Four Important Topics Of Literature English Literature Essay


This paper covers four of import subjects of Literature, which include: Essay, Poetry, Prose, Drama and Film. Essay is a signifier of authorship, which can be literary-based or scientific-based. Like any other signifier of authorship, it has its different features, and besides it serves for different intents.

For illustration, when composing a missive to a friend, it could be said that it is a signifier of an essay. When using to colleges nowadays it is compulsory for every applier to compose a so called “ entryway essay ” . Even the newspaper columns are designed to be written in an essay based. Essay consists of three parts: an debut, which is the first paragraph of an essay, the organic structure which includes several paragraphs, and the decision, which consist of one or more paragraphs and is structurally the last portion of an essay content.

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Poetry is an ancient literary art. There are many poets who have contributed so much to enrich the literature that is being studied today. Like any other signifier of literature, it has many features that define poesy. But unluckily there is n’t a clear definition of what poesy is. So, different poets have expressed their idea of what they think defines poesy.

Prose in another of import work of literature. It is defined to be as the heroic poem literature that is written in lines. It is basic literature that is seen and used daily. Prose includes books, such as novels, narratives, and short narratives. Like any other literary work, it has different features, and regulations and ordinances that make up the prose.

Drama is besides known to be more popular during the aureate age. It ‘s a literacy work that is written fundamentally to entertain people, particularly Kings ‘ Courtyard centuries before. Nowadays, good known play drama on theatres, throughout the universe.

Film is an art signifier of gesture image, besides known as films. Many representatives are involved to do up the movie. Film has different features that are known as Action movies, Adventure, Comedy, Crime and Gangster, Drama, Epic/Historical, Horror, Musical, Science Fiction, and Western movies.



Essay is a signifier of authorship, which is comparatively short and could be literary or non literary authorship. The word essay for the first clip was used be a Gallic author, Michele Montaigne, as a affair of fact the beginning of the word essay comes from French, which means “ to seek ” or “ to try ” to compose ( Musai, B. 2004 ) .

The period when Montaigne started to compose essays, even though we find some signifiers of essays before this period, makes us understand that essay is the newest signifier of composing in comparing with poesy, prose and play.

Essay is a aggregation of thoughts, chiefly literary thoughts, or a individual thought, written and backed up by some back uping facts. Most of essays have pattern which they are written. English instructors use them often as a proving tool, but today they are besides a major portion in pupils ‘ entryway test for college or University ( Fleming, Grace, 2010 ) .


As mentioned under definition, the common signifier of essay day of the months back to Montaigne, whose essays got published in 1588, although the types that we have today are derived and evolved due to the increasing demands and linguistic communication enlargement. From early representatives we besides find an English author, Robert Burton, although he differs on the manner from Montaigne. Montaigne used essay composing as a self-discovery, more of a personal narrative, whereas Burton expressed his cognition through essay, more like a modern essay that we have today. Besides we find some early representatives from England such as Sir Thomas Browne and Laurence Sterne. Some early representatives from France include besides Andre Gide and Jean Cocteau ( Britannica Online Encyclopedia, n.d )

We can confidentially state that essay has changed its function and aim since its beginning. Essay has evolved from a personal narrative to a more elaborate tool of one showing feelings, thoughts and so forth. Today essays have same form, utilize a format, and discourse a scope of subjects ; they are used to carry person of something, to narrate a narrative or an event, express feelings for some issues and policies and even used as a societal and political unfavorable judgment tool. They have evolved and go an built-in portion of college and University enlistings. More frequently than non, pupils are given essay assignment on subjects that require a pupil to take a base in really controversial issues such as abortion, planetary heating etc.

Types and features of essay

Based on the sets of accomplishments one has, today essay provides a signifier of composing for everyone and every personality. If you are a individual that likes to reason, you can utilize an argumentative type of essay to show your feelings, sentiments, ideas. If you are gifted with descriptive accomplishments, you can utilize this type of essay and colourful linguistic communication to depict something.

In general, these are the types of literary essays: descriptive, narrative, rating and persuasive or argumentative essay.

Narrative is more of a literary type of essay, intending it is characterized more in artistic linguistic communication. The narrative in narrative essay most of the clip is written in chronological order.

Descriptive essay could be literary or non-literary ( Fleming, G. 2010 ) . This type of essay is used to depict an object, a topographic point, a individual or an event. An illustration of this would be: What is a auto, what is it made of, how is it set together, how long it lasts and so on.

