Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis Essay

Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis is a tragic narrative of Gregor Samsa. a going salesman. who turns into a mammoth varmint one forenoon. Gregor’s destiny is blamed on his family’s over-dependence to him and Gregor’s inability to interrupt free from his incarcerating duty. Gregor assumes the duty of supplying for the household. Even before his metabolism. Gregor’s relationship with his household easy deteriorates as he realizes he merely exists for his them. He besides hates his occupation as he laments. ”O. God. what a demanding occupation I’ve chosen! …

The snake pit with it all” ( Kafka. F. . 2004. p. 2 ) . He continues to kick about going. train connexions. bad nutrient and superficial human relationships. But no affair how much uncomfortableness he gets from his occupation. he can non discontinue for the interest of his household. Worse. his father’s debt makes him lodge to his occupation for a really long clip. Clearly. Gregor’s household causes him to transform into a varmint. Worse. after the metabolism. all his capablenesss to supply ceases and his household see him as useless.

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The really people whom he cares for loathe him: his female parent swoons at the sight of him. his sister culls him and his male parent bombards him with apples which cause an infection to his dorsum. Finally. they plot to acquire rid of Gregor and get down a new life On the other manus. Gregor himself is partially responsible for his destiny. He loathes the bad state of affairs that he is in as he has cussing ideas at the beginning of the narrative. He wants to interrupt free ; but he is non able to make that because he thinks of the public assistance of his household.

He submits. albeit unwillingly. to his function. In fact. when he discovers his transmutation that forenoon. he worries more about his household and how to acquire to work than his gross outing visual aspect: “… In any instance. right now I have to acquire up. My train foliages at five o’clock” ( Kafka. p. 2 ) . The metabolism symbolizes Gregor’s empty and undistinguished life. his personal disaffection from his household. every bit good as from the outside universe. and the effects of his numbing occupation.

Work Cited: Kafka. Franz. The Metamorphosis. Kessinger Publication ( 2004 ) .


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