his individuality I am non certain he respected and loved himself. I think he respected and loved the image he created for himself.

Jay Gatsby spent the remainder of his life seeking to go person who could win Daisy ‘s love. Daisy was rich and needed to get married person in her ain East Coast societal category if she was to be accepted by society. Jay Gatsby ne’er accepted that apparels, autos, money and houses did n’t alter where he came from or who he truly was: a hapless male child from Minnesota.

In my life I have learned that in order to happen felicity from within I must accept the individual I am. Jay Gatsby is a tragic hero in my head. He is has everything a adult male or adult female could desire on the outside, but on the interior he struggled to believe his ain prevarications. I have learned that honestness about ego is ever the best formula for felicity.

Jay Gatsby is besides a symbol of how money corrupts. Jimmy Gatz was non raised to be a mobster or moonshiner, but that is what his lecherousness led him to go. The lone manner Jay Gatsby could gain the huge wealth that Daisy was a portion of and married was to go a self-made adult male through illegal agencies. I have learned from Gatsby that the terminals do non warrant the agencies and when I have to reject myself for the love and fondness of another I ever lose. In the terminal, Gatsby ‘s corruptness destroyed the artlessness and pureness that made Daisy autumn in love with him in Minnesota.

I have besides learned signifier reading about how Jay Gatsby tries to coerce his ain destiny and the destiny of Daisy that that is non the formula for a happy life. When anything is forced it breaks with excessively much force per unit area. Gatsby broke under the force of his will, he hurt Daisy as good.

The Great Gatsby changed my life when I read it in 9th class. I learned what I did n’t desire to go from the character of Jay Gatsby. I learned that money does n’t ever equal felicity and I learned that if I do n’t love and esteem myself so I will non be fit for anyone else to love and esteem.


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