Evaluation essay has multiple types and is largely used in different degrees of instruction. Some of the rating essays are: essay of a procedure or usher, comparing – contrast essay, calcification essay, cause and consequence essay, conclusive essay etc.

Persuasive or argumentative essay is one of the four chief types of essay. Its end is to carry the reader to accept, maestro, or move harmonizing to the thoughts of the author. This is different from the end of narrative essay which is that reader attempts to understand the writer ‘s thoughts. In this type of essay, author is required to endorse up his thoughts with statistics or other cogent evidence to convert the reader of things he is composing are right ( Musai, B. 2004 ) .

There are besides non-literary types of essays such as ocular humanistic disciplines, music, movie and picture taking etc.

The general format of essay is: debut which is made of three to four sentences ; organic structure of the essay that can hold multiple paragraphs and decision ( Lilly, M. 2006 ) .

In general, essay is different from other literary Hagiographas. It is slightly similar to prose because it is written in lines. Sometimes it could besides be similar to prose in content particularly narrative and descriptive essays. A The difference between the essay and the narrative is that narrative contains more nonliteral looks, whereas essay contains facts and back uping statements. This besides concludes that essay differs a batch with verse form and play. However, in contrary to other literary and non-literary signifiers, essay is written for multiple intents and different subjects. Today it is written in different educational degrees, hiring intents, in day-to-day paper etc.



The word Poetry derives from a Grecian word poiesis, which means in a “ devising ” . Poetry is a alone art of literacy, but it does n’t hold a clear definition of what it is. It is said that poesy uses a fictional secret plan, a specialised linguistic communication, and it is written in a particular signifier ( manner ) . When composing verse forms, writers try to show their ideas in less infinite utilizing that “ specialised linguistic communication ” , non compare to novels and short narratives that use much more infinite.

Poetry is an ancient art of literacy, before people use to carve poesy in the caves, and that is known to be long earlier. There are many poets, and uncountable written verse forms thought the clip, but there is n’t a clear definition of what poesy is. Although, many poets have their “ ain ” definition of poesy. For illustration Paul Engle definition of poesy is: “ Poetry is boned with thoughts, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough tegument of words ( Poetry America, 2009 ) by Paul Engle. Another quotation mark by Aristotle: “ Poetry is more philosophical and of higher value than history ; for poesy tends to show the universal, history the peculiar ” ( Poetry America, 2009 ) .

Even though it is hard to specify poesy, most people are able to acknowledge it when they see it. It is deserving retrieving that poesy particularly in the signifier of the vocal is one of the oldest signifiers of artistic look, it is much older than prose and is seems to arise in a human urge that reached for look in joy, heartache, uncertainty, hope, solitariness, love, etc. For illustration, the National Anthems are verse forms, that are turned into vocals or the Anthem that express so much feeling, about joy, triumph of being proud of their heroes and their State.


There are many good known Poets thought the universe, but to be represented in this paper two preferable one time are chosen: Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson. Both are American Poets, whose art of poesy is good known. They have contributed so much to the American literature and have enriched it with their creativeness. Robert Frost has written many verse forms, but his verse forms are good know, one of which is “ Stoping by forests on a Snowy Evening ” ( Academy of American Poets, 2009 ) . Emily Dickenson is one of the most celebrated female poets in American literature. She has written near to 2000 verse forms, and her verse forms were numbered. On of her many verse form is called: “ A Bird came down the walk ( 328 ) ( Academy of American Poets, 2009 ) .

Differences between Poetry and Drama:

The Poetry and Drama are different in many ways. Drama is presented to the populace as an amusement, either stating a narrative which the writer is non physically at that place, but it is told though different other people, or histrions. Whereas poesy is besides recited by other people besides from the poet himself/herself. Sometimes is it besides played in the phase excessively, through vocals.

Features of Poetry:

There are many features of poesy, the chief 1s are Lyrical poesy and Narrative poesy ( Lethbridge & A ; Mildroft, 2003 ) . Lyrical poesy are short, non-narrative verse forms, which include subcategories, and one of them is the Sonnet, which is written in 14 lines ( Lethbridge & A ; Mildroft, 2003 ) . The Narrative poesy is a signifier of poesy that tells narratives through it, for illustration love narratives, calamities etc. Other signifiers of poesy are written in four lines, which are known as stanza. Stanza is used more frequently in poesy, by many Albanian poets every bit good as poets throughout the universe.



