International Trade Of Samsung Electronics Economics Essay

International variegation is really of import for an international endeavor, it is a corporate scheme. It is designed by higher gross revenues of new merchandises and new markets, and increase profitableness. Diversification can happen at the concern unit degree and corporate degree. In this essay, we will concentrate on the advantages and disadvantages of international variegation for the company. At present, many companies are international based which developed their concern to the different states and parts, of class, they besides confronting a batch of hazards and chances, in the undermentioned, I will analyse the advantages and disadvantages of researching concern internationally. This procedure involves different schemes. For the different sectors of the concern, the different states must be developed and implemented. The direction of the high capacity of these schemes must be developed, the immense chance to come in new market of concern regardless of the execution of the large challenges and troubles, cross-border variegation to pull the company ‘s long-run growing, and growing in bing concern on the market in other states.


International variegation is a basic and the most of import rules in the concern universe. In the past decennary, the impact of the value of corporate variegation has become the focal point of attending of the research significantly. The huge bulk of this article has focused the industry on this issue. Diversification is a scheme to increase net incomes for selling the new merchandises in new markets of a corporate. In fact, all scheme has its advantages and disadvantages, one of the company ‘s direction staff will be used to accomplish different intents of these advantages and disadvantages. Diversifying internationally is a construct to heighten the value of the corporation, which is a beginning of foreign direct investing ( FDI ) . Enterprises to put overseas, the usage of company assets transferred abroad, reached the economic systems of graduated table and the economic systems of range. Through the operational flexibleness associated with a transnational corporate system, value creative activity from international operations can besides be created. Now a twenty-four hours, international environment is truly unsure, an internationally diversified web can gives the chance to the house to work market conditions. Diversified corporate selling, it can be used in a developed market, the constitution of new endeavors, so as to increase the net incomes of the company. Besides, it can be used to diversify the investing of the company ‘s assets, in order to forestall the downswing in the market of their state. There are two type of diversify, the first 1 is the internal development, through the internal enlargement and variegation of production, creative activity of different merchandises and trade names. It can be accomplish the perfect internal development. On the other manus is the external development, external enlargement through acquisitions or strategic confederations to heighten the visibleness of the endeavor in the planetary market, to enlargement of net incomes and achieve the international criterions. In the followers, consumer electronics elephantine Samsung Electronics is taken an illustration to exemplify the advantages and disadvantages of international variegation.

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Case study – Samsung Electronicss

Consumer electronics elephantine Samsung Electronics is an international corporate, It is the flagship subordinate of the Samsung Group. Samsung Electronics the largest electronics industry in South Korea, engaged in LCD, semiconducting material, nomadic phones, digital media concern, it is the biggest gross revenues of the electronics industry makers in the worth. “ Inspire the World, Create the Future. ” is the vision of Samsung Electronics. In the nomadic phone market, Samsung Electronics is the figure one of the market portion in the universe, successfully crush a traditional Mobile phone makers such as: Nokia, Motorola, Sony. Sightss on future market tendencies to the touch smartphone, Samsung besides compete to establish the merchandises corresponded to the rivals, such as Galaxy S2, to compare with the biggest rival Apple ‘s Iphone.

3.1 International trade of Samsung Electronics

International trade across boundary lines the minutess of goods and services, general import and export trade, hence, it besides name import and export trade. International trade straight affect the gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) , it is really of import for many states ; it can set the economic construction of the state and increase the financial gross.

In order to cut down the production cost, Samsung Electronics utilizing planetary procurance, they looking for the possible providers, is committed to heighten merchandise development, corporate civilization, and parts to the planetary society. Samsung Electronics and Suppliers every bit good as the makers can collaborate to do the best merchandise. Global procurance non merely can cut down the production cost, it besides can heighten the productiveness. Samsung Electronics has an absolute advantageA over another in bring forthing a good in Korea and the other state. It can bring forth that good utilizing fewer resources than another state. Samsung Electronics can bask the absolute advantage when they conduct the international trade. In extra, Samsung Electronics conducted international trade, which besides produced of foreign direct investing ( FDI ) , FDI is direct investing into production in a state by a company in another state, Samsung Electronics investing in China or the other state, the both states have brought some Advantages.

Now, we can speak about what is the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Electronics when the corporation diversifying internationally.

