Elements That Relate To Our Everyday Lives English Literature Essay

Literature has elements that relate to our mundane lives. As we read different plants by different writers, we can associate to a batch of different state of affairss that they portray through their work. “ A Rose for Emily ” , “ The Story of an Hour ” and “ Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy ‘s Farm ” , I see some of these elements that we can associate to, and happen internal battles in each of them.

In the narrative “ A Rose for Emily ” ( Literature, Reading Fiction, Poetry, and Drama ) an nameless storyteller Tells of the unfamiliarity of Emily ‘s life and her uneven relationships with her male parent and her lover, the Yankee route worker Homer Barron. She is seen purchasing arsenous anhydride, which the townsfolk believe she will utilize to perpetrate self-destruction. After this, Homer Barron is non heard from once more, and is assumed to hold returned north. Though she does non perpetrate self-destruction, the townsfolk of Jefferson continue to dish the dirt about her and her outlandishness, mentioning her household ‘s history. She is heard from less and less, and seldom of all time leaves her place. Not known to the townsfolk until her decease, hidden in her upstairs sleeping room is Homer ‘s cadaver. This explains the horrid malodor that emitted from Miss Emily ‘s house 40 old ages antecedently. By happening a individual grey hair in the bed, the townsfolk discover that Emily had been kiping with the cadaver. Can a narrative terminal any alien so this? William Faulkner has a really originative agencies to his Hagiographas. He writes with great suspense in this narrative and he writes the narrative set in his fictional town of Jefferson.

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In the short narrative, “ The Story of an Hour ” ( Literature, Reading Fiction, Poetry, and Drama ) by Kate Chopin, we read about Mrs. Mallard who finds out about her hubby ‘s decease and is happy alternatively of sad. .This narrative observes the classical integrities of clip, topographic point, and action. The characters in this narrative are Mrs. Mallard, Brently Mallard ( Mrs. Mallards hubby ) , Josephine ( sister ) , Richards ( Brentlys ‘ friend ) , and the physicians that did non do it on clip. After happening about her hubby ‘s decease, Mrs. Mallard dies from something more like desperation alternatively of out of joy or daze. In our lives we have some mix feelings like Mrs. Mallard that we ne’er let come to the surface. In reading literature, we learn that we are non entirely in these internal, concealed feelings. As a reader, we learn about other ways of life and how it contrasts with our ain. The Story of an hr makes us measure Mrs. Mallard ‘s hubby and inquire, what could he hold perchance done so incorrect? It makes us inquire if we should measure our ain lives and do certain that the secret plan of this narrative is non the secret plan of our ain lives. It is hard for a individual to truly hold on the adversities or endearments of another individual whose fortunes are unambiguously different so their ain. However, this is made possible with literature. By reading literature and comparing how it reflects society, we are able to utilize this newfound cognition to better understand our universe. These first two short narratives I have used both have an component of concealed feelings, speculation and internal battles. These are feelings that merely the writer knows and keeps hidden in their work. And the characters in the narratives have this secret love for their partners or important others that merely they know. Their internal battles are easy read about in these narratives and have a direct relationship with our mundane lives.

In the verse form Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy ‘s Farm in Pine Island Minnesota by James Wright, we besides have a adult male who is chew overing on his life as he looks over this farm and thinks he has wasted his life life anyplace else so where he is at the minute. What is the most dramatic in this verse form is the verse form is so strong up to that concluding line, that how could you non be swept along to see that merely in halting, hesitating, blowing your life, could you be allowed to see the bronze butterfly, hear the cowbells, yearn for place. In such a manner Wright ‘s verse form, for me, became this climbing nightshade but profoundly felt avowal for life, enjoying that short interval we have before we head back place. I wish this was a longer verse form, because it literally makes me conceive of I am the 1 in this verse form when I read it. I would instead hold had a better finishing sentence, because so it would hold been a happy verse form. To wish you did non blow your life is non a happy idea.

In the old three plants, there is a critical point in each narrative. The writers all have surprising terminations to the plants stated above, whether it be decease, compunction, or Gore. They all have some type of concealed feelings involved. The characters seem to be soul seeking and happening their true egos in these narratives. The loss of a hubby occurs in both “ A rose for Emily ” and “ The Story of An Hour ” . Making these two plants really similar because they both involve uncertainness of how they will stop.

In the drama Hamlet, ( William Shakespeare ) Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, needs to revenge his male parent ‘s slaying ; this is complicated by the fact that the liquidator is his ain uncle, who has married Hamlet ‘s female parent ( Gertrude ) . Hamlet finally gets his retaliation, but non earlier merely about everyone dies. This drama merely like a batch of verse forms, has play, unhappiness, dedication and finally decease. I chose Hamlet to utilize because it was a really interesting drama. It kept my attending from start to complete, because of the play involved. Shakespeare was a mastermind in a batch of people ‘s sentiment.