Prose is a type of heroic literature that is written in lines. Normally sentences in prose uninterrupted in that line, non in another 1. Some writers ( authors ) say that composing prose is the best signifier of authorship, because words are in their best order.

Sometimes we wonder what does the word PROSE means. The word “ prose ” comes from another similar Latin word that is PROSA and it is used to depict facts or anybody ‘s ideas.


There are many good known prose authors but we mention two or three of them,

like Shakespeare, Virgina Wolf, Henry Fielding etc. Shakespeare is one of the most celebrated author, he is known with his play like: Romeo & A ; Juliet, Macbeth etc. Virginia Woolf is the 1 who presents a new manner of composing in Prose through the events, such as “ Stream of Consciousness ” , and Henry Fielding who gives another way of prose authorship.

Differences between prose and poesy

There are some differences between prose and poesy. We can state that prose is easier to understand because unlike prose for poesy, we can explicate prose with our words. Another difference is that in prose it does n’t count if it rhymes or non. There are a batch of differences between prose and poesy but despite this sometime it is hard to observe which 1 is prose and which one is poesy ( Rrahmani, Z. , 1999 ) .

Differences between prose and play

Expect the differences between prose and poesy there are some differences between prose and play. In the prose the writer is the 1 that describes characters and scenes, but in the play there are histrions and actresses that play on it.

Features of prose

There are two basic sorts of prose: simple signifiers and composed signifiers

( Rrahmani, Z. , 1999 ) .

In the simple signifier there are: Legend, Myth, Fairy narratives, and in the composed signifiers there are: Novel, novella, Tale ( Rrahmani, Z. , 1999 ) .

Elementary signifiers

The word Legend comes from Latin word that means something that is needed to be read. That tells a narrative which can be existent but which can incorporate other cosmetic elements. Myth is Grecian word that has a batch of significances like: narrative, linguistic communication, talking etc. It talks about folks, their lives and the beginning of universe. Fairy Tale is another sort of simple literature signifier and it is long-winded creative activity that combines existent and antic motivations ( Rrahmani, Z. , 1999 ) .

Composed signifiers

Novel is big type of prose and the word Roman comes from Latin word tongue romana.

Novel was read by different societal beds. Word novella means something new, that comes from Latin Word “ novelus ” . Novelette contains extraordinary motivations but it does n’t intend that fresh avoid other events from day-to-day life. Novelette contains some construction elements like: little figure of characters, intertwining between existent and antic.

Tale is a short type of prose, this type comes from fairy narratives and fables. In narrative there are reflected some of import side of world ( Rrahmani, Z. , 1999 ) .



The general term “ DRAMA ” ( Classical Hellenic: I?I?a?¶I?I± , drama intending action ) ( Wikipedia, 2009 ) is understood to be a composing literary, which is written to be represented in theatres. For that ground writers consider its solid regulations, without their application play ca n’t be successful in phase.

At play devoid the confession and description, whereas all the text resignation via duologue and soliloquy. Drama differs well from poesy or narrative because play it is normally written to be performed in phase by histrions. Aside from the text that histrions will show, didaskaliet are besides a constituent of play, wherewith characterizes the position of scene, personages behaviors and demenaunors, the noises that are traveling to be heard etc. , which normally puts in brackets.

Authoritative play ( Grecian and Roman ) was written in poetry and was played in amphitheatres, some of them are still saved ( for illustration in Butrint, which was Greek settlement ) .

Authoritative play have had a solid building, they were count by strong regulations, so its composing needfully traversed in those stages: exhibition, interlacement, apogee, vicissitude and solution. A play normally separate in little constituents, which are called Acts of the Apostless, so we have dramas with five Acts of the Apostless, three Acts of the Apostless, one act etc. , meanwhile smaller unit is scene, which hits every histrions entryway and issue in phase. Another characteristic of authoritative play was unity of the topographic point ( the event had to came off in one topographic point ) , unity of the clip ( the event held out 24 hours ) and unity of the behaviors ( the event did n’t hold a interruption ) .

As every play flow by a struggle, which make a specific linguistic communication, more dynamic, more emotional, non usual. Modern play arrived to convey in scene the adult male, life and random linguistic communication ( Culler, 1997 ) .