Advantages of a corporation diversifying internationally

Economic of graduated table

Economic of graduated table is the enlargement of production graduated table and increase the economic benefits. It is to reflect the relationship between the concentration factors of production and the economic benefits. Economies of graduated table aid manufacturers to take down their cost by bring forthing big sum of end product at lower costs. Samsung Electronics has realized economic systems of graduated table in semiconducting material production. Semiconductor devices can execute a assortment of control maps in electronic equipment, such as Samsung touch smartphone. Through the uninterrupted betterment, Samsung ‘s semiconducting material production successfully extended the R & A ; D centres and production lines to China and other states, and the merchandises can sell around the universe, via mass production to cut down the costs. This is the cost advantage

The advantage of the economic systems of graduated table of Samsung:

Can be accomplish the harmonisation and standardisation of the merchandises

high measure of natural stuffs, cut down the purchase cost

Easily to command the measure and quality of merchandises

Conducive to direction and technician specialisation and professionalisation

It can has strong fight in the national market

Economic of range

This is besides a cost advantage to do the cost lower to bring forth a scope of related merchandises than to bring forth merely one of the single merchandises on one company. A company can spread out its scope of merchandises to take full advantage of the value of its bing capacity. Samsung produces assorted electronic merchandises, such as LCD Television, LCD panel, semiconducting material ( DRAM, NAND Flash ) , nomadic phones, digital cameras, LCD proctors, pressmans and other related electronic concern, production of these merchandises can utilize the same or similar of natural stuffs, for illustration, produce the Television and the computing machine can utilize the same type of LCD screen, it can besides be carried out in the same mill, and the workers all have same cognition, produce different merchandises to make international variegation, to the full to take the advantage of economic systems of range.

Spread the hazard

Diversifying internationally through acquisition or confederations can increase the market power of a corporation, to beef up the fight in the international market. At the same clip, it can distribute the hazard of investing by avoid holding all eggs in one basket. Enough modesty to react to market diminution. Samsung Electronics has acquired the related concern companies, such as British semiconducting material interior decorator Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd, amalgamation with Seagate Technology ( USA ) , its market forces continue to spread out and greatly heighten the visibleness and fight. In add-on, in order to diversify their investing and hazard. Samsung Electronics set up their central offices and workss all around the universe.

Learn from advanced engineering

If a corporate diversifying internationally, for illustration, which portion of the merchandises to their confederation ‘s company responsible for, it can larn the expertness and engineering from the confederation. Samsung Electronics maintains good relationship with their spouses, to larn advanced and alone engineering in all of the production procedure, besides, they barely to analyze all of the cognition and accomplishments from the other state, such as the electronic engineering from Taiwan and the scientific cognition from USA. Learning cognition from difference state can heighten the quality of staff, greatly to assist the long-run development of the company. In add-on, it besides can heighten the nucleus fight of the corporation in the universe.

Experts of expertness

When entree a new market in other state, except to larn from advanced engineering, Samsung Electronics besides gain the experts of expertness, unite different professionals through amalgamation and acquisition. For illustration, Samsung Electronics entree to the advanced state, such as USA or UK, it can derive the experts in the vicinity, to understand their professional scientific discipline and engineering. In add-on, China ‘s population is more than 1.3 billion, it boasts to hold larger human resources than other states. As the increasing of population, China will hold the greatest figure of professionals.

Low labours and resources cost

Samsung Electronicss can bask the inexpensive labours from their state and all underdeveloped state, for illustration, China has 1.3 billion people and widely of the labour force, compared with the wage of workers in other states will be lower, so, to put up mills in China or merge with Chinese companies, it can bask the low-priced labours and production every bit good as the resources and the natural stuffs are besides comparatively inexpensive. In add-on, the lands and rent are the most put in of the financess, China has good Infrastructure, now, it puting in the outsourcing industry. Like the metropolis Chengdu are already be aftering to hold a hi-tech zone in countries that are crossing upwards of 1 million square metres. China has the cheaper lands and low rent for physique up the mills, so Samsung Electronicss can salvage more money on this portion.

Enhance competitory power

Foreign competition can be encouraged to heighten the company ‘s productiveness. Making concern in the international market, the companies will go on to better the quality of their merchandises, in order to derive a market competitory advantage. The face of powerful rival: Apple Store, Samsung Electronics uninterrupted invention and reform the merchandises, for illustration, Samsung Electronics produce the smartphone, such as Galaxy S2, S3, Notes, to compare with the biggest rival Iphone from Apple Store, in order to busy a strong place and strengthen fight in the universe market.

3.3 Disadvantages of a corporation diversifying internationally

Increased direction costs and complexness

Samsung Electronics realized International diversify may add complexness of the endeavor. Amalgamation or confederations will do direction costs rise, thereby increasing the cost of production abroad. To entry into the new market, the biggest barrier is the immense capital demand, for the established of central offices and mills, enlisting, procurance, direction etc. In add-on, it have more direction challenges related to structural complexness with the new administrative constructions, it may increase the information processing when entree the new market in the planetary.

Language job

Actually, the linguistic communication barrier is a serious job, the coordination, communications and motive issues are really of import when entree to a new market. Samsung Electronics is an oversea company, when they wants to put up mills or central offices in China or the other state, aliens do non understand Korean, miscommunication may happen, impacting the company ‘s operations. They need to enroll some linguistic communication expert to work out the job, besides, they can enroll the transcribers or local agents to pull off, but it will increase the direction cost.

