Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Essay

“Many people called her the American Queen. ” ( Mattern ) Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was by far the most iconic manner figure of the 1960’s. She shaped manner particularly for adult females in her ain clip. but more than merely being a important influence on how adult females dressed in the 1960’s her manner has transcended the boundaries of clip and the modern adult females even looks to her on affairs of manner. Jackie. as she was lovingly called. did non stay as a powerful manner figure merely in the 60’s but continued to determine the manner industry worldwide. even after her yearss of glorification as the First Lady of America.

The influence of Jackie’s manner can still be seen now on the catwalks. every interior decorator shows a expression inspired by her. She was really authoritative. but with a modern turn. ( Reuters ) However. it would be assumptive to merely do this decision without looking at how this lady was able to alter the manner adult females frock. Jackie was extremely instrumental in the manner scene of the 60’s every bit good as in modern epochs because she instilled a sense of bravery into manner. she equated manner with personality. and she pioneered the construct that simpleness was in fact fashionable. elegant and stylish.

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The Baroque and about rambunctious manner sense of adult females in the 60’s were a footing for Jackie’s influence in doing adult females bolder and more unique in their pick of vesture. Note that during this period discreet strain between American and Gallic dealingss. and despite of this. Jackie rose above the remainder and refused to be influenced by this. Oleg Cassini. Jackie’s interior decorator. “created her closet for the 1961 startup. Jackie told him she wanted to dress as if “Jack were President of France” . Jacobs )

While this comment may be considered as un-patriotic at that clip. it merely shows how Jackie chose to disregard political and societal concepts in presenting her message of manner. She was besides known for rather extremist manner determinations such as when she “kicked off a fad for the one-shoulder frock. encouraged adult females to ditch their high. pointy heels. endorsed concatenation belts. outsize dark glassess. and YSL Midi skirts. ” ( Mathai ) All these alterations in the manner adult females dress all speak of the daring Jackie which was what adult females of the clip wanted to get.

Manner was about secondary to adult females of this period ; what were more of import to them were the decision. invention. and bravery that riddled determination devising among the feminine gender. For case. “Jackie had been forced by her public function into have oning chapeaus. as called for by formal protocol…She made manner history. nevertheless. by taking to have on the chapeau tipped to the dorsum of her caput instead than straight on top. ( CAVF ) This is an illustration of how Jackie set the illustration for adult females to stay undismayed by male dominated policies and so take flight ; she did this in a linguistic communication that all adult females would easy understand – manner.

Jackie was ne’er one to follow what was ‘in’ during the minute because she believed in the value of individuality and alone manner. Her preference for seeking what was most comfy to her was the best indicant that she was non about to give her comfort for trendiness. and this worked for her as a consequence. “Trends and crazes ne’er dictated Jackie’s manner choices…she had the bravery of her strong beliefs to reject it if she didn’t experience it was right for her. Flaherty ) Her bravery in manner rubbed off on all adult females of the clip and even on the modern adult female and to this twenty-four hours. people will retrieve how she breathed new life into the American manner scene even doing the industry more competitory when compared to its planetary challengers.

“At that clip. most high manner apparels were made in Europe. However. the first lady decided to advance American interior decorators. ” ( Mattern ) Jackie besides exercised her influence over adult females of the 60’s and on today’s stylish female by demoing that vesture was non everything and that what one wore was in fact a contemplation of one’s personality. Jackie understood the power of vesture and image and used it to reflect the internationalism of the Kennedy Administration and the promise of the sixtiess. ” ( Leight ) So. Jackie ever made certain that what she wore made a statement. if non about her. at least about the state she was in. Nevertheless. she besides insisted that it was non truly the vesture that one wore that made the individual. instead. this was merely the extension of the ideals and rules that a peculiar individual stood for.

