Economical And Social Growth And Cultural Heritage Cultural Studies Essay

Globalization is defined as a web of connexions between different organisations and people across states, geographic and cultural boundary lines and boundaries. These planetary webs are making a shrinkage universe where local differences and national boundaries are being consumed into planetary individualities. Over the past few decennaries, inter-connection between states has been increasing. States in add-on to opening their doors towards trade and economic growing are besides going acquainted to other beliefs and civilizations around the universe. On the impudent side, from a negative position, our recent planetary recession, what started as an in house job within the United States lodging market, became a universe job impacting states and parts all over, turn outing that the universe has become a smaller topographic point with jobs in one part impacting others every bit good due to the stopping point interrelated universe that we live in. With the Numberss increasing in footings of natural catastrophes and terrorist onslaughts, different states coming together in times of demand to assist the affected is besides a good illustration of how the universe is coming together to organize a unison.

The Origin of Globalization stems from the Industrial Revolution which was the biggest turning point in the history of world. Inventions in footings of fabrication, engineering, conveyance and other Fieldss took topographic point. The sudden alterations led to the “ Revolution ” , impacting the life style of people and altering it in many ways. It helped to convey about the modern universe we live in today along with betterments in engineering as we move on. During the industrial revolution there was a big bead in monetary values of trade goods, doing merchandises more low-cost to the center and lower categories as good. With the newer innovations, the quality of life improved. This in bend led to more chances and the hunt for newer beginnings of natural stuffs and trade goods for fabrication. Hence people moved to different states in this hunt and it led to the universe divider between World War 1 and World War 2.

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A monolithic figure of independent provinces and states emerged and in-order to turn economically a batch of these independent states kept contacts with the ex-colonizers. New markets and natural stuffs were established by these colonisers for fabricating which led to the construct of Westernization/ Internationalization.

Globalization helped people migrate to developing states where labor was inexpensive and natural stuffs were in copiousness. This explained the rapid growing of certain economic systems which made them ace powers and which continued to turn exponentially. With this growing came the birth of large metropoliss and as they grew, more people were lured to these metropoliss therefore increasing their growing. This motion to large metropoliss created Urbanization.

With Globalization and Urbanization the inquiry to be asked is, “ Is the consequence of Globalization in Singapore aiding in the growing of an International Hub or decreasing the cultural heritage of the Island? ”

Singapore is a good illustration when spoken about globalisation. After dividing from Malaysia and traveling through the Cold War, Singapore today comes under the 3rd universe group of states and First universe in South East Asia with really good economical growing. Singapore reconstructed itself and rose politically and economically. Besides being a really little state with no natural resources of their ain they have looked to turn in different ways than most other states. In order to distinguish itself from its adjacent states and taking full advantage of Globalization, they welcome a batch of foreign investors and Multi National Companies ( MNCs ) to put in their state in order to vie and last in the universe. With this Singapore has had to inherit a multi-cultural and widely distributed society. The immigrants from the period of Urbanization have given the topographic point a mix of civilizations with preponderantly the Chinese, Malay, and Indians, with some European influences, all inter-mingling with one another. Different races were designated different countries by Sir Stamford Raffles, and these still remain and are populating cogent evidence with the likes of the streets of Chinatown, the Muslim Characteristics in Arab Street and the different atmosphere in Little India along Serangoon Road

“ We are portion of a long civilization and we should be proud of it. We should non be assimilated by the West and go a pseudo- Western society. We should be a state that is unambiguously multiracial and Asiatic, with each community proud of its traditional civilization and heritage. ”

Then First Deputy Prime Minister,

Mr Goh Chok Tong, at the PAP Youth Wing Charity Night

28 October 1988

All this combined with the few British colonized influence of Neo-Classical edifices makes Singapore a strong heritage location with a multi-racial and diverse cultural society. And in todays twenty-four hours Singapore gets a immense economical aid from the Tourism sector every twelvemonth. It attracts 1000000s of tourer a twelvemonth, specially from all over Asia offering beautiful nature with assorted nature militias to walk about linking to nature and the modern portion to the metropolis by holding assorted attractions.Singapore is ever concentrating in increasing their touristry sector by holding Food Festivals, Singapore Shopping festivals, Art Festivals which are required as a great figure of tourist visit Malaysia foremost followed by Thailand and their last halt is Singapore. A few Art festivals are being held like the celebrated Chingay Parade which is a Traditional Chinese New Year emanation evolved to go a street parade, demoing off a array of terpsichoreans, street floats, ask foring performing artists from different states, seeking to acquire more tourer to acquire attracted another large graduated table festival is the Singapore Biennale which displays art plants of assorted creative person from assorted parts of the universe.

