House On Mango Street Machismo And Feminism English Literature Essay

Machismo is known as the manner some work forces behave without thought and caring about adult females and their determinations. Feminism is the womenA?s revolution against machismo ; it is how adult females started to support their sentiments, ideals and their ain lives. There are many ways and illustrations of how adult females have fought against machismo. In the book In the Time of the Butterflies, written by Julia Alvarez, it is shown how adult females travel against the traditional adult females ‘s function reflected with the Mirabal sisters but besides it is seen that some adult females prefer to remain with their traditional adult female function and they besides fight for the freedom of their country.. The book written by Sandra Cisneros, The House on Mango Street, talks about machismo and feminism as the manner of life in a whole street. It relates how adult females are treated even when they are in a foreign state and how there are adult females who do non accept their world because they know they deserve something better. Both books contain machismo and feminism, someway, in the same manner, the battle of adult females in order to acquire their rights.

Machismo is found in the streets and besides in the place. At place it is more common to happen machismo because there is where every societal behaviour and instruction Begins. Machismo at place is more normally represented through a male parent ‘s behaviour. In the book The House on Mango Street there is Sally ‘s male parent, a adult male, who lives merely with his girl, and loves her in a ill-mannered manner. As Sally describes it, “ He ne’er hits me hardaˆ¦ until the manner Sally tells it, he merely went brainsick, he merely forgot he was her male parent, between the buckle and the belt ”[ 1 ]. It shows an illustration of how machismo includes force in the household. There does non ever have to be a ground to hit person. Sally ‘s male parent wants to demo he is a existent adult male, so he beats his ain girl without believing about what she feels and how is she traveling to acquire her ain felicity back. But non merely male parents are machistas ; the whole household could be machista. The clear illustration appears in the book In the Time of the Butterflies, when the household is waiting for a babe male child ; “ They ‘re all at that place, Mama, Papa , Patria- Minerva- Dede . Bang-bang- prohibition. Their male parent likes to jest, taking a finger handgun at each one, as if he were hiting them, non touting about holding sired them. Three misss, each Born within a twelvemonth of the other! and so, nine old ages subsequently, Maria Teresa, his concluding desperate effort at a male child misfiring. ”[ 2 ]The writer tells how the whole household was waiting urgently for a babe male child but alternatively of a male child, a miss arrived and changed everything. A household with lone misss is a symbol of infirmity because if the male parent dies, no 1 will support the place and the household ‘s adult females. Bing a miss in a machista universe, represents that one of the most of import hoarded wealths of a household, the last name, will be lost if there are no male childs. It shows how adult females are humiliated for non being work forces. The value that adult females merit but make non have merely because they are adult females.

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Machismo is reflected by work forces in many Acts of the Apostless of repression against adult females. One of these ways is when work forces use adult females as sexual objects. In the book In the Time of the Butterflies there is a character named Trujillo. He is known as the dictator of the Dominican Republic and besides he is known because he has tonss of lovers all around the Dominican Republic “ Look Minerva, one of Trujillo ‘s girlfriends lives thereaˆ¦ dad looked at me a long clip before and he saidaˆ¦ ‘He ‘s got so many of them, all over the island, set up in the large illusion houses, Lina Lovaton is merely a sad instance, because she truly loves him. pobresita ”[ 3 ]. Trujillo sees Lina Lovaton while she is at the school playing a volleyball game. She is one of the most beautiful misss in the school where the Mirabal sisters go. Trujillo, at first, behaves as the fancy prince every miss wants in her life but all of a sudden he shows his existent behaviour when he takes Lina to a fancy gaol where he locks her in while she is merely standing in that house, waiting for him to come and remain with her. Thought Lina Lovaton, is non the lone miss that Trujillo uses as sexual object. In the book The House on Mango Sreet there are adult females used as sexual objects. The storyteller describes “ Sally stayed by the kerb speaking to Tito and his friendsaˆ¦ Sally was feigning to be madaˆ¦ something about the male childs holding stolen her keys. One of the male childs invented the regulations. One of Tito ‘s friends said you canA?t acquire your keys back unless you kiss usaˆ¦ ”[ 4 ]. Josip broz and his set are the male childs who represent that work forces in a immature age have started to act machistas because of the instruction they receive at place. Men status adult females in order to acquire sex from them because some work forces think that adult females exist merely for holding babes. Sally and Lina Lovaton are adult females who are used as sexual objects because of work forces ‘s regulation. Machismo is justified because the society has let work forces act as they want to.