Quality job

Globalization made endeavors want to be entry in the major states globally. To response the turning demand of fight in the universe, many endeavor want to outsourced some of the productions in China, in order to bask comparatively inexpensive production cost, Samsung Electronics outsourced parts of its production to China like the battery and the instance of Samsung smartphone, really, China is still at its early phase of being in the outsourcing industry. the quality may non be guaranteed, particularly in China, although China has labour resources stronger than the other state, but the low academic makings and deficiency of accomplishments of the workers may be affected the quality of the merchandise. However, it can be improved by preparation and the engineering.

Economic hazard

Economic hazards, such as exchange rates, authorities ordinance, diminution in per capita gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) , rising prices and capital flight. In recent old ages, rising prices in China is really serious, rising prices reflects Samsung confronting the concern crisis, and company may necessitate to salvage the work force and natural stuffs, impacting the output and quality of its merchandises. In the current fiscal hazard, Samsung Electronics encountered a serious impact on the planetary concern, it has a batch of economic jobs, such as rising prices, lifting unemployment, these factors will straight impact the concern of Samsung Electronics.

Cultural hazard

This is a hazard, because you will non cognize whether there will be alterations, before come ining each state, Samsung Electronics must understand the civilization of the state, such as people ‘s penchants, wonts and the consumer behaviour, it all originating from cultural differences. Western companies are deficiency of apprehension of Chinese civilization. There is besides a perceptual experience of corruptness and bureaucratism in China. Samsung Electronics is located in Korea, far off from China, geographics and clip differences may necessitate staff to accommodate their concern patterns.

Political hazard

In fact, a batch of investors, concerns come ining a new market are confronting the hazard of political hazard. Political hazards including systemic hazard, procedural hazard, distributive hazard and ruinous hazard. Such as financial, pecuniary, trade, investing etc. Rather than the hazard of market factors including industrial, income, labour and development, or related to political instability, such as terrorist act, putschs, civil war, public violences, rebellion event. Samsung Electronics is besides confronting of these jobs, China has merely started with implementing regulations on security and rational belongings rights, they are still considered to hold hapless protection. This becomes a job particularly when fabrication of merchandises are outsourced to their state. Political uncertainness may besides convey unexpected costs, which can be significant. In add-on, in their ain state, South Korea and North Korea is still holding a job, in a tense confrontation, it may conflict at any clip, impacting the operation of the endeavor.

Exchange hazard

International trade may do holds in payments, for illustration, Samsung Electronics sell the merchandises to other state, it may detain in payments when the goods trade between the trading companies, besides It has the foreign currency job, such as RMB and HKD, the rate is difference from Korean, impacting the hard currency flow of the corporation. In add-on, the exchange rate of foreign currency may non stable, exchange rate fluctuations and the rising prices besides are the being hazard. However, in recent old ages, RMB lifting besides is the important hazards faced by Samsung, deterred many of the intended development of foreign-funded endeavors in China. RMB grasp, lifting costs of labours, natural stuffs and lands, all is the currency and exchange hazard factors.

Market hazard

In different states have different ordinances and criterions, the corporation demand to follow with the new criterion when entree a new market. It may hold some factors to alter, in order to ease restructure of the company, it is necessary to developing or retraining of the direction, for illustration, in the production procedure, the input and wadding, thereby bring forthing extra costs. In order to entree to USA market, Samsung Electronics are confronting the large job which is rational belongings of the biggest rival Apple Store. Earlier, Apple sued Samsung and its Galaxy series smartphone copied the design of the iPhone smartphone, Samsung has the brawny mulcts to Apple Store, thenceforth, Samsung sued once more to U.S. International Trade Commission and complaint the Apple Store, mentioning to Apple guilty of Samsung patent such as 3G, radio engineering, prohibit Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod devices sold in the United States. Plagiarism and violation of the war, Samsung and Apple compete with each other ; there is a certain grade of trouble in come ining the U.S. market. This is the hazard of Samsung Electronics.


Samsung Electronics is a taking consumer electronics trade name in the universe, is committed to fulfill consumer ‘s demand and make the international criterion, Samsung Electronics realized international variegation, Samsung Electronics merely has the Authorized Partner store in Hong Kong. To farther heighten the client services and the quality of merchandises, it is recommend to construct up the flagship shop and more retail bargainer all around the universe, it can be enlargement the gross revenues web and beef up the market power. In add-on, in order to turn out the quality of merchandises, it is recommend Samsung Electronics to do the accommodation of the warranty period of merchandises. In add-on, in order to work out rising prices and the possible hazard of China, it is recommended that the works can travel to the other topographic point, such as Vietnam, this is a underdeveloped state, the monetary value of natural stuffs and the cost of labours and lands are besides cheaper than China.


Undeniable, international variegation is accurate flexible and efficient for Samsung Electronics. International variegation both have advantages and disadvantages, but comparatively, the advantages outweighs the disadvantages, Samsung reached in economic systems of graduated table and economic systems of range, due to their changeless betterment and invention, successful in the international electronics market accounted for an of import place. However, Samsung Electronics are confronting a batch of hazards, such market hazard and the exchange hazard ; many of the unknown factors exist. In the long tally, Samsung must hold a comprehensive program to cover with these jobs.


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