However with the enormous benefits of Globalization there are issues which arise every bit good. As Singapore continues to turn yearly at great lengths, with it come certain cultural issues. To prolong this growing the state must open its doors to the universe and invite and encourage aliens from assorted parts to the land. This creates greater competition amongst locals and aliens all viing for the limited slots in this comparatively little state. Through this competition everyone needs to work harder and increases emphasis degrees among the people which in bend creates the falling

birthrate ratios seen today even though the authorities is making its best to promote its citizens to hold more babes and increase the population of the locals. This job will easy but certainly lead to the obliteration of the local autochthonal people of Singapore and will merely increase its widely distributed and multi-racial society. Locals will no longer experience a sense of belonging to the land in which they were born and brought up and this will take to resentment and defeats.

“ The complexness and scope of the challenges confronting Singapore has increased, with greater

planetary economic and socio- political tenseness as a consequence of struggle and competition. There are legion issues globally – including clime alteration, bioethics, ideological tendencies – that will hold a major impact on the hereafter of Singapore. As our state progresses, our alone Singaporean individuality, shared values and heritage will be our greatest resource to guarantee that Singapore remains Home, irrespective of where we are. ”

Lui Tuck Yew, at the Racial Harmony Day Celebrations

21 July 2008

The chief issues that needs to be addressed is the consciousness of peoples really ain civilization and heritage, non merely to the locals but besides to the tourer and immigrants every bit good. Looking at the rapid transmutation in Singapore, heritage and civilization serve as a stable connexion for the citizens to their bosom and psyche. The lone apparent civilization thats is seen in Singapore on a day-to-day footing is the nutrient civilization that they have maintained from the really beginning. For illustration, Hawker Centres supply nutrient thats is highly low-cost and besides provides the atmosphere of eating in a big communal sense. But that is every bit far as a cultural experience one will acquire. Hence stairss should be taken to inculcate the true cultural heritage of Singapore non merely within the touristry sector but besides among the present and future generations.In the whole development of the societal and economic growing the demand for museums was forgotten.Museums are a good topographic point to get down to advance your civilization and heritage, consciousness to turn the civilization of galleries, exposing information for people to see and larn the history. They are the Windowss tot he universe and play a particular function in presenting audiences the diverse civilization and societies around the universe. The authorities is taking steps towards the development of more and more museums as it draws more and more people and tourer. Singapore in footings of art & A ; design is a turning state, a few competitions are held seeking to acquire all the design school to take part and acquiring the younger coevalss to take involvement in art and culture.A Museums is a globalised platform of distributing design around the Earth.Over the decennaries people have opened heads to the thought of sing galleries and museums, with the epoch of globalization came the chance of collaborate and connect to the remainder of the universe with different thoughts on design from assorted creative person.

“ Not every Singaporean will hold a opportunity to see the Louvre Museum in Paris

to see these exhibits in their life-time. Bringing the exhibits here will enable Singaporeans, both immature and old, every bit good as the underprivileged to bask and come face to face with Grecian

civilization and history… ”

Ms Yap Su-Yin, Programme Director,

Tan Chin Tuan Foundation

Besides with this rapid addition of Globalization, we see a really new and different skyline. Competition among the best metropoliss of the universe, instigates the rapid edifice of newer constructions. Although certain heritage sites are being preserved, most of the older edifices are torn down to do manner for new and voguish edifices. All this creates a loss of the history and heritage of the state. No uncertainty one must alter to better and turn but at what cost? A really careful balance must be attained between unifying the yesteryear and nowadays, or else with Globalization on the rise the sense of belonging will be lost everlastingly. It is really of import to salvage and protect your cultural heritage at the right clip before it is to late to be lost. Singapore being a hub and a turning state, the demand for museum and galleries is really of import to link and see the remainder of the universe through their position, non merely in the signifier of historic edifices and architecture but traditions and individuality – unified in reliable yet animating ways to capture the kernel of the community ‘s values and assorted civilizations. With the steps taken by the authorities Singapore will aim its purpose of being the biggest Exhibition and Conventional Centres in Asia by 2015.

“ I hope many more persons and administrations will come frontward to back up our heritage. Together, we can gain our vision of Singapore as a vibrant, animating and Creative City rooted in our heritage and civilization. ”

Dr Lee Boon Yang,

Minister of Information, Communications and the Humanistic disciplines,

at Patron of Heritage Awards Ceremony on 3 April 2007

Eshita Shroff 11771


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