Equally much as Jackie loved manner. she was much more than the apparels she wore. Although visual aspects clearly counted. how she lived her life mattered most. ” ( Flaherty ) Jackie was non the sort of individual who would as she pleased while compromising the image of her household and of her husband’s disposal. Through her many adult females all around the universe realized how of import it was for a individual to utilize manner as a agency of conveying a message either about oneself or about the society that he/she was in. but more significantly about one’s beliefs and strong beliefs. Jackie chose apparels that played to both her athletic esthesia and her Vassar-educated. Francophile polish. notes Bowles. ” ( Tauber )

This meant that Jackie was ever on top of her manner. that her outfit about normally reflected non the interior decorator. non the luxury of the garb. but the esthesias and the rules of the wearer. This had to intend have oning apparels that were non merely practical but besides simple and Jackie did non destruct the construct of simpleness in the procedure. in fact. she even re-invented simpleness at a clip when artistic look was at its noisiest.

Jackie had left her bequest on the adult female of the 60’s every bit good as on modern-day manner tendencies by doing adult females see that simpleness can in fact be stylish. fashionable and elegant. Her passion for simpleness “took America out of the sedate and conservative 1950s and into the universe of posh international elegance. ” ( Leight ) Jackie knew what it meant to do an feeling and she believed that a permanent feeling was possible even with the simplest white frock. She knew that she did non hold to be excessively long-winded about her dressing manners to do people want to turn and hold a 2nd expression. Her apparels were informed with an unostentatious modern elegance. characterized by cleanliness. solid colourss. and easiness of motion. ” ( Leight )

So once more. one sees here that Jackie found convenience in simpleness in that other than being excessively numbered. her manner sense was unstable and antiphonal to the demands of the modern-day adult female. Nothing went incorrect with manner when Jackie was in the spotlight because her manner was about a bare look of the feminine mind. “Years before she became Jackie O. Kennedy was a first lady with faultless manner. ( Shih ) Simplicity. nevertheless. did non come without a monetary value because looking simple meant that she had to carefully be after her closet so that she achieved the sort of feeling that she wanted to acquire ; and so for Jackie. manner was ne’er unwilled. it was ever a witting attempt like poesy and literature ; “Jackie put an tremendous sum of work into looking effortlessly elegant. ”

We look at her and believe. ‘How simple! ‘ “says Hubert de Givenchy…”But it was deliberate. She was really witting of her manner. her organic structure. her face. ( Tauber ) A adult female of the 90’s can look at Jackie and like the adult female of the 60’s still say that she was in fact right in make up one’s minding to look simple amid the celebrity and glorification that she was in because it was this simpleness in her manner sense that gave her authorization over the universe of manner and a healthy grasp for the elegance that came with a piece of vesture. Jackie was however rather advanced as she ever believed that simpleness could be expressed in a thousand different ways. and even with this dry contradiction. adult females of the 60’s were able to place with the effortlessness of Jackie’s manner.

It is this that transcended the tendencies of the 60’s and began a whole new motion in modern-day dressing. now even known as Jackie O manner. Jackie was cognizant that she was altering the universe of manner small by small and constructing a memorial to the component of feminism that is about non-existent to the opposite sex. So. to day of the month. the universe lovingly recalls “the elegant simpleness of Jacqueline Kennedy’s manner that would come to act upon manner all over the universe. ” ( CAVF )

It is non ever that a adult female is able to alter the universe by being herself ; but the fact remains that Jackie sparked a revolution or more suitably a Renaissance in how adult females dressed in the 60’s and in the new millenary. Of class. some would state that manner is merely a little piece of the bigger image picturing universe shattering issues but how soothing it is to hold person slink back one time in a piece and retrieve that there is nil that one does non hold that one can give to the universe.

Making a difference means holding that difference initiated within oneself and through manner Jackie was able to do this bold and brave statement. History will forever retrieve Jackie as the adult female who was able to set policy into manner ; as the adult females who through her humbleness and regard for the female character was able to take the manner of the 60’s and the modern-day epoch and cast it to perfection by doing adult females understand that manner meant bravery and strong belief. that manner was an extension of oneself. and that manner does non necessitate to be loud and un-moderated for it to be elegant. stylish. and more significantly. stylish.


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