Because I Could Not Stop For Death ( Emily Dickinson )

Because I could non halt for Death,

He kindly stopped for me ; ( I feel she is accepting decease in this sentence )

The passenger car held but merely ourselves

And Immortality. ( her cause of decease maybe )

We easy drove, he knew no hastiness,

And I had put away

My labour, and my leisure excessively,

For his civility. ( Almost seems she is welcoming decease here )

We passed the school where kids played,

Their lessons barely done ; ( this line reminds me of how small we know when we are early in life )

We passed the Fieldss of staring grain,

We passed the scene Sun.

We paused before a house that seemed

A puffiness of the land ; ( her grave )

The roof was barely seeable.

The valance but a hill.

Since so ‘t is centuries but each

Feels shorter than the twenty-four hours ( Like clip had stopped )

I foremost surmised the Equus caballuss ‘ caputs

Were toward infinity.

I have included a background on Emily, because she is one of my favourite poets. Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst Massachusetts. She was raised in a rigorous Calvinist family while having most of her instruction at a get oning school that followed the American Puritanical tradition. Dickinson began to retreat from society in the 1850 ‘s. The many losingss she experienced throughout her life, the decease of her male parent, female parent, close neighbours, and friends influenced her life mostly and led her to compose approximately decease to an tremendous sum. Dickinson was a poet extremely skilled in the usage of wit and sarcasm and she efficaciously used these tools in her poesy to emphasize a point or thought. However, her defeat, resentment and independency are felt through the expressive lines of her poesy while at the same clip hiding her concerns in a blithe and irreverent tone. Emily Dickens ‘s plants contain deep emotion and her words will go on to astonish those that have the privilege of reading them.

Kate Chopin:

Kate Chopin was born Kate O’Flaherty in St. Louis, Missouri in 1850 to Eliza and Thomas O’Flaherty. In 1855, at five and a half, she was sent to The Sacred Heart Academy, a Catholic get oning school in St. Louis. Her male parent was killed two months subsequently when a train on which he was siting crossed a span that collapsed. 1871-1878 has five boies, Jean, Oscar Charles, George, Frederick, and Felix. Oscar Charles becomes a professional cartoonist for the San Francisco Examiner and his girl Kate, becomes a gifted creative person. Her first novel, At Fault, was published in 1890, followed by two aggregations of her short narratives, Bayou Folk in 1894 and A Night in Acadia in 1897. Her verse forms, short narratives, and novels allowed her non merely to asseverate her beliefs for herself, but besides to oppugn the thoughts of individualism and liberty during the bend of the century. Unlike many of the feminist authors of her clip who were chiefly interested in bettering the societal conditions of adult females, she looked for an apprehension of personal freedom that questioned conventional demands of both work forces and adult females. In 1904 she died from a intellectual bleeding on August 22, after fall ining at the World ‘s Fair, two yearss before.

( I noticed that all these writers seem to hold high instruction and a great thrust to show themselves in their Hagiographas. )

James Wright:

James Arlington Wright, one of the most fecund American poets of the twentieth century, was the proud receiver of the Pulitzer Prize. Wright made a introduction in the literary universe in the twelvemonth 1956, with ‘The Green Wall. James Arlington Wright was born in Martins Ferry, Ohio, on December 13, 1927. In 1954, James Wright enrolled himself at the University of Washington. Analyzing under Theodore Roethke, he earned a maestro ‘s grade and went on to prosecute a doctorial grade. In 1979 James was Hospitalized with a terrible sore pharynx and diagnosed with malignant neoplastic disease. James died in 1980. This is merely a short Bio of James Wright. But he seems to hold been a really smart and educated adult male. He is a more modern writer compared to some of the writers we have reviewed in our category, doing him more appealing to me.

William Faulkner:

William Faulkner, a major American twentieth-century writer, wrote historical novels portraying the diminution and decay of the upper crust of Southern society. The inventive power and psychological deepness of his work ranks him as one of America ‘s greatest novelists. He besides received the 1949 Nobel Prize for Literature. He was born on September 25, 1897, in New Albany, Mississippi. He grew up in Oxford, Mississippi, the oldest of four brothers. Faulkner had married Estelle Oldham, his childhood sweetie, in 1929, and they lived together in Oxford until his decease. He died on July 6, 1962.

I can non state whether or non I will make a batch of reading from some of the writers. I will prosecute Emily Dickinson ‘s plants in the hereafter. I have ne’er been really good at literature, but feel I am a small better now that I have taken this class. I want to see some of the dramas such as Hamlet, to acquire a different position of it. I enjoyed reading it, but find that sometimes the dramas can give some really good visuals to do them stick longer. William Shakespeare was my first experience with any of these writers and “ Romeo and Juliet ” is a great drama and there have been a few first-class telecasting versions that I have seen.


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