In This Competitive Market Environment, Idea Generation Methods

In this competitive market environment, idea generation is enhanced by three primary tactics. These tactics involve relaxation, interaction, and integration. Marketing is the first line of business for anyone who is self-employed. If you don’t market well, you’ll soon be looking for another employer. It’s hard to generate new marketing ideas in today’s competitive environment. Many are cliches, while others are just overused. By directing all your attention to the daily chores that it takes to run your business, you’re probably left unimaginative when it comes to marketing.

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This article will help you to redirect your attention through three processes. In This Competitive Market Environment, Idea Generation Using Relaxation: You may think it strange to lead an article on idea generation with relaxation. But small business owners are so busy that many seldom take time to relax and let their subconscious mind guide them. Yet, the subconscious is the source of creativity. When you rid your mind of stress and worry, your subconscious is freed to tell you many creative ideas. You just have to know what relaxes you and do it.

I rest best outside in nature so when I need a creative idea, I just walk outside and enjoy natural surroundings. The wind blowing through the trees, the birds singing, or watching a squirrel gathering acorns put be at ease. Often I get a creative solution to a concern in just minutes after walking outside. What helps you to rest? Is it listening to music, going for a walk, meditating. Then take time to do it. By enabling your conscious mind to relax, you enable your subconscious to communicate creative ideas to your conscious self.

Another way to channel your subconscious mind to give you innovative ideas is to go to bed with a concern for which you need a solution. Don’t worry about it and keep yourself awake. Just tell your subconscious, “Tonight I need your help with …” If you’ve never attempted to channel your subconscious mind before, it might take you a while to get the ideas you seek. But be prepared with paper and pencil to write down the idea because it will eventually come if you continue the process. If you’re not prepared to record the idea, you may forget it before you can write it the next morning.

Then you’ll loose it, maybe forever. You need each advantage in this competitive market environment so let your subconscious generate ideas for you. It will be the least expensive and one of the most productive workers you’ll ever have. In This Competitive Market Environment, Idea Generation Through Interaction: You can also get great marketing ideas when you interact with others. Anytime that two or more people put their heads together to resolve a concern, creative forces are released. In deed, many idea generating tactics base on this principle.

Many methods are available to harness the power of people working together to resolve a concern. Sometimes, using interaction is as easy as finding a good listener and telling them about your concern and what you see as possible solutions. Sometimes you speak great ideas, surprising yourself that they just came from your lips. Other times, everyone in your business will likely have an idea that can enhance your marketing. Each employee has a different perspective of your business and can add good ideas based on that perspective.

In This Competitive Market Environment, Idea Generation Requires Integration: The third major way to generate more and superior marketing ideas is through integration. If you never look beyond your own business or industry for marketing ideas, you’re cheating yourself of many good ones that you can easily adapt. But to do so, you have to know what other industries and businesses do to market themselves. You can discover new marketing ideas at business meetings of organizations like the Chamber of Commerce. Be sure to arrive early enough or stay late for mixers and informal visitation times.

You often learn more just talking to other business owners than you do from the speakers. Another form of integration involves keeping a file of marketing ideas that you consider effective. Clip good print advertisements. Save publications and direct mail promotions. Make notes on radio and television commercials. Put all this in a file that you can refer to when you need ideas. Although, this is called a swipe file, you don’t actually steal the ideas. Instead you adapt them for your business. In this competitive market environment, idea generation for truly creative marketing is more difficult everyday.

So everything that gets your creative juices flowing is legitimate. Conclusion You need to use all three methods of idea generation to assure that your marketing stays fresh. If you use integration, interaction, and relaxation tactics in this competitive market environment, idea generation is doable. About the Author: Linda P. Morton, Ed. D. , APR, is Professor Emeritus, Oklahoma University. For more great marketing ideas, see her blog at Strategic Market Segmentation. Learn more about marketing with Marketing Your Small Business.


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