Fitness First Essay

Fitness foremost is the largest in private owned wellness nine group in the universe. It comprises 540 Fitness First clubs worldwide making over 1 million members in 21 states. It was introduced into the UK in 1993 and there are 80 Fitness First clubs with over 233. 000 members. In 2005. the company was acquired by BC Partners. a London-based private equity group. In Australia. Fitness First took over a figure of Living Well Lady locations owned by the Hilton Group. They besides bought the 11-gym Heathland concatenation from an decision maker. and now ain 93 gyms across Australia. In late 2006. Fitness First reached the milepost of 500 nines worldwide. marked by the gap of the 4th nine in Sydney. Australia. On June 1. 2012 Fitness First decided to sell off 24 of its 97 Australian nines as portion of a restructure of the UK parent company. Fitness First’s nines in Asia are normally located in Grade A commercial edifices aiming chiefly the office workers.

The company is behind the world-wide International Fitness Week run to promote more people to happen out what fittingness government works for them. The run uses former Spice Girl Mel B as the face of International Fitness Week. Fitness First has a scope of different merchandises and services including BodyFirst. Group Fitness Classes. Personal Training. Team Workouts. cardio machines. and operates one-year New You Achievement Awards to recognize the advancement of members. Fitness foremost is besides the company behind International Fitness Week which takes topographic point each February. Enterprises in 2009 have included the launch of Strictly Fit in concurrence with BBC Worldwide. a low impact aerobic exercises group category unfastened to members and non-members.

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Fitness foremost besides announced that former Spice Girl Mel B will be the face of International Fitness Week in 2010. The Asiatic arm of Fitness First ( with 71 nines covering Hong Kong. India. Indonesia. Malaysia. Philippines. Singapore and Thailand ) . in add-on to offering the above merchandises. has late developed their ‘Lose Big Program’ which was developed for the Biggest Loser Asia. with Fitness First being the ground tackle patron and the employer of the caput trainers. The Lose Big Program is a 13-week weight direction plan designed for those with significant weight loss demands.


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