From Garden City to Garbage City, Bangalore Essay

A metropolis good reputed as the Information Technology ( IT ) capital of India. place to many good recognized educational and research institutes like the Indian Institute of Science ( IIS ) . Indian Institute of Management ( IIMB ) . Indian Institute of Fashion Designing ( IIFD ) . Bharat Electronics Limited ( BEL ) . National Institute of Medical and Health Sciences ( NIMHANS ) . Hindustan Aeronautics Limited ( HAL ) . Indian Space Research Organization ( ISRO ) . with Infosys and Wipro central offices. a metropolis lovingly nicknamed the “Silicon Valley of India” is the 2nd fastest turning and developing Indian metropolis. Listed 4th among the top 15 metropoliss lending to India’s overall GDP it is the state most preferred by the enterprisers all over the universe. Bangalore is celebrated as the “Garden City of India” because of its soft clime. wide streets. verdure and the presence of public Parkss. such as Lal Bagh and Cubban Park. Regular flowers shows and semiannual flowers shows are held at the Lal Bagh gardens during the hebdomad of Republic Day ( 26 January ) and Independence Day ( 15 August ) which attracts 1000s of tourers from all over the universe.

Recapturing my memory. twenty old ages ago. Bangalore was a little halli ( small town ) surrounded by many little small towns with rich Fieldss which was the chief ground for Bangalore’s healthy and antic clime. Trees were planted on either sides of the roads which added to the pleasant and cool atmosphere. The roads were deprived of any sort of noise. motor vehicles and pollution. Bangalore was wholly surrounded by green rugs. There were countless armored combat vehicles. pools and lakes all around. All this may sound like a narrative but this was how affluent Bangalore was in footings of its verdure and beauty. One would wake up listening to the chirping of birds. experience the cool and pleasant air current blow over their face. The air was pure and rejuvenating. But today Bangalore. India’s showpiece metropolis for its healthy clime and beautiful gardens is fighting to maintain up its label of “The Garden City Of India” .

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The ground behind this being the invasion of agricultural land for industrialisation. building and development. all of which lead to unexpected. unplanned and hit-or-miss alteration in the Garden City. Holocaust of trees and flora occurred when route broadening. laying of electric and telephone lines. constitution of industries. edifices and building of private settlements began. In less than 12 old ages the Garden City was converted into a globalised IT capital. All the beauty. the appeal. the personal appeal that Bangalore one time had being the Garden City of the state appears merely in books and is lost in the history.

But today the scenario is topsy turvy. And my sweet memories turn acrimonious when I look at the scenario now. Walking down the lanes the lone thing that catches one’s oculus sight are the tall sky scrapers. slums. barren lands with mountains of waste and huge stretches of settlements. There is seldom any spot of verdure left on the evidences of a metropolis which was one time called the Pensioners ‘Paradise’ . BBMP ( Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike or Greater Bangalore City Corporation ) is responsible for the safe disposable of the metric tons of waste generated by the city’s occupants.

Karnataka’s capital metropolis generates more than 4500 metric tons of refuse everyday which is transported to the outskirts of the metropolis to the landfills of Doddaballapur. Mandur and Mavallipura. The commissions around these countries have borne the brunt of the city’s refuse. poisoning their environment and yielding to countless diseases. With the inaccessibility of any farther landfills. and the carelessness by the BBMP. Bangaloreans have begun to dump the fickle refuse aggregation along the route sides. All this is a by- merchandise of the ‘use and throw’ civilization. Even the route splitters are non spared. The drains. the pot-holes are over- fluxing with the wastes. All this is turning into a sedate environmental and public jeopardy. Animals are deceasing on a big graduated table by devouring fictile alternatively of grass. there is widespread of epidemic among the vegetations and zoologies. climatic conditions. rainfall form are acquiring disturbed.

The root cause of the job begins at family where people fail to segregate the moisture ( organic ) and dry ( inorganic ) waste. This adds to the load of passing extra money in segregation. The other perpetrator has been the link between the civil Government and the private contractors who have failed in their duty to pull off and roll up the waste on clip. To restrict the state of affairs BBMP had announced compulsory dry and wet waste segregation for every family. But people’s carelessness forced the BBMP to retreat its order. A hectic Hunt is on for 100s of estates of land to suit the 5000 uneven metric tons of refuse generated daily by the city’s eight million population. Peoples blame the contractors and the BBMP for non giving seasonably service to them and the governments blame the general populace for non taking involvement in waste segregation at their place. The blasted game is on. It is non that the BBMP has deficient engineering or incapableness to manage the waste.

Both the local populace and the Government should collaborate and keep custodies with each other during such a crisis. Tiing up with NGOs and private houses to turn the waste into energy or manure is one such step to assist undertake this job. Puting up of biogas workss to handle the waste into compost. regular aggregation and picking up of waste. educating the multitudes can move as the ground tackle for BBMP’s droping ship.

The metropolis one time called the Garden metropolis is in knee- deep rubbish today. The tree population is merely 17 per 100 people. 74 % of the city’s lakes and 66 % of the city’s flora has been stripped off in the last few old ages. The sad and acrimonious truth is that refuse has replaced verdure. It high clip that the new Government finds a lasting solution to this refuse threat and convey back the green ticket and to forestall “Brand Bangalore” from acquiring buried in the hills of stinking and foul refuse.


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