Feminism In Jane Austens Pride And Prejudice English Literature Essay

Jane Austen ‘s Pride and Prejudice concerns chiefly of the societal norms of the eighteenth and early 19th century, in which was a patriarchal society ruled by work forces who held economic and societal power. Pride and Prejudice has certain constituents that straight focus on the commixture of the middle class and the nobility during the age of the Napoleonic wars and the beginning of an industrial revolution. Interested in the balance between pragmatism, or the necessity of procuring a matrimony, and idealism, peculiarly Elizabeth ‘s romanticism and individuality, Austen dramatizes her heroine ‘s battle to happen a topographic point within the conservative and societal establishment of matrimony. During Elizabeth ‘s battle, it is to be noted that she besides beings to emerge as a feminist character. Through Elizabeth Bennett ‘s effusion at Lady Catherine de Bourgh, her deficiency of horizontal ill will and being described as sporty be Georgiana, one can see that towards the terminal of the fresh Elizabeth Bennett genuinely emerges as the women’s rightist character she merely subtly began as.

When Elizabeth meets with Lady Catherine de Bourgh when the Lady visits Elizabeth ‘s place, Lady de Bourgh confronts Elizabeth about her relationship with Mr. Darcy during which Elizabeth says to Lady de Bourgh “ he is a gentleman ; I am a gentleman ‘s girl ; so far we are equal. ” ( Chapter 56, Page 306 ) This is the first clip in the novel that Elizabeth can genuinely be portrayed as a feminist character. Feminism is a philosophy that equates adult females and work forces equal, and this minute when Elizabeth declares herself equal to Mr. Darcy is when Elizabeth emerges as the women’s rightist subtly hinted in the old chapters. From the beginning of the book Elizabeth was simply an vocal adult female with many sentiments to show and unafraid of being suppressed by those around her. She ne’er genuinely equated herself with work forces or her oppressors, she ne’er genuinely paved a true route for herself with her ain virtuousnesss and thoughts for success for her hereafter, unlike Charlotte Lucas did by get marrieding Mr. Collins with lone purposes of populating a comfy life. Feminism during that clip is much different from how it has evolved to present clip and a perfect illustration of a women’s rightist during the epoch would be Charlotte Lucas. Charlotte can be seen as a feminist alternatively of Elizabeth during the first chapters of Pride and Prejudice because of her ability to do steadfast determinations for herself non based on desiring entirely to populate for her hubby ‘s every privation and demand. Charlotte states “ I ask merely a comfy place ; and sing Mr. Collins character, connexions and state of affairs in life, I am convinced that my opportunity of felicity with him is every bit just as most people can tout on come ining a matrimony province. ” ( Chapter 22, Page 109 ) Elizabeth, during these first many chapters, was much like a carefree and witty immature lady, nevertheless by doing such a strong statement against Lady de Bourgh, she has genuinely rose above that rank to a feminist adult female. Comparing herself with a adult male and that excessively of a much higher position than herself shows that she has non merely grown as a women’s rightist but besides in the manner that she has become comfy with herself as who she is that she will non take unfavorable judgment from anyone.

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There is besides a deficiency of horizontal ill will that is observed on the portion of Elizabeth. Horizontal ill will is when members of an laden group fight amongst each other because they can non vent their choler out on those in power. During the late 18th century and 19th century, the oppressed would be adult females and the oppressors would be the work forces and those of higher category. Womans were treated as trade goods and less valued hence doing this horizontal ill will among their ain sort. Women would usually write out choler on each other by mocking, teasing, minimizing and backstabbing each other. Elizabeth goes through assorted state of affairss in which she can demo this horizontal ill will against her fellow adult females. For illustration, Miss Bingley who seems to hold a acute involvement in Mr. Darcy nevertheless when she notices his evident wonder of Elizabeth, she begins to dislike Elizabeth set on turn outing her defects to him. Through this hatred shown towards Elizabeth, she can easy set her choler on another adult female or back on Ms. Bingley. However, she chooses non to and alternatively hits her oppressors straight. For illustration, her effusion at Lady Catherine de Bourgh ; alternatively of walking off from that state of affairs with her caput set in licking and showing her choler out on her sisters or friends Elizabeth quickly retaliates to Lady de Bourgh ‘s remarks. This type of standing up for oneself shows the motion off from the conventional adult female of that clip to a more modern and ego concerned adult female.

The ultimate minute in the book when Elizabeth is genuinely emerged as a women’s rightist is when Elizabeth is described as holding a clean demeanor by Georgiana. “ Georgiana had the highest sentiment in the universe of Elizabeth ; though at first she frequently listened with astonishment surrounding on dismay at her lively, sportive mode of speaking to her brother ” ( Chapter 61, Page 333 ) unlike Charlotte Lucas who took on the conventional function of a adult female after get marrieding Mr. Collins and caring for him and his house, Elizabeth retains her support and freedom after matrimony. Through Georgiana ‘s surprise, it must be noted that adult females would conventionally alter after being married, taking up the function of the plain health professional submissive to her hubby ‘s will. Sporty is defined as fond of or good at athleticss ; depicting Elizabeth as clean gives her masculine qualities as it was the work forces that would play athleticss and be active. Mary Wollstonecraft states “ I heard exclaiming against masculine adult female, but where are they to be found? If by this denomination work forces mean to rail against, their ardor in hunting, shot, and gambling, I shall most heartily fall in in the call ; but if it be against the imitation of manful virtuousnesss or, more properly speech production, the attainment of those endowments and virtuousnesss, the exercising of which ennobles the human character, and which raises females in the graduated table of animate being being, when they are comprehensively termed world, all those who view them with a philosophic oculus must, I think, wish with me, that they may everyday turn more and more masculine. ” ( A Vindication of the Rights of Women ) In this, Wollstonecraft introduces that naming a adult female masculine raises them to that base of being a human being, holding cognition, endowments and virtuousnesss – properties of males. By depicting Elizabeth as masculine, she automatically receives all these properties being put, one time once more, as an equal to Mr. Darcy ; this clip, non merely by herself but by those around her.

Throughout Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennett has been a changeless headstrong personality. She has been able to talk with a scope of people from businessperson to the blue comfortably with a sense of humor. However, these qualities did non demo her feminist character, simply the devisings of a feminist character. Clearly, Austen believes that adult females are at least as intelligent and capable as work forces, and considers their inferior position in society to be unfair. She herself went against convention by staying individual and gaining a life through her novels. In her personal letters Austen advises friends merely to get married for love. Through the secret plan of the novel it is clear that Austen wants to demo how Elizabeth is able to be happy by declining to get married for fiscal intents and merely get marrieding a adult male whom she truly loves and regards and populating her life after matrimony still being respected by her hubby and being given freedom. Through her bravery and easiness at diligently speaking back to Lady Catherine de Bourgh at her take downing remarks towards Elizabeth, her regard and authorization for her womankind and by being described as sporty by Georgiana, Elizabeth emerges as the women’s rightist that she simply hinted to be. Austen reflects her bravery and feminine beliefs through Elizabeth, both true women’s rightists.


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