Features of the play

Until the18th century calamity and comedy were the chief sorts, but subsequently the play was displayed, which so took the dominant function.


In the ancient clip handled the fate of the male monarchs and supermans. The personal businesss which civilized were unusual and large. The linguistic communication of the play was n’t day-to-day, it manner was high so merely Kings and Queens and the people of the tribunal could understand it. Later on the characters of the calamity became the large historical characters. The chief characteristic of the calamity is that its struggle ends needfully with the hero ‘s decease.


( In Greek komo – convivial and od – vocal ) is a dramatic work ( Wikipedia, 2009 ) . Since antique comedy attended with usual people and usual events, which had a happy terminals. As calamity designed to concuss with its tragic terminal, comedy designed to do you laugh. Comedy was really unfastened split its designed thematic, split its yoked characters and split its manner of educating. From the Roman writers disunited Plaut and Terenci than Shakespeare in England, Molier in France, Gogol in Russia, etc.

There are many centuries that dominate the authorship of play, which is written in prose, which does n’t hold solid regulations anymore like authoritative creative activities, which has a much wider gamut of the thematic and has an limitless opportunity to take the characters. It design adult male ‘s fate, who is confronted with different harnesses, who collides with the family and base on balls into the tragic and amusing situates at the same clip. After the engineering revolution, from drama some new manners of art appeared, which are much more celebrated in all over the universe, like radiodrama, telecasting play and film.



Film is an art signifier of gesture images, besides known as films. Films/movies are shown in film, or film theatres, where people gather to see them. Film is a signifier of amusement which has grown into a immense concern worldwide today. The first gesture image of all time made is known to be “ The Horse In Motion ” which dates back in the 1878 ( Associated Content Inc. , 2010 ) . Further more, there is n’t an exact reply when the first films was made, because back so the engineering was non every bit advanced as it is now. But the movie engineering has improved throughout the old ages, the first films, were without sounds, and without colourss, and now there are 3D films, which are said to be advanced.


First of all movie representatives are considered the writes, those of short narratives, Novels, Fictions, Fairytales etc. Then there are people who are portion of doing the movie, which are known as the film writers, actors/actresses, movie crew, movie manager ( s ) , experimental movie shapers, film studios, and eventually movie critics ( Knowledgerush, 2009 ) .

Difference between Drama and Film:

The difference between play and movie is n’t much different, except the Drama is performed in from of an audience, whereas movie is recorded and so shown to the audience. At the terminal they have the same thought, it is an art of amusement and besides a manner to educate people though different dramas, or shows and besides different movies.

Features of Film:

There are different features of Film/movie, for illustration: Action movies are those that have in it battles, contending ‘s, detonations, fires, fundamentally that show a batch of action. As everyone knows that “ The James Bond movies ” are action movies. Adventure movies are movies that have to make with expeditions, seeking new things, geographic expedition of close and far off lands, such as the quest to happen the concealed hoarded wealth, for illustration the films “ National Treasure ” . Comedy Films are movies that make the audience laugh while stating a narrative. Crime and Gangster Films are movies that have to make with slayings, and by and large with people that do n’t obey the jurisprudence. For illustration “ The Law and Order ” series. Drama movies, are the one time that have to make with love affair, romantically calamities etc ( American Movies Classics Company, 2009 ) .

Epic/Historical Movies are based on historical events, on war, or on epic figure for illustration the Albanian heroic figure is made into a movie known as “ The Scanderbeg. ” Horror movies are fundamentally movies that are made to terrorize the audience, at the same clip to entertain them. Musicals ( dance ) movies are movies that have tonss of dancing and singing in it. A good cognize musical film called “ The Sound of Music. ” Science fiction movies are those that have foreigners, the 1s that are good known are “ The Star War ” series. And eventually the Western movie, are by and large known as the American cowpuncher films, with Indians, guns, Equus caballuss etc ( American Movies Classics Company, A©2009 ) .


To reason of what is mentioned above approximately Essay, Poetry, Prose, Drama and Film, it is of import to include that they have enriched literature that is known to us today. These subcategories of literature are all connected to one another. They are a written art, which has improved people ‘s cognition. Everything that is known to mankind, about its history it is written through essays, poesy, prose, play and besides showed in gesture image. Even though each of them has different features, they all have one intent that is to pass on between people.


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