Figures of Authority in” The Crucible” by Arthur Miller Essay

One of the most of import subjects in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is the nature of authorization and people who abuse it. In the narrative. authorization is determined by the spiritual position one has in the community and frequently instruction plays a function. Nowadays. authorization is noted by the topographic point you have in society and is besides based on instruction and sometimes wealth. It seems that whenever there is a figure of authorization. there is ever person mistreating the power designated to them.

Back in the Puritan times. spiritual leaders like clergymans and people skilled in the instructions of the Bible were the authorization figures ; and even with trying to make good by following the word of God like they were supposed to. there were many happenings where they smuggled in some jurisprudence or did something for the benefit of themselves because they dominated and felt like no 1 below them could arise against that or else they would be punished. This happened so frequently because people feared authorization and the idea of the penalty they would have was atrocious because everything was tolerated a batch less. so they did non lift up to rectify these occurrences. One illustration of the power of authorization being abused in The Crucible. is the fact that Reverend Parris spends excessively much money on things that the church doesn’t demand. for his ain benefit.

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It seems as though he is more bemused with acquiring things that are an advantage to himself and his name. than he is with his faith and God. An illustration of person detecting this is when John Proctor says. “A curate may pray to God without he have aureate candle holders upon the communion table sir. when I look to heaven and see my money glowering at Parris’s elbows- it hurt my supplication. ” and so he goes on to state. “I like it non that Mr. Parris should put his manus upon my babe. I see no visible radiation of God in that adult male. I’ll non hide it. ‘” ( Act 2. Scene 3 p. . 856 ) . He is talking of non baptising his kids because he does non believe that Parris is a proper waiter of God.

Now. authorization is everyplace. from the president. to the constabulary. to people you respect like instructors and parents. You see the disregard of power even more presents than you did in the Puritan times. and they normally leave a larger impact. For illustration. in an article by Catherine Ford titled. ‘Give authorization figures an inch… they’ll take a stat mi. ’ she speaks of a high school in Canada where instructors were given the right by the Supreme Court of Canada to strip-search their pupils if they are thought to be interrupting the regulations of authorization. Twenty first-year male childs at Kingswell High School in Ontario were stripped searched when they were the suspects in stealing 90 dollars from the school. Strip-searching adolescents for such a minor discourtesy shouldn’t be allowed. even if the authorities in Canada has a different thought on that than the United States does. It even states in the article that. “A malicious and marauding authorization can do difficult clip an finely painful emotional. mental and physical experience. ” Now after the ordeal. the frailty president of the school realizes that it was the incorrect thing to make. How is it that people don’t recognize something is incorrect until after it is done?

Another illustration of the maltreatment of power is the whole regulation of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He goes and kills guiltless people in his state because they do non back up him to the full. He took over Iraq with military force and is now the president. or military leader of that state. He abuses the power he has given himself rather frequently and in barbarous ways. For illustration. in an article written by Robert Prather. he states. “To carry through his ain regulation. Saddam has shed so much blood. If his purpose is for his power to be transferred to his household after his decease. I think this is far into the kingdom of desirous thought. ” That quote taken from the article shows that to acquire what he wants. Saddam uses the power he has to kill people that stand up against him. It is about like it was back in the Puritan yearss where the people were afraid to stand up against the 1 who was in charge. except now. you can’t even place his followings. so if you were to state something dissing about Hussein. you could acquire arrested or killed without even anticipating it.

As you can see. in most instances when authorization is represented. there is ever traveling to be one individual misapplying the power that they have in being authorization ; and when there are people misapplying their power. there are ever traveling to be people below them. excessively afraid to stand up for what they know is right. Hopefully. sometime when history decides to halt reiterating itself. people will larn that if they stick together. so they can arise against the one or few that are misapplying their power of authorization.


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