On the other manus, there exist two sorts of adult females. The first sort is composed by the adult females who are afraid of contending against the machismo. Those adult females might believe they are non strong plenty or that they do non hold adequate value to contend against those work forces who oppress them. The first illustration of this sort of adult females is Dede , one of the Mirabal sisters who alternatively of traveling with her sisters to contend against Trujillo and all those unfairnesss, would instead remain at place merely because she is afraid of her hubby who tells her that if she goes, he will go forth her alone. “ Dede shakes her caput. ‘Back in those yearss, we adult females followed our hubbies. ‘ Such a cockamamie alibi. After all, look at Minerva. ‘Let ‘s put it this manner ‘ Dede adds. ‘I followed my hubby. I did n’t acquire involved ”[ 5 ]It is merely the manner Dede was taught, to remain at place and obey her hubby, whatever he said, whatever he ordered hold to be done. Dede obeyed her hubby merely for a piece because later she decides to alter her head and she divorces from her hubby. Dede alterations because all of a sudden she realizes that no 1 is traveling to support her if she does non make anything for her ain benefit. There is another instance of a fearful adult female who stays at place merely because she has gotten used to be beaten, she is Sally “ You do n’t express joy, Sally. You look at your pess and walk fast to the house you ca n’t come out fromaˆ¦ Sally, do you sometimes wish you did n’t hold to travel place? Do you wish your pess would one twenty-four hours maintain walking and take you far off from Mango Street? ”[ 6 ]Sally whom has been given the option to maintain walking and run off from that house where she is beaten but she goes home cognizing that there is traveling to be her male parent and without any ground he will crush her up and she is traveling to stand at that place being hurt. Sally would instead to remain at place because somehow she feels loved when she is being beaten and besides she says he ne’er hits her difficult because she has accepted her traditional adult females function even when it includes her being beaten. But she has non understood that love does non include force. The traditional function does non let adult females to speak about their thoughts and support their ain lives.

On the other manus, there are adult females who decide to contend against machismo. The motion called feminism is where adult females make up one’s mind, alternatively of populating with a traditional function, battle in order to alter their hereafters and support their ideals and households. As Julia Alvarez describes through Minerva ‘s voice “ I look over Mama to see what she thinks, but as usual, she does n’t state a word in public. In fact, this afternoon with Don Antonio was the first clip I of all time saw Mama stand up for herself, or really, for me and Papa ”[ 7 ], it shows how feminism works without any sort of deliberation, it merely comes out from the interior of every adult female who wants her benefit and who sees the necessity of contending for what they, adult females, think is necessary for their lives. Julia Alvarez besides says “ El Jefe smiles cynically. ‘Anything else bother you about my frock I could take off? ‘ He yanks me by the carpus, thrusting his pelvic girdle at me in a coarse manner, and I can see my manus in a eternal slow gesture rise- a head all its own- and come down on the astonished, made up face ”[ 8 ]. Minerva defends herself alternatively of allowing Trujillo dainty and uses her as a sexual object. The effects of her behaviour will non convey anything good but she decides non to lose her self-respect although it is traveling to be her the award of her ain life. The determination of traveling against a traditional function is non an easy thing. Back on “ the House on Mango Street ” ; “ Nenny says she wo n’t wait her whole life for a hubby to come and acquire her, that Minerva ‘s sister left her female parent ‘s house by holding a babe, but she does n’t desire that manner either. She wants things all her ain, to pick and take. ”[ 9 ]Nenny is portion of the feminist motion because she wants to contend against the traditional adult females function, she does non desire to acquire pregnant in order to travel away from place, and she thinks that acquiring married is non the lone manner in order to acquire freedom. Nenny is a strong miss who thinks she can make immense things without the necessity of holding a adult male by her side. Both she and Minerva are illustrations of adult females holding the power their ain without giving it off, adult females who know how to acquire their strength out from their deep interior.

Machismo and feminism are societal functions that have ever existed in every society. At first, the of import functions of a household and society were merely managed for work forces who decided what the whole town had to make. Women could non work, they had to remain at place, taking attention of their kids and hubby, cookery, and waiting until the adult male arrived ; while work forces worked and brought money to the house. Nowadays, with feminism, adult females can non merely take attention of kids, they besides can work, and are allowed to draw a bead on to be governors of states and provinces. The adult females ‘s traditional function has changed. It has non been an easy thing because there are work forces who can non accept their adult females traveling against their traditional function. But the new coevalss grow with the thought of adult females and work forces being the same and holding the same rights and duties as work forces do. Women and work forces are ne’er traveling to be the same, but they have to larn how to complement each other without mistreating of their power and rights. It is non about who has the power and who is the laden ; it is neither about who battles against whom in order to acquire power ; it is merely a battle about equality of gender.


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